Death is simply another state of being (part 2)

Every single person regardless of his or her circumstances surrounding death is exactly where he or she needs to be. Even those who leave us through cruel or tragic circumstances,  I have come to understand, are exactly on the path they need to be upon.  Sri Sathya Sai Baba,  an avatar and mystic from India said, regarding the death of young girl, ” Oh yes, wonderful child.  Her karma was all finished, why hold her back?”   In other words, some of us need to only come here a short while to accomplish our purpose.  Why would we want a young child to remain here if he or she could be with God and Divine Energy in the great beyond?   Love is eternal, that can never die.  Our links with these early departed children, partners or spouses are as strong as ever whether they are in body or not.  This type of love is eternal, it cannot die.

There is also spiritual evidence that those who are taken from life as a result of violence, where they were innocent victims,  often play critical roles in taking enormous amounts of dark, negative energies with them to be transformed by the Light.  These energies are humanly created and when an innocent person is killed tragically, they can through their innocence, take darkness right out of this dimension for purification.  I have had the privilege of working with a person where this was her role as she was leaving this life.

I love this toy by Spitzgogo_Chen
"I love this toy" by Spitzgogo_Chen

We have a very small lens on what really happens beyond the here and now. If you don’t spend time in Silence, your mind is likely to be the part of you that tries to make sense out of death.  The mind cannot do that effectively.  The heart needs instruction in the energies surrounding death for us to know ourselves what is what.  The next best thing, perhaps is listening to someone you trust who is spending time with Divine Knowing.  The ways of death have been with us since time began.  I take a cue from the Bible which has 365 “fear not” passages throughout the books, one for every day. Death is one of those states of becoming and being which we are not to fear.

If you feel you are nearing death or know someone who is ,  endeavor as much as possible to stay in the present.  Resist the temptation to look at the past or worry about the future. Rejoice in the love around you, trust that all will be provided for you and for all those who will miss you or your loved one.  There is only the present and therefore, call forth the Divine Knowing about death for yourself or your loved one.  This helps with the fear which we as humans tend to hold onto as we face changes in our life circumstances.  You might say, “ I call forth Divine Knowing about death and dying” for myself , or for the person you love who is passing.

Death is a part of life, it is simply a different state. We, of course, still have to go through our own adjustment time to the loss of a loved one.  When my father died, I knew he was  safe and free.  He had lived a long life and had not been sick when he passed on.  However, I still felt his loss and remember thinking at the time, I would have liked to wear black so as not to have to appear “normal”  while I was in mourning.  My mourning time was characterized by feeling that the colors, the food, the music,  and all the emotions around me were slightly muted, not exactly normal.  One day after a few months, that mourning time lifted and I felt my own energy take up its place within me, once again.  Whatever our response to death is, we need to give ourselves time and space to grieve, to remember, to honor and to let it go.

Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth century American mystic and spiritual teacher, speaks of death this way.  He says that as long as we see ourselves separated from the One Power, the One Source, we fear death.  He suggests that we awake every morning affirming that there is One Power, One Source, One Wholeness, One Divine Oneness and claim that we are wholly part of that One Power.  There is no other power, of any kind.  However to get our minds to grasp this, we must practice such affirmations, frequently because we are all so deeply affected by the mass energy which fears death.  Joel says, “…death itself is not a power, … death cannot separate you from the life of God, the soul of God, the consciousness of God.  …. Take the fear of death out of disease and disease would have no sting; it would have no power whatsoever. ” (The Art of Spiritual Living, 1976)

If reading this pricks unpleasantness, pain, strong rejection energy or anything upsetting at all, take it as a sign that more work is needed. It is likely that more release of blocked energy around issues of death, people who have died, or  those who are dying, or for yourself is still needed.  These steps may be helpful to you in your exploration.

  • Enter into Silence with All That Is with the intention to lighten your energy around issues of death.
  • Ask what you need to release.   Listen to the stillness.  That may be enough.
  • If more is needed,  search your feelings about a specific situation or aspect of dying as a place to begin.
  • Name the emotion or emotions you are feeling.
  • Ask yourself what is the fear behind these feelings I am carrying??
  • Call the Sacred Flame from within yourself  ( a form of Divine Presence)  to release the blocked spiritual energy manifesting as the fear or fears you have identified.
  • Give thanks.

You may wonder if this process works or why it works?  It works because the fears we hold about death have no power as Joel Goldsmith and many other mystics have asserted.  If we release them, they are gone.  They have no life other than the life we are giving them in our own energy field and mind.  We can affect that by rooting them out.   These fears are all of our own creation and therefore, we can command them out so that we will be lighter and more peaceful.  This work is the intentional expansion of consciousness, coming to a greater and greater awareness of the One Power, the One Source of All That Is.

Peace to all who may be nearing death,  who are accompanying one who is dying or mourning one who has passed.  May the Infinite Presence of the Great I AM, be known to you in the most perfect of ways as you walk with death.  May you know the One Power which is always with us, always constant, all knowing and all powerful.  Peace to you in all states of your being.  Receive now the Blessings of the Light.