Angel Energy

The  word “angel” immediately brings an image to my mind.  I see white gossamer fabric with wings and light everywhere.

angels are here by Alice Popkorn

I know I hold this image in my mind to help me imagine something I don’t see with my eyes.  I also like artists’ visions of cherubs through the centuries.   Those wee beings with round, chubby bodies, whimsical eyes, sweet smiles,  suspended in space.  I am quite fine with all of these images as far as they go.

Love by Beaver24

What I really love though is Angel Energy. Angel Energy  is a vibration experience that always brings Peace and Joy to me.  For me, Angel Energy is like entering a warm kitchen with bread baking which fills my whole body with delightful anticipation.  That energy at times also feels similar to sitting in a light room with gently penetrating wattage moving through my body.  Angel energy sometimes reminds me of totally relaxing and being swung in a hammock on a sunny, warm day. Or at times it feels like turning a corner and amazingly finding that something that has been so hard to deal with has gone away and is complete, whole and perfect.

Working with Angels, requires our conscious choice to invite these loving beings into our energy field.  This is consciousness exploration work.  Serious risk and serious gain are both possibilities.  The serious risk is that we will ask for help, hoping for a specific outcome and miss the outcome that is given.  The serious gain is that we ask for specific help with a given situation and everything about the situation resolves itself in ways we recognize and acknowledge.

The serious risk situation carries with it the possibility that in not getting the result we desire, we will give up on Angel Energy.  The serious gain  situation carries with it the possibility of never being able to return to a former state of disbelief about Angels.  When we know Angels are real energy beings and available to us, our whole orientation to infinite possibility changes.

Working with Angels is extraordinarily delightful business with a range of amazingly possible outcomes.  You might try connecting  with your Angels who are always available, 24-7, and who are always deeply interested in what you may need and how they might help you.

Your Guardian Angel by Alice Popkorn

The number one comment Angels make to humans is that we don’t ask enough, for support and guidance which they are lovingly ready to give us.  I work with Divine Energy everyday and I still forget to make specific requests for Angel help with some aspects of my life.  However, I have never asked for Angel Energy and not received help.  That is the best recommendation I can give for inviting you to give your Angel Energy more focus and attention. Wonderful, amazing results await you.

A few things may help facilitate this relationship.  As we have free will, we actually have to invite Angels into our energy space in specific ways to help us.  One might say something like,  “I give permission for my Angels to work with me today, with every aspect of my day”.  This request is too general  to allow for partnering with Angels on the quality of the day. You could change this request to something like this.  ” I request Angel Energy to help me to stay on time through the day and to meet all the requirements I have to attend to with grace and ease.  ”

Another way to work with the Angels is to say out loud, “I request Angel  support with the relationships in the group I am facilitating today, for the highest benevolent outcome for all”.   I did this recently and later I heard from three people that the meeting had been special for them.  I knew that my Angels and I had been working together.  The concept here is partnering rather than being granted a wish or hope.  We do all we can towards the positive goal we are seeking while also enlisting Angelic help.

A request for Angel Energy needs to be a  specific request for help regarding a time, place, situation, relationship, or outcome.  This way the contract is clear as to how you would like their help in your life.

You might also try imagining Angels as huge energy masses of intelligent loving rather than in human like forms.  Our visual images can initially help us to feel comfortable with seeking this support and help.  However, staying with these defined humanoid forms of Angelic presence may seriously limit our understanding of their scope, power, love and their ubiquitous presence.  As we hold forms in our minds, we naturally apply human characteristics to Angels.  Imagine Angel Energy moving through the air, through human bodies, through buildings and across space dimensions.  Expand your boundaries for these truly extraordinary Light Beings.  They are always be available and open to helping us, no matter what we need.

Spirit of Cyber Christmas by Anua22a

The Dark or The Absence of Light? Part 2

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We can choose to be afraid or trusting.   We can choose to be selfish or generous.  We can choose to be welcoming or restrained.  Each and every choice we make for the goodness of the greater whole produces more balance.  Each and every choice we make which is not for the goodness of the greater whole produces more imbalance.

Free Child Walking on White Round Spheres by D. Sharon Pruitt

The greater the imbalance we feel within ourselves, the greater these imbalances manifest in our lives.  There is however no dark entity of dark power to be reckoned with sometimes known as the dark side.  We can know we are connected in one part of our lives to the Light and we can feel disconnected in other parts of our lives from the Light.  In my case, I was very surprised that I felt attacked by something I envisioned as dark energy.  I had not felt that fearful energy for years and years and yet there it was showing its ugly head right after our car accident. (spoken about in part 1)

Regardless of where we are in our journey, what we  feel,  see,  sense, and experience is a reflection of the choice to be connected to the Light or the choice to be separated from the Light.  This leads us back to the accident.

Why did that accident really happen to us?  I kept asking this in my mind and had a hard time not getting an immediate answer.  I wondered if I had attracted that accident to us through some means, if I needed to pay a karmic debt that I was not aware of, or if I was being attacked by the dark. I gave a lot of power to this last thought.

There are multiple true answers to this question.  Each of us involved, my husband, the truck driver, and me experienced this same accident for different reasons.  I now feel that I had this accident to give me a chance to directly face my deeply hidden fear about some force I thought of as the dark.  This was not something I might take a Sunday afternoon to contemplate! As with most of us, I would probably always choose to engage in something else, anything else, actually.  I needed a deeply shocking experience to go into my own darkness and wrestle my way through all of that old stuck energy.

Next Dimension by By h.koppdelaney- Hartwig HKD

Even though I slogged through the darkness after the accident, I sensed the minute we were hit, at some unconscious level, that we were not hurt.  Immediately after the impact, I was led to pray for the complete and total healing of  our fear from our energy fields.  I felt an insulating energy drop in around us as the accident occurred and as the  investigation was taking place.  I also had the dawning thought with increasing certainty that the impact of the truck’s energy on our van was buffered by Divine Presence.  We were surrounded immediately by that Divine Energy of Light. We were protected from harm’s way.

This experience of the Divine Presence with us at the accident continued to be present while I wrestled with my own created fear of the darkness. That powerful knowing just stayed within my energy field through all my stages of anger, frustration, uncertainly and questioning I felt I needed to feel. During one phase of my deeply questioning and anger tinged state about this accident,   I asked about all the times I had been killed from this dimension.  I was told the number.  Then immediately following this exchange I heard, “but you agreed to that”.  I started to laugh knowing deeply that this was true.  Further, if this is true for me, then it is true for every one of us.  Even the “innocent bystander” leaves when it is his or her time to leave.  At the same time, an innocent bystander does not leave before it is his or her time either.

Yet the question remains, why do some come here and physically suffer and others come and mentally or emotionally  suffer? Our entire journey is about coming into balance within our own energy.  When we begin to experience this inside, it begins to manifest all around us in all our affairs.  Many of the challenges, problems, conflicts, situations we get into are a result of imbalances we have chosen in our lives.  If we need to “atone” or re-balance, from some past transgression we have caused, we have infinite ways that we can do that in a lifetime.

Balanced Rocks by By squarewithin- Matthew Trentacost

Parts of our lives can appear like suffering until we get that we are One with the Light and that we are being given our specific life circumstances so that deep imbalances in our human selves can be re-balanced with the Love of the Universe.  We may also have a life in which we are given the option of being here in illness or disability as a way to re-balance some huge transgression of our past or as a way to develop compassion for ourselves and others, or as an example of living with joy and grace with our disability for others to learn from.

We are given whatever we need to come into a more loving and whole space with All That Is.  We cannot judge by appearances for ourselves or for others. There is a Divine and Holy Order within this Earth dimension even though we may not be able to discern it. The process of re-balancing for the Goodness of the Whole is taking place, all the time for all people everywhere.

If you think you have brought imbalances, fears and transgressions of the past with you,  you can work them out before you are required to do so, in some totally WAKE UP fashion.  I recommend all the preemptive work we can do to clear the darkness, fear and imbalance we feel inside ourselves.

  • You can pray and ask forgiveness for all the people you have hurt throughout all space and time.
  • You can ask for all the debts of imbalance you have brought about in your times of  separation from the Light to be made whole in all ways by Divine Grace.
  • You can literally call in the healing energy of the Light for all those you have specifically hurt.
  • You can call for the fear of anything you know you are facing to be consumed by the Light of God/All That Is.

Of course, one has to have the feeling that restoring balance is important.  We are loved beyond all measure but knowing that at the soul level requires our acting in this energy. We need to embrace the fact that we can clear our old stagnant energies and past misdeeds by calling for this to happen.

We have to embrace a new intention for being here, one that embraces that all living is for the purpose of healing and thereby for coming into the Energy of the One, the Whole, the Eternal Community of Life. Then all is possible.

The Dark or The Absence of Light? Part 1

What is “the dark”  anyway?  Is there a dark side as presented in all those sci-fi movies? What if the way we think about good and bad, light and dark, is all wrong.  I had occasion to seriously consider these issues recently.

DARTH VADER by foxspain

My husband and I were sitting at a red light and were hit from behind by a semi truck. Thankfully, through the grace of All That Is, which is something  way beyond us, we were spared great injury though our beloved car is a goner. Therefore, I have been deeply listening and asking very pointed questions about the presence or absence of darkness and about the real energetic causes behind such an accident in this cause and effect world.

The stages I have experienced after our our accident have been shock, rage, defiance, befuddlement, questioning, then listening and reintegrating.  The first stage was simply a numbness and exhaustion while all that had happened sank in. This went on for several days and was overlaid with rage and defiance.  The rage was directed at some unknown entity in my mind known “the dark”, envisioned as some power apart from the goodness of All That Is.  I was defiant and literally remember raising my fist into the air and hissing out loud, a number of times,  ” you are not going to get me.”  I suppose that was better than wallowing in fear and victim energy, perhaps only marginally though.  However, it did not feel very good to be facing the unknowable face of  “the dark” nor to imagine “the dark” coming after me again.  As there was incredulity and fear connected with all of this, I increasingly became mixed up, unsure of what I was possibly dealing with and I felt lost and befuddled.  I also increasingly wondered how could I possibly make sense out of this fear filled and seemingly senseless experience.

My next stage was full of questions.  I talked with God, my sons, my husband, my friends, my colleagues, basically anyone who would engage with me.  I talked and talked getting out all my questions and misgivings and when I was completely talked out, I listened in silence. I felt no peace in the self-fashioned image I had of  “the dark”.  As I listened and sensed the Divine Energy of All That Is,  I felt more and more deeply that All There Is is the Oneness. We are all connect to that energy, indeed we come from the same source, though some of us do not recognize this in our present state of consciousness.

A handful of sunshine by stuant63

The Oneness knows all the goodness and all the evil as we are given complete free will to live as we so choose.   Some of us choose to consciously live in that energy of the Light and others of us do not.  There are natural consequences for remaining outside Light space. One feels alone, fearful, angry, rage, resentment, uncertain, anxious, and far worse as well. That energy manifests as unkindness, cruelty, violence, disaster, war, and disintegration in varying levels to self and others.  This is the source of the darkness, these human choices, these human fears and their human consequences.

Through all this searching,  a deep knowing has emerged from within.  All darkness stems from the human choice to separate from the Light.   Darkness is the state of separation of individuals from the Light/ All That Is/ the Greater Whole/ the One Mind. I have suspected this for a while.  However, I was amazed that such deep soul searching was still needed to resolve my feelings.   With such a highly noticeable event in my life, it was challenging to come to balance with regard to,  “why me”?   One day, in silence,  I realized that I was not the only person involved in this accident.  DUH!  There were two others in this accident, my husband and the truck driver.  So, possibly it was not necessary to wrack my brain for a plausible explanation as it probably did not “belong” solely to me.  That was a total relief.

Still, there can be the appearance of darkness everywhere we look.  Someone in my meditation group asked about how my insights about there being no “dark” source energy fit with something as horrible as the holocaust.  How could anything less that deep darkness explain such horror, death and destruction?

We have had some simply horrific things occur throughout all time and across this entire globe.  With the holocaust, in our time, we can  include  Darfur, the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda,  the killing fields in Cambodia plus the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and 9/11 in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., the Haiti earthquake, not to mention the four most recent oil spills and millions of other devastating events.  The question is how does one really believe that there is no “dark” in the face of the horrific situations clearly evident to us, all around.

Dark energy does exist, but it exists through our thoughts, fears and emotions. Millions are making choices individually and collectively which are not in Right Relationship with the Great I AM/Universal One God/Divine Creation.  Where there is the appearance of darkness, what we are truly seeing is the result of a human or group of humans making decisions which are not of the Light, disconnected from All That Is, not in alignment with the Highest Good.  Those who make decisions and take action, while being separated from the Light, are the creators of darkness.  There is no source other than the Energy of All That Is.

We experience human catastrophe, because we have made decisions which are separated from the Light, and are not of the highest good. The decisions are highly likely to originate from fear and anger.  We therefore see the absence of Light showing up as war, genocide, murder and abuse.  These are all consequences of choices we or those around us have made to act upon fear, greed, jealousy, shame, guilt, hatred, anger and pride.

Walter Hanson Winter Circus Holland by dirkjanranzijn

All the horrible and the all the wonderful things we see are a result of balance or imbalance coming from our thoughts and feelings.  We have control over those thoughts and feelings and therefore, the way to a more balanced life is through attention to what we are thinking and feeling.  (stay tuned for part 2)

Infinite Source

Infinite Source means just that, the Source of All That Is has no boundaries, limits or perimeters.  It is vast possibility without any limitation. This is a challenging concept to grasp, and even harder to actualize in our lives.  Both are possible though and embracing Infinite Source is life changing.

Vastness by melolou
Vastness by melolou

Infinite Source means there is no shortage of supply, love, wealth, humor, creativity, food, health, peace, balance, etc. Infinite Source is one of the immutable Laws of Creation.  Yet, we experience all sorts of limitations on Earth and in our lives at the present time.   This earth dimension we live in, does not generally recognize Infinite Source in our daily lives.  It is seen as a theoretical possibility for the most part which we generally do not know how to activate.  So for practical purposes, it does not exist.

I would like to challenge this view and suggest that we need to pick up all our threads of creativity and imagination and launch ourselves and our lives into the energy of Infinite Source to more effortlessly and effectively help us with what we have come to do in this lifetime.  We create the stifling limits within which we live, operate, breath and create. We, with our own minds, think as humans think, with boundaries, issues, concerns, problems, limitations, conditions, improbabilities and nay saying.

Blue by derpunk
Blue by derpunk

What if there really are no actual boundaries except the ones we are giving our power to in this lifetime? Perhaps we have all bought into accepted conventions and agreed to standard deviations for conditions, improbabilities and nay-saying?  Maybe there is a field out there where you and I will meet and none of this will actually matter. Let’s say we could really live in full acceptance of Infinite Source even in one area of our lives.  Might it be worth giving it a try?

Repeatedly throughout my years of spiritual seeking, the one thing that comes to me over and over again is that I think too small, envision with limitations, doubt the vastness of the Whole and generally look upon the Divine with human eyes and thoughts.  Of course, I am human!  However, I don’t think that my humanness is the authority by which I live and create.   My “I AM” energy is the authority by which I live and create. My Oneness with All That Is is the authority by which I harness goodness and create with love.  In contrast,  my humanness is often the wagging finger energy standing at the doorway of my mind saying, “un-uh, you can’t do that, that is not possible, that is dreamy eyed thinking,  that is absurd, just fool’s folly”.  For years and years, I listened to what was not possible, not probable and gave that energy a great deal of power.

Those years were generously filled with physical pain and suffering on my part.  Of course, I was giving my energy and power to many things that I thought I was going to have to do which I would not like, would be bad at doing or better yet would probably fail at. UGH!!  I was immediately caught up short when I realized one day that I had really, really had chronic back pain for 16 years.   I was totally surprised at this on one level because I secretly thought of myself as a jock.  Well, I was, in one part of my brain.  I had commuted to work with my bike, I had played tennis and taught Jazzercise, taken yoga and loved to swim.  I had walked regularly and weight lifted whenever my body allowed.   It seemed very weird that somehow I had become a handicapped person with this chronic pain.  The insurance companies would concur with this accessment given all the doctors I was seeing.

For a while this realization of  these years of pain, made me seriously angry with my body.   I was also furious with everyone that pain was my constant companion.  I eventually became outwardly angry and negative until that wore both me and my family out.  I then became quiet in my suffering ( for a very short while) and eventually I had the thought, perhaps I could be pain free.  This was the first time in 16 years that I had had that thought.   It was just a glimmer of hope but it fueled a huge change within me.

This has been my very own, self-created, experience at limiting my life, my health, my options.  I  really did buy into the fact that I would probably be in pain my entire life.   However, I became more and more determined to seek another reality for me.  I was completely fatigued and impatient with doctors, body workers, therapists of all sorts.  One therapist told me I was psychologically ill and the pain was all imagined.  Another said I was one of the sanest persons she had had the privilege to meet.  I thought then and there, I think I’ll believe the last one.  It feels better.  And thus, I began looking for that elusive Infinite Source.  I did not know that was what IT was called then but I do now.  I now know that my thoughts become my reality. I can choose to create conditions, boundaries, prerequisites, or limitations or not.  The choice is mine.

Usually when I am angry, frustrated, impatient or snippy, I am giving my power to limitations, conditions and fears which are working me in negative ways.  When I am peaceful, happy, loving and understanding, I am going with the flow.   Infinite Source is a huge vastness of possibility and there are absolutely no bounds on that Source except the ones we create.

When I finally got that I might be able to live in greater health with pain free energy, I began to see all sorts of new help around me that had always been there.  I had just not seen it.  The limitations which I had made my reality, literally blocked the channels of Infinite Source around me. I began to change what I thought was true, who I spent time with, what I spent time doing and how I characterized myself to myself, and to others.  I tried out aspects of Infinite Source such as  “if I don’t give it a try, who will?” and  “when will it be a good enough time to do something I love?” and  “who is your authority here anyway?” and finally, “girl, figure out what you love and do it!”.   And slowly I did.  I have now been pain free with the exception of normal bumps and bruises for so many years that I know I will continue pain free,  the remainder of my life.

Great Valley by M-A-V
Great Valley by M-A-V

Take a leap of faith and truly imagine what has seemed impossible for you.

Call forth Divine Assistance and go for it.

Counter the nay- sayers within and without with calm resolve.

Honor your path as part of the learning process that leads to our own true selves, pain included.

Proclaim Infinite Source and give your power to those possibilities, without bounds,  in all situations.

Try giving your power to imagining and working with Infinite Source.   You will truly experience that Infinite Source is seriously real. The only boundaries and limitations we have are the ones we accept and create for ourselves.

One Power Focus

There is One Power, One Source, One Divine Presence.   This Oneness  is All Powerful, All Knowing and Everywhere Present.  What would our lives be like if we really, deeply knew this to be true?  What would we let go of , what would we welcome into our lives and what would we rejoice in knowing?

We typically  move through our lives giving our power to all sort of things which are not the One Power.  We give our power to worries, to fears, to the argument between our brothers, to what should have happened last month, to what may happen next week, to the demands of our job and perhaps even to the voice in our heads to “go ahead and buy it, you deserve it”.   This has the effect of diluting the full presence of the One Power in our life.

Lunch Golf
Lunch Golf (Osaka) by JanneM

It is our choice as to how we spend our time and what we put our attention upon even though at times we see ourselves as sacrificial beings to others.  We have free will to give our attention and concern to anything we choose to, anytime we choose to do so.

As long as we choose to give our power to material things,  problems, making money, pleasing others at the expense of ourselves,  we have a “dim” and somewhat disconnected view of the Power of the Divine Presence.  Focusing our power, energy and attention completely on the outside world dulls us to the intensity and magnificence of All That Is.  What we have focused on and attended to,  grows and grows. 

What does giving our power to the material world look like?

Joe lives in Vienna, VA. He is an insurance executive with two children.  He goes into work 6 days a week though Saturdays are not required.  He has Sundays off and spends times with his kids and wife that day when  possible.

In talking with him about his life he saidmy life is pretty routinized. I put on my suit every day, drive to my parking spot and then begin going through all the tasks for the day.  Sometimes I look up and 3 hours have simply passed me by.  I am never bored as there is always more to do.  I miss seeing the kids more, though.  They are often headed for bed by the time I get home and eat.  I know that Kate is doing a great job with them.  I am simply not around much, not as much as I would like to be, anyway.

DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES? No, not really.  I’d love to have the energy for something like that.  I am usually beat when I get home though.  I  try to catch a ball game on TV or perhaps watch a show.

Riveting meeting by Mark Hillary
Riveting meeting by markhillary

I sometimes try to get some things done around the house on Saturday afternoon if I can get away from the office a bit early.  Seems like my life is just passing on by while I give it all I’ve got.

ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE  AT THE MOMENT? Not really, that is pretty rare.  The insurance business has really clear mandates about serving people and making money while doing that.  So, that is what I work with every day.

Joe came in saying he was tired all the time and had very low energy especially on Sundays.

In contrast to this scenario, Dan works in an advertising company in McLean, Va. He is the strategic adviser in the financial section of the company.  He works 5 days a week and sometimes has work deadlines over certain weekends.  He is married and has three kids.

In talking about his life, he said I made a decision a few years ago to be in my kid’s lives.  I try to get to their games and special presentations at school.   If there is an issue about this at work,  I take leave.  Usually nowadays there is no issue with my taking the time to see their activities.  I did not want to be absent while they grew up without me.

Gardening 101 by Jerry

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES OR HOBBIES? I  play basketball one evening a week and serve on the board of a hospital near our neighborhood.  I love to garden and most times I can wrangle one of the kids into playing with me in the dirt.  I also love to cook but we have had to make some adjustments so the kids can eat early enough.  I cook on the weekends now mostly.

ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE AT THE MOMENT? Yes. We have recently found a super young woman from Italy to live with us and help with the housework and the children after school so Terry can pursue her passion in therapeutic dance.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR LIFE NOW? Well, it is like one endless  surprise.  Every day is different.  I try not to get too concerned by any one thing that comes up.  Things usually work out though sometimes in really crazy ways.

Dan came in to discuss meditation and how it might help him be more present and centered.

Which life description most closely fits how you see your life at present? When we make choices for the expansion of love of self and others,  we attract experiences and energy in the world which reflect these choices we have made, including the actual jobs we are currently doing.  If we are making choices while attending to the One Power, love and balance manifest.   If we are making choices which leave us feeling down, depressed and exhausted, we are not making choices for Love in our lives or the lives of others.  This does not mean that we don’t love ourselves or our families.  It does mean that we GIVE OUR POWER, time and attention to problems,  concerns and demands in the outside world rather than to issues of the heart.

If you are feeling stuck,  you might ask, what am I letting run me? What am I doing which separates me from things which bring me joy, balance and connectedness?

Invite the  One Power, One Source, into your life. Ask and you will receive even if you don’t know how any changes might be possible.  Simply call in this One Power out loud into your daily life and watch what happens. Then write in the comment box and let us all hear about it!!

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Full Partners with The Divine – Healing service excerpt

Welcome to this healing service tonight. Whatever your reason for coming, you are likely to receive exactly what is needed for healing.  This is because God, Divine Knowing, Universal Creator already knows what it is that you and I really need for healing.  The Great I AM already knows why we are here and what is in our hearts.  However, because we have consciously gathered in Sacred Space  for this express purpose of healing, we have begun to take our place as full partners in the sacred process of healing.

The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt
The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt

Here is how it works. By issuing an open invitation for the Holy Spirit,  Great Oneness,  Highest Divine Energy to bring about needed healing, we initiate the very means through which such healing can take place in the human realm.  God works through us to bring us back to our own True Selves, that is, to a full partnership with the Great I AM.  This is especially evident in healing.  Healing or Wholeness is the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical manifestation of a fully actualized relationship with All That Is,  God,  Perfected Love .

The reason I am here tonight is because five years ago (now fifteen years) a family member became inexplicably and seriously ill.  I did everything imaginable to try to deal with that crisis for a solid year.   I did everything, that is, but directly ask for God’s help.  When I finally realized that we did not have the strength, the wisdom nor the vision to see what might be needed, I  realized our family needed to directly ask for God’s loving, healing presence in our lives.   We needed to turn over the pain, anguish and our sense of loss to this Higher Source because we as humans had exhausted our tiny reserves.  We were depleted.   The ensuing healing process was nothing short of miraculous.  Though it was not spontaneous, it was nonetheless miraculous.  So I am here to celebrate God’s Love and healing presence among us and to share some of what I have learned these last few years about healing.

God is Love.  Not the kind of love we know the best in our human experience.  Human love is all too often “I love you when” or “I love you if, or “I love you, but”….  God’s Love is wholly unconditional, from everlasting to everlasting, beyond all understanding.  It is with us always.  God’s Love is boundless, without limitation.  God’s Love is not of this world though it is the fueling power behind all creation.

So then, how do we receive this boundless love?

In James 4:1-3 in the New Testament, we find a clue.

Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from?  They come from your desires for pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you.  You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill; you strongly desire things, but you cannot get them, so you quarrel and fight.  You do not have what you want because you do not ask God for it.  And when you do ask, you do not receive it, because you ask wrongly; you ask for things to use for your own pleasures.

More clues are found in James 5:14.

Are there any among you sick?  They should send for the “Spiritual Guides of Assembly” (The original translation meant those of a spiritual nature, later it was translated as church elders.) who will pray for them and rub olive oil on them in the name of the Lord.  This prayer made in faith will heal the sick; the Lord will restore them to health, and the sins they have committed will be forgiven. So then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed.

Shower of Light on You - St. Peter's Basilica by David Paul Ohmer

We must ask for what we need in order to open ourselves to receive God’s blessing.  Divine blessing is always there for us to receive.  Life itself is a blessing.  We just have to be tuned in, to consciously know we have gotten it.  If we are on a different wave length, the blessing may not be received by us even though it is always available to us any time, day or night.  We give form to the endless unformed potential energy when we call God.  We have to call in Divine Energy to this dimension for it to manifest in our lives.  In James, we read that if our motives are bad we will not receive God’s blessing.  This refers to motives for self-aggrandizement, riches, or even just total focus on the life of this world.

  • Sample –  Forgive me for my impatience with myself this week.  I open to Divine Knowing and call that Wholeness and Power into the emotional and physical challenges facing my sister.  I release all my fears I am holding about her.   I call Peace and Balance into this household.
  • Sample –  I ask that the anger I am carrying towards my body be taken and transformed.  I call the Highest Divine Presence into my imbalanced body,  feelings and thoughts.  I call the perfect help in the Universe to me.  I especially release this fear of chronic pain.  Show me how to claim my wholeness.

God is constantly broadcasting love, healing, peace and serenity.  Sometimes we tune in.  Sometimes we don’t.  Perhaps because we are trying so hard to solve the situation on our own; to bear the burden, to present a stiff upper lip to the outside world, to accept what has been given and a whole host of other things we think are good responses to trials and crises in our lives.

A woman praying

Some time ago, a woman came to see me and said that her son had been quite ill for several years.  She reported that she had recently begun to get very depressed about what was happening for him and that her prayers were just not being answered.  I asked her specifically what she had been praying for and she said “Well, I guess I have prayed for the strength to respond to ‘Brad’s’ illness and to bear the burden.” I replied that from all she had told me,  I thought that her prayers had been expressly answered.  She had just related for 45 minutes how she had expertly, relentlessly and stoically managed their lives through some very painful and debilitating experiences with her son for the past 4 years.   She said that she had never thought of it that way.   She  also said that she did not know what to really ask for regarding her son from this point forward.  She eventually decided to release her fears and sense of negativity about her son’s illness.  Then she call in the Highest Good for “Brad”,  for her family and for herself.  We agreed that whatever that might look like, she could leave all her burdens in the hand of the Great I AM, the hand of God.  She could release her burdens and trust in God.

We were created with free will in the image and likeness of the Great I AM.  This free will, will never be violated by God.  If we don’t want help, we don’t have to accept any.  If we do want help, we have to ask, ourselves, for that help.  We have to envision the life we want and how we want to create it.  We are all continuously called to a full partnership with God.  This process of seeking forgiveness and asking for the help we want is one aspect of this full partnership.

What does this practically look like? One possible take on this are the steps given below.  Experiment and use whatever works for you.

  1. Enter into stillness, The Silence
  2. Name specifically where you are out of balance, separated from Divine Peace, need forgiveness
  3. Ask for forgiveness and/or  release from these imbalances (forgiveness actualized)
  4. Call in Divine Presence, Wholeness and Balance to the specific areas needed (healing)
  5. Give thanks for a growing connection with All That Is/Spirit/God