Expect the Goodness

Holding the space for Goodness in our lives is a powerful mindset and the expectation of Goodness can permeate all aspects of our lives.

Heres to a Summery Week by  AtilaTheHun
Here's to a Summery Week by AtilaTheHun

At the same time, fears can play an important role in calling us to seek further, for Peace.

Have you ever found yourself, even when things are really good, waiting for something bad to happen?  Do you prepare for potential tragedy by running things through your mind to see how you might react?  Have you ever been in a relationship and find yourself thinking about how you will feel when it is over, when he/she walks out,  or when you grow apart?  This process of preparing for the worst, just to feel in control and ready for bad things is very likely to have just the opposite effect we are trying to guard against.

My husband used to commute to another state, 2 weeks a month, early in our marriage.   I dutifully made sure to know exactly when my husband was flying.  However, that increasingly meant I was ill at ease for the duration of his  flight, every time he traveled.   I had emotional melt downs if I did not hear from him within a “reasonable” time after the flight.   I would work myself into a tizzy, with pent up worry and frustration and then erupt when he did finally call for “making we worry” .   I carried some deep fear about losing him.  However,  I was thoroughly busy ignoring the real fear with mind preparation drills for the possibility of future tragedy.   At the time, I really thought I was being responsible, in caring so deeply.  Right motivation, wrong execution.

Foods by amarette
Foods by amarette

I did not realize what I was doing was feeding my worst fears, those which were truly unspeakable.  I was so conscientiously preparing for the worst, that I was really feeding the beast within me, which I had completely created.   I vividly recall the pit in my stomach, the fear in my mind and the tenseness in my breathing of those times.  I was truly capable of making myself sick with fear and dark imaginings.

One of the worst outcomes of this, was that this fear seeped into all manner of situations.  I would worry about my husband going to the store and being run into.  I would obsess about walking around the block at night by myself.   I would even imagine strangers breaking into my home while I was alone.   Clearly, my mind had run amok. Thankfully, I still had some small perspective on what I was doing to myself.  I did stop watching violence on television as one positive step towards more peace.

One day,  years later, a book came to my rescue which I felt was written specifically for me. It was called Fear No Evil, by Eva Pierrakos.  Talk about direct and to the point!  My number was up.  This book literally fell off a shelf before me in a bookstore even though I had let some of my darker fears subside.  It changed my habit of preparing for darkness and fearing evil, for good.

Those months of commuting would have been so much better if I could have faced my fears and focused on the Goodness we had been graced with.  We were awash in Goodness with good health, good jobs, supportive families, good friends, disposable income, a nice home, etc.   I had regularly strayed into the darkness though and did not have the faintest inkling about trying something else.   The fear of losing the Goodness I had been given was instrumental in my spiritual journey but perhaps y0u may avoid this particular detour.

What I recall from Fear No Evil is that I learned that fear comes from the part of us that is unwhole and hurting.  Fear shows up when we feel disconnected from Divine Peace.  I learned that what we focus on grows.  All the fears that I felt were from the exact places where I was disconnected from God.  I learned that fear was my own creation and therefore wonder of wonders,  I could let it go.

Free happy smiling baby face by Pink Sherbet Photography
Free happy smiling baby face by Pink Sherbet Photography

For all those years, I had thought fear was real.  I felt as though someone had released me to Goodness, to the very real possibility that Goodness attracts goodness.  I learned when bad things happen, the Goodness is still present even when it seems covered by the darkness.  I felt that “Someone” had rattled my cage and helped me remember Goodness.

Step by step I took a look at the real fears behind those manifesting in my life. I was afraid of my husband dying because I myself was afraid of being alone, unloved and bereft.  I was afraid of being attacked and losing my safety because I was afraid of losing the Goodness of my life.  I was so into thinking it was all up to me that God was a way distance second to ME.  These real fears propelled me front and center into dialog with the Divine Presence.  When I realized I had created and grown my own fears, I could let the fears go, and focus on the Goodness of Life.

I now highly recommend the  practice of Expecting Goodness.  Train your thoughts to expect the Goodness, think about it, nurture it, focus on the Goodness you have and see it continuing.  As I slowly learned to do this, Goodness beyond my wildest imaginings showed up.  To date, the Goodness given has always been infinitely better than what I might have envisioned.  It’s a God thing!!

Steps towards Expecting Goodness

1. Name your presenting fears, those showing up in your life and then seek the deeper core fears fueling the feelings and actions in your life.  (I am afraid my spouse and I won’t be able to have children.  Core Fear-  I am afraid I will miss out on one of  Life’s irreplaceable blessings and that my spouse and I will grow apart. )

2. Release the fears you no longer want, to Divine Presence.  We are never alone in facing our fears. ( I release the fear that my spouse and I will suffer and remain sad by missing out on one of Life’s blessings which will cause us to grow apart.)

3. Train your mind to see the goodness in all situations by actually speaking about it out loud to self and others. (My spouse and I will find infinite ways to love in this world, in ways we can equally share. )

4. Expect the Goodness — I  call forth the Goodness of Life into all aspects of my thinking, feeling, acting self.  I expect the Goodness of Life in whatever way it chooses to manifest in my life.

One day in India

My time in India was a time of sharp contrasts and self-reflection.   I have not been surrounded by that level of ever present poverty with the exception of working in the Yucatan in the late 1960s, since I was in India three years ago.

Women in color by Robbins Hopkins
Women in color by Robbins Hopkins

The contrasts of the grinding poverty and the brilliant saris in the middle of the street seemed strange.  Isn’t poverty’s color grey or somber?  Everywhere one looks in the towns is rubble, dirt, rocks, thatch huts, make-shift housing that is not make-shift, beggars, and need.  Yet the street markets are filled with flowers, fruits, and vegetables of every rainbow color. The living things of color dot the context of  greyness like determined hope.

Preparing our meal by Liz Spiwack
Preparing our meal by Liz Spiwack

In the middle of all of this, a family serves 14 of us,  the guests, a hot lunch everyday we are in their home and invites us to bask in their cheerfulness and love.

One can see the need in the faces of the street children, their outstretched hands immediately present when we stop. More need is etched in the wrinkles of the aged women who live on the streets.

One feels the overwhelming press of people, everywhere.  When looking at the sidewalks, they are usually 4 deep with people, all the time.

Townspeople viewing an accident by Liz Spiwack
Townspeople viewing an accident by Liz Spiwack

The roads are pressed with people, all the time.  There are those permanently connected to the ground through affliction and physical impairment, at every turn.

One has to release all sense of normalcy as we move through the throngs of people, motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, bikes, cars and trucks.  All is up to God, in every single way.  My sense of order, fabric of the society and the way one makes sense out of the world does not work in India as She has her own rhythm and vibration, completely apart from what is familiar to those of us visiting.  All the assumptions we hold do not work there.  There is another order of society which is not visible to us, however hard we try to see it.  I am constantly reminded that I am a visitor, in all ways.

The best we can do is to get a driver we can speak with who can be our go-between.  The best we can do is to eat all things cooked which are put before us and to eat nothing raw.  The best we an do is to be respectful of the religions ceremonies we are invited to attend and release all thoughts of what we are doing in India.  It is not clear why one is necessarily called to India,  it just simply happens.

Nothing is familiar, but a shared love of the Divine arrived at from vastly different paths, yet shared all the same. That is the amazing walk in India.

Puja ceremony by Liz Spiwack
Puja ceremony by Liz Spiwack

Amidst an endless background of poverty, one experiences the holy shrines, the elaborate religious festivals, the chanting of devotionals, the taking of prasada, blessed holy food, the use of the vibuti, the gift of amrita and cum-cum.  All the outwards ways of worshiping, are unfamiliar but the sharing of the Energy of Divine Presence is completely familiar.

It is as if all the signals for living are completely switched around and one has to make one’s way on faith that all will be fine.  Every moment of every day, one has to walk in faith that all will be fine.  Simply the process of putting on a sari in and of itself is daunting.

Robbins dressed for the puja by Liz Spiwack
Robbins dressed for the puja by Liz Spiwack

How does one put on 8 yards of material and move through the day?  All the conflicting energy around one’s public self and one’s private self gets a good shake-up.  Who are we really at the end of the day?  What is it that makes for order and “ordinary” time.  Certainly, not anything that shows on the outside.  That is all jumbled up because of the clothing we are wearing and the process of walking barefoot through all the shrines and homes, and the process of chanting and praying in Sanskrit, or Hindi, or English.  Can we really connect when we are this far out of our comfort zone?

I am so relieved again to find that my time in Silence is a constant.  It is a constant I can find again, there,  with all those people who are so different from me.  It is a constant that sees me through, even in the strangeness of the clothing I am wearing, the sounds I am hearing, the visions I am seeing, the smells I am smelling.  The Silence is my welcoming friend of deep solace.  It is my refuge that somehow reassures me that I am fine, that I am whole, that I am in that place for something I can’t understand with my mind, only with my heart.  Silence leads me to the space of deep connectedness with All That Is, including the very strange surroundings and customs I find myself partaking in.

Am I being true to myself?  What does all that even really mean, while being in India?  Do my outside actions really reflect who I am.  Probably not, as I feel off-kilter much of the time I am there.  I welcome smiles and kind words of those helping us through all of this.  I welcome the room given to us to rest where there is an air conditioner, a western toilet and places to leave our things.

Sari Lesson from Ribini for Robbins by Liz Spiwack
Sari Lesson from Ribini for Robbins by Liz Spiwack

I am touched by the helpful hands of young woman who teaches me to wrap the sari more securely.  I welcome the intimate stories of the woman in conjunction with her husband and family, who has overseen the expansion of support for 25 rural schools in south India, the creation of an orphanage, a medical clinic and an aging folks home.  All this in the midst of overwhelming physical poverty.

Alter within a home by Liz Spiwack
Alter within a home by Liz Spiwack

In their home, there are two large shrines to All That Is, known to them and many others, as Sai Baba.  There are all sorts of stories of the pictures and statues spontaneously producing vibuti, sacred ash, which has to be scooped up regularly. There is another reality they are living with, which I thankfully know in Silence, Love and Blessing.  We connect even though we are worlds apart, we are One.  That is beyond all that I could ever imagine, really way beyond anything my mind could have thought of.  That is why I have been called to India.  We are really All One, even though we may only have a glimpse of it one day in India.

My thanks to Liz Spiwack, one of my traveling companions, for the sharing of these photos from our trip for use in this post.

Infinite Source

Infinite Source means just that, the Source of All That Is has no boundaries, limits or perimeters.  It is vast possibility without any limitation. This is a challenging concept to grasp, and even harder to actualize in our lives.  Both are possible though and embracing Infinite Source is life changing.

Vastness by melolou
Vastness by melolou

Infinite Source means there is no shortage of supply, love, wealth, humor, creativity, food, health, peace, balance, etc. Infinite Source is one of the immutable Laws of Creation.  Yet, we experience all sorts of limitations on Earth and in our lives at the present time.   This earth dimension we live in, does not generally recognize Infinite Source in our daily lives.  It is seen as a theoretical possibility for the most part which we generally do not know how to activate.  So for practical purposes, it does not exist.

I would like to challenge this view and suggest that we need to pick up all our threads of creativity and imagination and launch ourselves and our lives into the energy of Infinite Source to more effortlessly and effectively help us with what we have come to do in this lifetime.  We create the stifling limits within which we live, operate, breath and create. We, with our own minds, think as humans think, with boundaries, issues, concerns, problems, limitations, conditions, improbabilities and nay saying.

Blue by derpunk
Blue by derpunk

What if there really are no actual boundaries except the ones we are giving our power to in this lifetime? Perhaps we have all bought into accepted conventions and agreed to standard deviations for conditions, improbabilities and nay-saying?  Maybe there is a field out there where you and I will meet and none of this will actually matter. Let’s say we could really live in full acceptance of Infinite Source even in one area of our lives.  Might it be worth giving it a try?

Repeatedly throughout my years of spiritual seeking, the one thing that comes to me over and over again is that I think too small, envision with limitations, doubt the vastness of the Whole and generally look upon the Divine with human eyes and thoughts.  Of course, I am human!  However, I don’t think that my humanness is the authority by which I live and create.   My “I AM” energy is the authority by which I live and create. My Oneness with All That Is is the authority by which I harness goodness and create with love.  In contrast,  my humanness is often the wagging finger energy standing at the doorway of my mind saying, “un-uh, you can’t do that, that is not possible, that is dreamy eyed thinking,  that is absurd, just fool’s folly”.  For years and years, I listened to what was not possible, not probable and gave that energy a great deal of power.

Those years were generously filled with physical pain and suffering on my part.  Of course, I was giving my energy and power to many things that I thought I was going to have to do which I would not like, would be bad at doing or better yet would probably fail at. UGH!!  I was immediately caught up short when I realized one day that I had really, really had chronic back pain for 16 years.   I was totally surprised at this on one level because I secretly thought of myself as a jock.  Well, I was, in one part of my brain.  I had commuted to work with my bike, I had played tennis and taught Jazzercise, taken yoga and loved to swim.  I had walked regularly and weight lifted whenever my body allowed.   It seemed very weird that somehow I had become a handicapped person with this chronic pain.  The insurance companies would concur with this accessment given all the doctors I was seeing.

For a while this realization of  these years of pain, made me seriously angry with my body.   I was also furious with everyone that pain was my constant companion.  I eventually became outwardly angry and negative until that wore both me and my family out.  I then became quiet in my suffering ( for a very short while) and eventually I had the thought, perhaps I could be pain free.  This was the first time in 16 years that I had had that thought.   It was just a glimmer of hope but it fueled a huge change within me.

This has been my very own, self-created, experience at limiting my life, my health, my options.  I  really did buy into the fact that I would probably be in pain my entire life.   However, I became more and more determined to seek another reality for me.  I was completely fatigued and impatient with doctors, body workers, therapists of all sorts.  One therapist told me I was psychologically ill and the pain was all imagined.  Another said I was one of the sanest persons she had had the privilege to meet.  I thought then and there, I think I’ll believe the last one.  It feels better.  And thus, I began looking for that elusive Infinite Source.  I did not know that was what IT was called then but I do now.  I now know that my thoughts become my reality. I can choose to create conditions, boundaries, prerequisites, or limitations or not.  The choice is mine.

Usually when I am angry, frustrated, impatient or snippy, I am giving my power to limitations, conditions and fears which are working me in negative ways.  When I am peaceful, happy, loving and understanding, I am going with the flow.   Infinite Source is a huge vastness of possibility and there are absolutely no bounds on that Source except the ones we create.

When I finally got that I might be able to live in greater health with pain free energy, I began to see all sorts of new help around me that had always been there.  I had just not seen it.  The limitations which I had made my reality, literally blocked the channels of Infinite Source around me. I began to change what I thought was true, who I spent time with, what I spent time doing and how I characterized myself to myself, and to others.  I tried out aspects of Infinite Source such as  “if I don’t give it a try, who will?” and  “when will it be a good enough time to do something I love?” and  “who is your authority here anyway?” and finally, “girl, figure out what you love and do it!”.   And slowly I did.  I have now been pain free with the exception of normal bumps and bruises for so many years that I know I will continue pain free,  the remainder of my life.

Great Valley by M-A-V
Great Valley by M-A-V

Take a leap of faith and truly imagine what has seemed impossible for you.

Call forth Divine Assistance and go for it.

Counter the nay- sayers within and without with calm resolve.

Honor your path as part of the learning process that leads to our own true selves, pain included.

Proclaim Infinite Source and give your power to those possibilities, without bounds,  in all situations.

Try giving your power to imagining and working with Infinite Source.   You will truly experience that Infinite Source is seriously real. The only boundaries and limitations we have are the ones we accept and create for ourselves.

Asking Forgiveness

If we are already forgiven for what we have done, as it says in the Bible, why do we need to ask for forgiveness ourselves?

In Psalm 103, we read, “Praise the Lord with affection and do not forget God’s blessings and benefits, for God forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases.  In summary, therefore, this does say, all is forgiven.

for future generations... by Amanky

Asking for forgiveness, however,  is as much about our receiving forgiveness and knowing we have been forgiven as it is about the asking.  If we don’t ask for the forgiveness we need, we keep carrying around the imbalanced energy of what we have done which has caused that imbalance.  When we receive forgiveness, we reestablish the whole,  we open ourselves to healing and to the blessings of Divine Grace.  That opens up many other options of healing for us as well.  The forgiveness is always in the unformed energy around us.  If we ask for forgiveness, we give it form by making the request, and the vibration actually comes into our energy field bringing a new balance and equilibrium where we have been out of balance.  The Iranian mystic Rumi says, ” if you never know forgiveness, you’ll never know the blessings God gives”.

Forgiveness is a prerequisite to authentic prayer. If we are harboring negative thoughts or feelings in our hearts, they literally short-circuit and neutralize our prayers.  When forgiveness is received, what has been previously blocked or sealed off from love is thereby opened to receive God’s Love.  That’s how it happens.  When we are too filled up with un-forgiveness, there is no room, no space, no place of peace where we can receive the Love of God.  It’s like having a house too full of clutter to be able to offer a guest a place to sit and rest.

You might  feel you have been asking for Divine Healing Presence but that you do not feel it. Why might that be? It is most likely something in the connection and it is probably on our side.   One of the most prevalent reasons for a poor connection with Spirit is blockage because  we need to forgive someone or we need forgiveness ourselves.  Another block may be that we are not consciously seeking a relationship with Divine Energy/God/All That Is.

When we need  forgiveness, we are energetically out of balance.  Therefore, we can’t receive that which we most need, even when it is all around us.  We have to make space for the Energy of God if we want it.  There is almost no way to make space for the Divine Presence without making a conscious effort to do so.  Most of us aren’t likely to run into this energy on our way to work though that is not impossible.

We can live our entire lives without making a conscious effort to connect with our Higher Power.  Why would one want to go to God if we are not sure how we will be received? If we have been raised to believe that we need to be good in order to be loved, we may have a sense of unworthiness before God.  We might not want to acknowledge our  mistakes and the poor choices we have made.  We might not feel worthy of God’s love for ourselves.  It is all too easy to  think of our Higher Power as judging energy.

However, there is little to no “truth vibration” in this judging concept of Divine Presence. We see a judging God as probable because all around us, those in power often act in judging ways.   We might have been told as a child that God is watching so we had better behave.   Isn’t it just accepted that God is like a person, an entity, a being, and usually is separated from us?  Our language reinforces this and we know lots of folks who think this way.

Divine Presence, however,  is boundless energy in all its unformed perfection.  Further that same spark of Divinity is inside every single person in body regardless of how covered over it might be. This has been proven again and again to me through the medium of healing.  I call for healing energy with another, the energy comes,  is received and healing happens.  It does not matter at all who the person is.  This healing energy is available for all.   Based on this experience,  I have developed some ways of asking for help,  which work for me.

How do we ask for forgiveness or for the healing presence of God?

We ask for help

  • knowing that we will always be heard,
  • that God is always for us and never against us,
  • that what is needed is given, and
  • that there is nothing we can do which can make us unworthy of the Love of God.

    I cry out to you by Rachel Sian

From John 3, “Beloved, I desire above all else that you may prosper and be in health even as  your soul prospers.” God’s love for us is the constant here.  We essentially cannot earn it because it is freely given, fully given and available all the time.  There is nothing we can do that will set the love of God beyond our reach.  We are loved because we are.  Simply that.  We are, therefore, we are loved.

We are children of the Great I Am/All That Is/God , created in this image, a tiny spark of the Divine.  We can’t do anything that will forever separate us from the Love of God. However, we can be distanced from the Love of God by simply not being tuned into that Love or by not  embracing the fact that there is real, practical help from the Divine for every aspect of our lives.  We can choose to have any kind of relationship with Divine Wholeness we want.  It can be close, trusting and mutually appreciative.  We can have a theoretical relationship with All that Is, one we hold in abeyance in case we might need it someday when things are really bad.  We can also live our lives as if the Love of Divine Oneness is something we heard about in temple, the synagogue or the church.  We just never quite get around to really knowing that love for ourselves or asking for that love to come into our lives in ways we can know its fullness.

What type of relationship do you want with God? All the help you need is fully available to you,  if you ask, if you embrace it, if you listen for it in the Silence of your day.  Sometimes the help shows up without a conscious seeking of it in a particular situation.  Who knows why that is?  I like to think perhaps it is because our deepest desires and needs are always known even when we ourselves are closed to them.  However, I increasingly know when I need help.  If I go after that help,  I feel in the act of asking, I am preparing to receive it when the timing is right.

Put your trust in what which is really worthy of your trust. Put your trust in The Great I AM, your Higher Power.  I spent many years putting my trust in “being somebody”, in “having prestige”, in “being respected”  and in “being really good at what I did” and probably in  a myriad of other conditions, as well.  Many of us have likely spent years putting our trust in others or in our outer, public selves.   Take a step towards getting yourself a new partner for life, one that is always available, immensely powerful and loves you unconditionally.  Get into Right Relationship with God.  Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.  A vibrant fully actualized relationship with Divine Spirit results in wholeness, peace, health and balance.

  • Start with asking forgiveness for everything you ever needed to ask forgiveness for.
  • Offer forgiveness to all those you need to forgive.

    Atardecer (Madrid) by laullon
  • Find the fountain of gratitude within and visit it daily.
  • Speak with the Great Knowing even though you may feel unprepared, awkward or unworthy.  (Those are all human judgments that will pass with time. )

The risk of stepping out with Divine Oneness is that the experience will be more loving, more insightful and more powerfully present than you can possibly imagine.

Full Partners with The Divine – Healing service excerpt

Welcome to this healing service tonight. Whatever your reason for coming, you are likely to receive exactly what is needed for healing.  This is because God, Divine Knowing, Universal Creator already knows what it is that you and I really need for healing.  The Great I AM already knows why we are here and what is in our hearts.  However, because we have consciously gathered in Sacred Space  for this express purpose of healing, we have begun to take our place as full partners in the sacred process of healing.

The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt
The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt

Here is how it works. By issuing an open invitation for the Holy Spirit,  Great Oneness,  Highest Divine Energy to bring about needed healing, we initiate the very means through which such healing can take place in the human realm.  God works through us to bring us back to our own True Selves, that is, to a full partnership with the Great I AM.  This is especially evident in healing.  Healing or Wholeness is the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical manifestation of a fully actualized relationship with All That Is,  God,  Perfected Love .

The reason I am here tonight is because five years ago (now fifteen years) a family member became inexplicably and seriously ill.  I did everything imaginable to try to deal with that crisis for a solid year.   I did everything, that is, but directly ask for God’s help.  When I finally realized that we did not have the strength, the wisdom nor the vision to see what might be needed, I  realized our family needed to directly ask for God’s loving, healing presence in our lives.   We needed to turn over the pain, anguish and our sense of loss to this Higher Source because we as humans had exhausted our tiny reserves.  We were depleted.   The ensuing healing process was nothing short of miraculous.  Though it was not spontaneous, it was nonetheless miraculous.  So I am here to celebrate God’s Love and healing presence among us and to share some of what I have learned these last few years about healing.

God is Love.  Not the kind of love we know the best in our human experience.  Human love is all too often “I love you when” or “I love you if, or “I love you, but”….  God’s Love is wholly unconditional, from everlasting to everlasting, beyond all understanding.  It is with us always.  God’s Love is boundless, without limitation.  God’s Love is not of this world though it is the fueling power behind all creation.

So then, how do we receive this boundless love?

In James 4:1-3 in the New Testament, we find a clue.

Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from?  They come from your desires for pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you.  You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill; you strongly desire things, but you cannot get them, so you quarrel and fight.  You do not have what you want because you do not ask God for it.  And when you do ask, you do not receive it, because you ask wrongly; you ask for things to use for your own pleasures.

More clues are found in James 5:14.

Are there any among you sick?  They should send for the “Spiritual Guides of Assembly” (The original translation meant those of a spiritual nature, later it was translated as church elders.) who will pray for them and rub olive oil on them in the name of the Lord.  This prayer made in faith will heal the sick; the Lord will restore them to health, and the sins they have committed will be forgiven. So then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed.

Shower of Light on You - St. Peter's Basilica by David Paul Ohmer

We must ask for what we need in order to open ourselves to receive God’s blessing.  Divine blessing is always there for us to receive.  Life itself is a blessing.  We just have to be tuned in, to consciously know we have gotten it.  If we are on a different wave length, the blessing may not be received by us even though it is always available to us any time, day or night.  We give form to the endless unformed potential energy when we call God.  We have to call in Divine Energy to this dimension for it to manifest in our lives.  In James, we read that if our motives are bad we will not receive God’s blessing.  This refers to motives for self-aggrandizement, riches, or even just total focus on the life of this world.

  • Sample –  Forgive me for my impatience with myself this week.  I open to Divine Knowing and call that Wholeness and Power into the emotional and physical challenges facing my sister.  I release all my fears I am holding about her.   I call Peace and Balance into this household.
  • Sample –  I ask that the anger I am carrying towards my body be taken and transformed.  I call the Highest Divine Presence into my imbalanced body,  feelings and thoughts.  I call the perfect help in the Universe to me.  I especially release this fear of chronic pain.  Show me how to claim my wholeness.

God is constantly broadcasting love, healing, peace and serenity.  Sometimes we tune in.  Sometimes we don’t.  Perhaps because we are trying so hard to solve the situation on our own; to bear the burden, to present a stiff upper lip to the outside world, to accept what has been given and a whole host of other things we think are good responses to trials and crises in our lives.

A woman praying

Some time ago, a woman came to see me and said that her son had been quite ill for several years.  She reported that she had recently begun to get very depressed about what was happening for him and that her prayers were just not being answered.  I asked her specifically what she had been praying for and she said “Well, I guess I have prayed for the strength to respond to ‘Brad’s’ illness and to bear the burden.” I replied that from all she had told me,  I thought that her prayers had been expressly answered.  She had just related for 45 minutes how she had expertly, relentlessly and stoically managed their lives through some very painful and debilitating experiences with her son for the past 4 years.   She said that she had never thought of it that way.   She  also said that she did not know what to really ask for regarding her son from this point forward.  She eventually decided to release her fears and sense of negativity about her son’s illness.  Then she call in the Highest Good for “Brad”,  for her family and for herself.  We agreed that whatever that might look like, she could leave all her burdens in the hand of the Great I AM, the hand of God.  She could release her burdens and trust in God.

We were created with free will in the image and likeness of the Great I AM.  This free will, will never be violated by God.  If we don’t want help, we don’t have to accept any.  If we do want help, we have to ask, ourselves, for that help.  We have to envision the life we want and how we want to create it.  We are all continuously called to a full partnership with God.  This process of seeking forgiveness and asking for the help we want is one aspect of this full partnership.

What does this practically look like? One possible take on this are the steps given below.  Experiment and use whatever works for you.

  1. Enter into stillness, The Silence
  2. Name specifically where you are out of balance, separated from Divine Peace, need forgiveness
  3. Ask for forgiveness and/or  release from these imbalances (forgiveness actualized)
  4. Call in Divine Presence, Wholeness and Balance to the specific areas needed (healing)
  5. Give thanks for a growing connection with All That Is/Spirit/God