Clearing Imbalance

Illness is caused at its core by an imbalance in the flow of unseen energy in our bodies.  If there is stuck energy, various imbalances manifest in our physical body to get our attention. I work with unseen energies such as thoughts, feelings and sense of connection with the Greater Whole.  When these unseen energies are blocked, our health is affected even though we can’t see this energy.   Illness, in many cases, is a warning system about blocked energy.

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Bacteria by kaibara87

We live in a world filled with germs, bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, parasites, worms, etc.  Why can two people encounter the same virus and one person develops a full blown set of symptoms while the other manifests no symptoms at all? We might claim a strong immune system or general resistance to viruses and leave it to a vague sense of  heredity.  However, I have experienced that we manifest strong immune systems when we are in balance with our  thoughts, feelings and sense of connectedness to the Greater Whole.  Our body reflects the nature of our unseen internal balance or imbalance as the case may be.

We can more readily sense this in our relationships.  If we have a recurring argument with our spouse, child or parent, there is very likely blocked energy in our thoughts, emotions, or connection with the Greater Whole which keeps coming up to fuel these recurring arguments.  We often even know what that blocked energy is.

Again and again, in working with people manifesting persistent mis-alignments, infections, fever, fungus, viruses, rashes, etc.  there is some blocked unseen energy which must be cleared first, before the body can heal.  Clear the energetic imbalance and the body heals in nearly all cases.  Systemic imbalance in the energy field does not allow the body to fully heal and manifest balance.

There are levels of imbalance.  An allergy to mold can often be effectively treated with homeopathic medicine or acupressure and the body comes into balance.  When a person has extensive allergies with little improvement over time, systemic blocked energy is clearly present.  

Louisa had suffered with allergies, year around, for many years by the time I saw her.  She had taken dozens of medicines, tried various treatments including acupuncture,  been to numerous doctors and still suffered severely with allergies.  She found that if the medicines worked for the allergies, she felt sluggish and “off” energetically.

Bee Dirty Face by da100fotos
Bee Dirty Face by da100fotos

She was increasingly spending her time in a drugged daze.  She was depressed by the constancy of the attacks.  They were deeply affecting her ability to be outside and enjoy nature.  The question we asked of Divine Knowing was, what is the blocked energy manifesting now as allergies? Louisa was carrying blocked spiritual energy manifesting as allergies.

We have four energetic bodies each with a unique type of energy.  The only one we see is our physical body.  Right next to our physical body, though unseen, is our emotional body.  Next out is our mental body and furthest from our physical body is the spiritual body.  The spiritual body is made up of our sense of connectedness with the Greater Whole/God/All That Is.  Each of these bodies vibrate at different levels of megahertz.  The physical body is the densest body and therefore vibrates at the slowest rate.  The spiritual body is the least dense body and vibrates at the fastest rate.  In fact, we need to be very quiet and still to even perceive our spiritual bodies at all.  Meditation, therefore,  can be very helpful in helping us become more aware of our spiritual bodies.

Louisa carried disconnected energy from the Greater Whole, though she was not conscious of this.  She would not have been able to recognize this unless those allergies demanded her attention in the way they did.  As she began to release blocked spiritual and fear energy from her life experiences, she came increasingly into physical balance.  Her allergies diminished and eventually her whole body came into balance.

What were some of the specific blocked energies she was dealing with? Actually,  we don’t have to know what those specific energies are for them to clear from our field.  It is possible to open a sacred space with Divine Presence, call out the blocked spiritual energy manifesting as allergies and have that blocked energy clear from our field.   You may need to repeat this several times if you have hesitations about this working or if you have fear that you will never be free of allergies.  However,  every time you call for such clearing, some of the blocked energy leaves. Blocked energy first leaves from the unseen areas of our being and eventually the shift in energy shows up as greater balance in the body.

Spiritual healing is not a magical fix.  It is about coming into greater and greater connection with Divine Peace, Love and Balance.

If we have had a condition for a long time, it is rare that that condition is healed with one call for clearing.  However, it is equally true that with one call for the clearing of blocked energy, some of the stuck energy will leave, every time. This is so because we are One with All That Is even if we don’t know it to be so.  We are One and therefore we can use our Oneness to clear our own field of blocked energy.  Try it.  You will experience blocked energy clearing, the more you use it.   Share your experiences with us!


  • I open a sacred healing circle with my highest I AM energy (the part of us which is eternal), the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host, (any others, your choice).
  • I call forth the blocked emotional, mental and spiritual  energy I am carrying which is currently manifesting as allergies to tree pollen ( state your own imbalance).
  • I call for the Sacred Flame ( God’s Presence in flame form) to consume this blocked energy at its very source in the specific year, month and day of its inception in my field.  I release all of this blocked energy and call for Divine Presence in the place of this stagnant energy.
  • Thanks Be to God/All That Is/Great Oneness/ Allah.

Reminder: After clearing of blocked energy, you may experience detox.  You can feel worse before you feel better.  When clearing takes place, your body vibrates at a higher frequency and toxins are sloughed off from the body.  Tiredness and bowel changes are frequent detox symptoms.  Drink lots of water and eat lightly to reduce the symptoms.

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