Suffering and Sorrow : Released

All suffering and sorrow feelings are due to un-forgiveness energy.  Where there is sorrow, there is  un-forgiveness energy.   The two exist together.  What can we do about sorrow and suffering energy?

Head in Hands by Alex E. Proimos

Craig and Dana have been married 18 years.  They love each other, are happily employed, have two children and are healthy.  However their sex life by their own report has always been difficult.  They have a long history of missed opportunities, guilt feelings, sadness energy, failure and frustration energy with each other sexually.  Yet there is love on both sides for the other.  They have “tried everything” including therapy, changing techniques, weekend get-aways with support groups, videos, talking with trusted friends. They have yelled, accused, defended and attacked each other repeatedly through the years.  They have also tried calmly taking with each other about what is missing, wrong and not working.

After years of deep sorrow and frustration,  we talked about forgiveness.  Their work began with forgiveness of self for all their perceived failures, the years of unsuccessful attempts at loving intimacy and for their own judgments they held about their partners.

This is what it looked like.  Dana would sit in silence and ask to be shown places of un-forgiveness she carried about herself regarding her sexual relationship with Craig. She would sometimes get a snippet of a past conversation, a fragment of an argument or a memory of a specific weekend where she had sobbed in great anguish. She would focus on one of these images from the past and say, “I forgive myself totally and completely.” She might say this 20 or 30 times or more if the pain was especially raw.  Sometimes she cried so hard, she reported having to write out the forgiveness statements because she could not speak them aloud.  Sometimes the same situation or memory would surface again weeks later and she would have to forgive herself all over again.

Craig was following his own process as well.  He tended to remember specific times where he felt he had failed and worked through those scenarios at first.  As these receded in intensity, other memories presented themselves where he had been deeply sad, then others where he had been frustrated and eventually times of feeling guilty surfaced.  Both Dana and Craig were led in Silence to different processes for their individual work.

holding hands by annstheclaf

When they got to a place where no more need for self -forgiveness was coming up, they switched to forgiveness of each other.  Slowly, slowly compassion for self and for each other began to surface.  They were able to spend intimate time together in tiny steps with no expectations. The beginning steps made without the mantel of the  past led to more trust, more success, more expressed loving wholeness over time. They began to find their way together by retuning to forgiveness of self and each other when they hit more road blocks. They both reported success in their efforts to spend intimate time together.  They also reported that throughout their entire lives, they were seeing new evidence of this forgiveness energy working and smoothing out other challenges they faced.

Forgiveness work, whatever the topic is, has to begin with ourselves.  We have to forgive ourselves for what we see as our anger, sadness, mistakes, ignorance, etc.  This is the only way we can totally and completely forgive another person from the heart.  Both parts of this process, forgiveness of self and of another have to be taken together.  Forgiveness of self allows the forgiveness of another to fully manifest. If we do not see our own brokenness and sorrow and move to release it from our energy field, we will never be able to forgive another wholly and completely. Suffering and sorrow then remain with us in our energy field.

Karl was divorced by his wife after 22 years of marriage.  They were in counseling for a year before the divorce was final but his wife felt the situation was irreconcilable.  When I began working with Karl,  he was still very angry, deeply hurt, with feelings of abandonment, mistreatment and rage.  He could not feel any energy for a new relationship even 4 years after his divorce.  He felt betrayed through no fault of his own.

Anguish Ian (or:The Scream) by sparktography

When we began talking about self-forgiveness, he was totally closed to this.  He was divorced by his wife after all.  Karl told me his wife was the one at fault and he had nothing to forgive himself about.   We continued to talk about his feelings around this divorce and eventually we tried a session in sacred space, where he simply said, “I forgive myself totally and completely”,  over and over until it felt complete for that day.  There was no image of what that forgiveness might be about specifically.  He worked with this for several weeks and eventually the dam broke and he was able to grieve the loss and forgive himself for all the things he was blaming himself for, which he could not see nor name at the time.

Divine Grace was present in these sessions working with his unseen energy, unseen by me and by him as well.  Nonetheless, the forgiveness progressed and in time he also did the needed work in forgiving his wife.   He eventually began to date other people and reported he was a different person completely from who he had been in his earlier marriage.  He tells me he still uses that process especially around things he does not understand  but knows are out of balance.

Steps to take when suffering and sorrow are present.

1. Create a sacred space by saying, I open a sacred space with my I AM Energy/Eternal Self/Spiritual Self and Divine Presence in the highest forms ( angels, ascended teachers, divine ancestors, nature intellegences, etc.)  to help me forgive myself.

2.  Sit quietly to settle into the sacred space.  Set the intention of your work by stating in your mind that the forgiveness work is around your marriage, your relationship with your mother, the loss of your child or spouse, the relationship with your boss, specific abuse or trauma you have experienced,  etc.

3. Begin silently to yourself saying,   “I forgive myself totally and completely“.  Repeat this until you feel this in your heart.  You might put your hands on your heart as you are saying this.

4.  If  you try this for 15 minutes and feel little or nothing, try this.  “Sacred Flame from within me, consume any blocked emotional, mental, self-protective ( thermal) energy, spiritual energy or curse energy I am manifesting which is keeping me from being able to forgive myself.  I command this stuck energy out of my field, now. Thanks be to God/All That is. ”  Wait 5 minutes in this energy.

5. Return to #3 again.  If  this is still not working, write this out in a journal, again and again.  However, remember to open a sacred space within which to work.  This is most important!

6. When you feel no more un-forgiveness of self is present, which could take days or months,  use this same process for others in your situations.  “I forgive ___________ totally and completely.” Even when you are working with the death of another, do this part of the work.  Often we are angry, sad and out of balance with a loved one for having left us here without them.

Sunset and balancing rock stack by James Jordan

This process works because when we open Sacred Space we engage our Eternal, Spiritual Selves and all the Loving Presence of All That Is to help us heal.  When we surrender to loving forgiveness, we return to our natural state of balance which has left us due to experiences in the past.  We come into the present and thereby heal from the past.


How do we go on when we feel crippling grief?  We sob and scream, cry and cry. We hide under our bed covers and hope when we awake from sleep,  it will all have left.  Life moves in grey colored tones.  Every action feels like a huge effort. We walk through daily life without joy, peace or hope and that adds to the grief depression already with us. Who understands us? Who will help us?  Where do we turn? Will we ever smile again?  Will the deep sense of loss ever go away?

HELP US, we are lost.

Lost Tree, heavens' mourning by h.koppdelaney

Everything I thought about life has changed.  The unspeakable deep sense of loss is so real, so deep.  It hurts and keeps hurting.  Is there anyone there?  How can I go on? I don’t want this present I have now.  I want the grief to leave me and the hurt to stop and the fear to disappear, now.  I want the longing to stop. Who is running the show anyway?  Why did this happen?  How can I go on?

HELP ME Please, I am lost.

These Burdens by fallingwater123

She is so distraught, she can’t eat.  She is unable to sleep, for days she hasn’t slept.  She is afraid of being alone now in the world.  She is afraid of the world in which this grief is so overwhelming.  She is a skeleton of herself. She is too sad to cry anymore, all the crying is gone and the only energy left is heartache.

He is imploding into numbness.  His love has died.  She was so vibrant and whole, so full of energy and vitality.  How can she be gone, really gone?  His heart is pining and raw.  He can’t work, he can’t find any happiness, he walks and walks as if to get away from the feelings.  When he returns, he lies all day on the couch with no energy to focus.  The TV passes by in hours and no connection is made.  He is lost to himself and to all of us.

HELP THEM, they are so lost.


Bring all your burdens to me.  For I AM Perfect Love and I AM Perfect Balance and I AM Eternity, Joy, Forgiveness and Wholeness.  I AM the Love, the Light and the Life Everlasting.  I AM All That you truly seek.  There is no other. AND SO IT IS.


How do we release the grief and sadness of loss, of regret, of un-forgiveness, of shame, of guilt and of depression? We begin in Stillness and Silence.  WE MUST ASK Divine Presence to come to us in any way we can think of.

Autumn dawn by James Jordan

Calling in Healing Energy

Beloved God, I need help.  I can’t continue with this grief and unbearable dark feelings of loss.  I am so shut down.  Come to me and clear this darkness away. I want to be joyful again but I don’t know how.  I want to be whole again.  I am so disconnected now.

Come to me, Divine Loving Power, I am in great need.  I don’t know what to do. Healing Energy of the Universe, I call you to me,  now.  Move this grief.  Show me joy again. Mend my heart, it is so broken.  I am so deeply grateful.

Jesus, loving Presence.  I need help and healing.  I am so sad, lost and afraid I can’t go on.  I don’t want to live this life with all this lost and grief.  I miss __________  so much. I feel like part of my own being has left me.  I feel un-whole and incapable of my own healing.  I drag through the days and I am so deeply sad, I can’t speak of this.  Come to me. I need help.

Ascended Masters, you know how to do this. You have been here, you know the grief, the darkness and the sadness here.  I am being eaten up by these feelings.  I can’t find my center, my balance.  I can’t find my way.  Help me heal.  I am so utterly sad and lost.  I am afraid.  I feel unsafe.

Oh dear God.  I am so lonely. My heart aches and aches and I can’t do anything else.  Help me to find my way.  I feel like I have nothing to live for.  I am afraid of things I can’t name.  Come Divine Grace, I open my heart to healing.  Thank you.

If there is Perfect Love out there or in me, I need it.  Come to help me heal. Thank you.

Sadness and grief is our right.  We can feel it for as long and as deeply as we need to feel it. We can also let it go when we are ready.  This is about how to get the help we need to let grief go.  However, there are times when we need to simply feel the grief as humans.  We need to shut out the world and be in grief.

Carrying grief however is not expected of us by some mythic “Board of Right Living”.   We each have our own timing for how long we remain in a state of sadness and grief and what it looks like for us.  And yet, it is really okay to set it all down, to release our heaviness and burdens to the Greater Loving Energy of the Universe.  All the darkness can be handled there.  It is fully okay to feel joy, delight and passion again after we have lost or after another has died.

floral tribute at Nerang by Leonard John Matthew

Send blessings to those who have left human life,  to the ones who have suffered, and send blessings to yourself.  Call in the help you need to embrace your path again.  It will appear with new colors and new depth for you have loved, grieved and chosen to love again. All that is needed is provided WHEN we ask.

Bless us all as we ask for and receive the help that is waiting for us, after we have grieved what is.

Our Thanks,  and So It Is.

No Death for Us

Good Friday is here and Easter is upon us.  Regardless of the religious or spiritual path you have taken, there are lessons for all of us from the Easter story.  God was sending all of us lessons about life and death those many years ago. There is eternal life. There is no death.

Easter Morning, Crosby Beach by stringberd

This is hard to grasp because in this dimension, people appear to “die” and they seem to “disappear”.  This does not however mean that people do actually “die”, pass into nothingness and cease to exist. They simply change dimensions. Truly, this is how the plan goes.

In 2004, I was with Joao de Deus, John of God, at his spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil.  I had been working as a spiritual healer for approximately 10 years in varying ways. In Brazil, I was learning how to differentiate between Divine Spirits I was working with on the other side, in my healing practice.   I was sitting in the current room with about 75 others in 90 plus degree weather. We were all in prayerful Silence to help raise the vibration of the healing center so others could receive the healing energy they needed.

The attendants in the current room announced that Jesus’ energy was entering the space. Suddenly, a radiant Being of immense stature,  at least 9 feet tall, was directly before me.  It would have been impossible to miss this because my whole body was being penetrated by the Presence.

Light of Eternity by Loci Lenar

I heard a strong and clear voice directly in front of me say, “You are never again to question that you have come to heal others.”  That was it. Short and sweet. Then the radiance left from in front of me.

The words and energy enveloped my whole body and my consciousness.  I began to sob uncontrollably.  I knew in my heart that no one in the world could have possibly known that I was still questioning that I was here to heal.   I had not even acknowledged this out loud to myself. However, in my heart, I was feeling great uncertainty about my work as a spiritual healer.  Only one of immense Knowing could have possibly known this secret I was holding onto.  I finally got that Jesus was alive, knew me intimately, and had a clear directive for me.

What exactly does it mean to have eternal life? At the most basic levels, it means that no one dies and fades away, we simply change states of being as we enter other dimensions of life.  Imagine that everything we know about being One with God stays with us when we pass out of body.  Also, there is clear evidence that when we come back into body, unresolved feelings and thoughts in our souls show up again for us to respond to.  Things like fear of death, fear of failure, fear of betrayal, or shame and guilt are some of the feelings that can follow us from previous times in body. We literally get all the chances we need to let go of thoughts and feelings which separate us from God.

When I am in meditative space, deep Silence, I work with the Ascended Masters and Angels.  This has been going on most days for 17 years in this lifetime.  Ascended Masters are very much alive and they have all been in body many, many times.  Angels and Ascended Masters are eager to work with us, support us, guide us, talk with us, help us hold Sacred Space and help us discover Peace that is beyond all understanding.

So take a leap of faith.  Open your mind and heart to the possibility that there is eternal life and there is no death. The Truth is, we are really eternal.  However, we can choose to embrace this or not, as we have free will about what we choose to think is true. The message of Easter is about this for all peoples.

raising Lazarus by Martin LaBar

In the Bible, we have the story of Lazarus raised from the dead and the story of Jesus raised from the dead among others.  In one case, Lazarus returned to his body and was seen by many others, immediately.  In Jesus’ case, he did not return to a body that other’s immediately recognized, though he was eventually recognized by those who loved him deeply.  Whatever we take to be true from the scriptures, the message is that there is no death.  “FEAR NOT”.

What would your life be like if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are eternal?  Can you imagine the freedom, the license you might give yourself to really live, to love and to receive love? What if you knew that you have all the time and support you need to learn the lessons of the Oneness which are all around you?  Can you imagine giving yourself another real chance to know God? After all we are One with Divine Energy, have been, and will be, for evermore.  What are we waiting for, really?

This Easter story of Jesus was given to us so that we could “get” things not ordinarily experienced in this dimension. People actually saw Jesus after he died, in the flesh. Through working with the Divine Beings of the other side, I can say without a doubt that there is eternal life for every one of us.  Additionally, if we seriously get our act together and hang out with Divine Love Energy in the Silence now, we will be shown how we can leave a whole load of unhelpful stuff here this time around.  We will be shown how we can leave anger, loss, fear, suffering, resentment and unforgiveness here and not take it forward with us into the Light when it is our time to pass over.   Further, if we set down our fear, rage, shame and guilt now, we won’t continue to attract more of this into our energy fields again. This change can begin almost immediately. This allows our souls to heal and balance.

The strong and clear message from centuries from all our prophets, messiahs, avatars, mystics, rishis and yogis is, and continues to be,  “drop the dark stuff“, “get to know God better” !!   The dark feelings are not real, in the sense of  lasting, though charged thoughts can seem very real at times.  These tough feelings are with us PRECISELY so we can clear them away and experience Peace and Balance from now into all our futures.  God is all Light. We have to drop the darkness to know God personally. Fear of death is one of the most powerfully charged dark engeries, we hang onto. Take a step towards trusting that we are truly eternal.

Your own knowing about life and death will come in ways uniquely perfect for you. You have to open to that knowing however.  Enter Silence, and sit with All That Is, God, the Deep Silence.  That is where the mysteries of life are shared.  Happy Spring.

Death is simply another state of being (part 2)

Every single person regardless of his or her circumstances surrounding death is exactly where he or she needs to be. Even those who leave us through cruel or tragic circumstances,  I have come to understand, are exactly on the path they need to be upon.  Sri Sathya Sai Baba,  an avatar and mystic from India said, regarding the death of young girl, ” Oh yes, wonderful child.  Her karma was all finished, why hold her back?”   In other words, some of us need to only come here a short while to accomplish our purpose.  Why would we want a young child to remain here if he or she could be with God and Divine Energy in the great beyond?   Love is eternal, that can never die.  Our links with these early departed children, partners or spouses are as strong as ever whether they are in body or not.  This type of love is eternal, it cannot die.

There is also spiritual evidence that those who are taken from life as a result of violence, where they were innocent victims,  often play critical roles in taking enormous amounts of dark, negative energies with them to be transformed by the Light.  These energies are humanly created and when an innocent person is killed tragically, they can through their innocence, take darkness right out of this dimension for purification.  I have had the privilege of working with a person where this was her role as she was leaving this life.

I love this toy by Spitzgogo_Chen
"I love this toy" by Spitzgogo_Chen

We have a very small lens on what really happens beyond the here and now. If you don’t spend time in Silence, your mind is likely to be the part of you that tries to make sense out of death.  The mind cannot do that effectively.  The heart needs instruction in the energies surrounding death for us to know ourselves what is what.  The next best thing, perhaps is listening to someone you trust who is spending time with Divine Knowing.  The ways of death have been with us since time began.  I take a cue from the Bible which has 365 “fear not” passages throughout the books, one for every day. Death is one of those states of becoming and being which we are not to fear.

If you feel you are nearing death or know someone who is ,  endeavor as much as possible to stay in the present.  Resist the temptation to look at the past or worry about the future. Rejoice in the love around you, trust that all will be provided for you and for all those who will miss you or your loved one.  There is only the present and therefore, call forth the Divine Knowing about death for yourself or your loved one.  This helps with the fear which we as humans tend to hold onto as we face changes in our life circumstances.  You might say, “ I call forth Divine Knowing about death and dying” for myself , or for the person you love who is passing.

Death is a part of life, it is simply a different state. We, of course, still have to go through our own adjustment time to the loss of a loved one.  When my father died, I knew he was  safe and free.  He had lived a long life and had not been sick when he passed on.  However, I still felt his loss and remember thinking at the time, I would have liked to wear black so as not to have to appear “normal”  while I was in mourning.  My mourning time was characterized by feeling that the colors, the food, the music,  and all the emotions around me were slightly muted, not exactly normal.  One day after a few months, that mourning time lifted and I felt my own energy take up its place within me, once again.  Whatever our response to death is, we need to give ourselves time and space to grieve, to remember, to honor and to let it go.

Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth century American mystic and spiritual teacher, speaks of death this way.  He says that as long as we see ourselves separated from the One Power, the One Source, we fear death.  He suggests that we awake every morning affirming that there is One Power, One Source, One Wholeness, One Divine Oneness and claim that we are wholly part of that One Power.  There is no other power, of any kind.  However to get our minds to grasp this, we must practice such affirmations, frequently because we are all so deeply affected by the mass energy which fears death.  Joel says, “…death itself is not a power, … death cannot separate you from the life of God, the soul of God, the consciousness of God.  …. Take the fear of death out of disease and disease would have no sting; it would have no power whatsoever. ” (The Art of Spiritual Living, 1976)

If reading this pricks unpleasantness, pain, strong rejection energy or anything upsetting at all, take it as a sign that more work is needed. It is likely that more release of blocked energy around issues of death, people who have died, or  those who are dying, or for yourself is still needed.  These steps may be helpful to you in your exploration.

  • Enter into Silence with All That Is with the intention to lighten your energy around issues of death.
  • Ask what you need to release.   Listen to the stillness.  That may be enough.
  • If more is needed,  search your feelings about a specific situation or aspect of dying as a place to begin.
  • Name the emotion or emotions you are feeling.
  • Ask yourself what is the fear behind these feelings I am carrying??
  • Call the Sacred Flame from within yourself  ( a form of Divine Presence)  to release the blocked spiritual energy manifesting as the fear or fears you have identified.
  • Give thanks.

You may wonder if this process works or why it works?  It works because the fears we hold about death have no power as Joel Goldsmith and many other mystics have asserted.  If we release them, they are gone.  They have no life other than the life we are giving them in our own energy field and mind.  We can affect that by rooting them out.   These fears are all of our own creation and therefore, we can command them out so that we will be lighter and more peaceful.  This work is the intentional expansion of consciousness, coming to a greater and greater awareness of the One Power, the One Source of All That Is.

Peace to all who may be nearing death,  who are accompanying one who is dying or mourning one who has passed.  May the Infinite Presence of the Great I AM, be known to you in the most perfect of ways as you walk with death.  May you know the One Power which is always with us, always constant, all knowing and all powerful.  Peace to you in all states of your being.  Receive now the Blessings of the Light.

Death is simply another state of being (part 1)

Death is simply another state of being. It is one we know little about.  We therefore tend to focus on the fears and experiences surrounding death and mix that up with the state of death itself.  Many of us have unhealed sadness and grief about losses in our past.  We may also have fear about our own passing or the passing of a dear loved one.  Death is part of every single person’s life.  Traditionally, in Western societies, we fear death.  That shared mass perception about death comes from unexamined fears we hold and from the habit of giving power to death, from our minds.

There is only One Power, One Source, One God. Death has no power of its own apart from Divine Grace and Presence.  Death is a transition to another calling for our soul’s continued growth, however painful that loss may be for those of us remaining in this life.  However, if we give death power from our minds, it is as if there is indeed something to fear.

For those of us carrying imbalances with death and dying, take a look at those.  Releasing the blocked energy causing these imbalances can bring us more peace.  Ignoring the issues we have with death only allows those feelings to remain in our energy field, festering away.  We may not be aware of how those unexamined feelings are affecting us but without a doubt, they are dragging on our energy.   It may feel scary and unpleasant to dip into death especially on a sunny, blue sky day but that is exactly what I would recommend.

Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn  by jmenard48
Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn by jmenard48

A Universal Truth for all beings regardless of our beliefs is that we are eternal. I suspected this for a long time before I knew this to be true.  In working with individuals passing over from life to spirit form, the energy of the person is fully present on the other side.  There is no body as we know it but their personal energy remains in tact.  I have not traveled with others beyond transition time as they first pass over but I figure if they are present during transition time, that is good enough for me.  I know their being continues on to where they are supposed to be because some of them have left in a blaze of Light.  Also, individual  stays in transition state are usually short,  a week or less.  As they pass on,  I imagine other forms of  “body” are assumed.

In working with those who have taken their own lives, it is clear that when they are in transition state, the same issues they were trying to escape from here, are still with them.  Such issues reside in our psyche or spiritual energy which remains in tact so the taking of our own body does not release us from the issues we carry in our souls.  However, we get all the chances we need. We have all the time we need.  We will be given opportunity after opportunity to learn to love ourselves and to respond to the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Some persons have been here, in body, many, many times and have worked through such challenges and difficulties.  Other souls are newer and have a number of issues to resolve in the physical plane.

This is a spiritual truth for all of us.  We take our spiritual knowing with us when we pass over. We do not magically get cleanly wiped slates as we exit life.  We take our relationship with All That Is into the next dimension of our being and continue right where we left off.  Therefore, it is highly useful to do deep clearing work on this side because all the issues we release here which are not of the Light, will not convey with us.  Actually, we will never have to deal with them again for ourselves,  in this dimension.   As we come into  Right Relationship with death or any other issue here, we will remain in that Right Relationship for all time. ( to be continued)

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