Gratitude: for others, for our Earth

Gratitude and negativity can not exist at the same time.  Gratitude and worry can not hold the same space.  Neither can gratitude and anger,  blame or resentment coexist together. Therefore choosing the energy of gratitude is a life giving activity.

Smiling Buddha by elycefeliz

It fills up the places where draining energy might have dared to roam.  Being grateful takes us out of negative attention and connects us with Love.  Gratitude is a part of the large body of Love feelings which are available to us.   How can we cultivate gratitude?

One early step towards gratitude is to be aware of times and places when we are feeling angry and drained.  We have to train the mind to “jump the track” to gratitude when we are angry, frustrated or feeling simply down.  We can focus on that which is draining energy or that which is life affirming and the later creates good endorphins throughout the body. This then helps us glide through situations which might have snagged our good feelings in the past.  If we practice focusing on our blessings and on that for which we are grateful, we literally feed ourselves a diet of Love. This affects every single aspect of our lives, including our chemical balance, our ability to sleep soundly and our ability to attract mates or live peacefully with the mates we have.

Gratitude energy is of a very high vibration,  not simply the fleeting thought of gratitude but the real feeling of being grateful for the blessings we have.  This actually opens and strengthens our connection with the Divine Presence as well, because we begin to exude Love energy which attracts us to Divine Presence.   This is a totally awesome experience filled with love and support which can only improve our lives.

In fact, developing the choice for gratitude is a wonderful way to become closer and more connected with All That Is on many levels.  When we feel grateful or appreciative, we actually calm our nervous system. This brings us into greater balance and we cultivate the feelings of goodness and well being.  So the question is why would we not choose to live in this energy all the time?  Basically, fear.   Fear keeps us in a state of vigilance, anxiety, stress or all three. Fear and gratitude are not compatible with each other.

Beth kept feeling fear and anxiety for her son, Greg.  In fact, every time she thought of Greg, her body constricted due to her very real concerns about him.  She was afraid that he would suffer because of his excessive weight.  She was concerned that he was not happy in his job and she worried that his current relationship was unsupportive.  She was unable to think about Greg without a sense of deep sadness, worry and discomfort.  Their interactions began to suffer, become strained and eventually Greg did not want to see his mother very much at all.  This added to Beth’s  angst and generally sense of loss and impotence regarding her son.  She needed a change of thoughts and feelings regarding her son.

" Attitude ... Eye choose the left side " by gmayster01 .... Trying to keep up !

Beth began by writing down all the fears she was carrying about Greg and his life.  She named over 22 fears she had for her son.  She allowed as how it was probably impossible for him to come for a visit and not feel the energy of fear she had for him.  One by one, she began to call out the specific fears she had for Greg and turn them over to All That Is/Divine Oneness/God.  At the SAME time, she began to list the things she was grateful for about her son.  This was a much harder list to compile because she hardly ever thought in this way.  Eventually, though there was a complete shift in her thinking about her son.  She began to fill her thoughts with the energy of gratitude and this began to transform their time together and their relationship.  Love heals anything and gratitude is a form of Love, pure and simple.

Sunset at Theologos by Giorgos

This is also true about our Earth.  When we feel gratitude towards her beauty, it is a healing energy.  When we drink in the beauty of a sunset or bask in the warming rays of the sun or work with our flowers or food, and feel gratitude, we become a healing presence for Mother Earth.  It is harder to feel gratitude for our Earth if we are worrying about pollution, animal extinction, strip mining, insect imbalances, genetically enhanced foods, clear cutting, pesticides and dwindling oil supplies.  If this is your relation with our Earth, consider praying to Divine Presence to bring forth re-balancing energy for Mother Earth.  This is something we can readily do which can clear us of the draining energy of worry and concern.  This allows us to focus on the gratitude we feel for the beauty of the Earth, and we can stay in a state of gratitude for the other aspects of the Earth which feed our soul.

Prayer Process for our Earth

1. Open a Sacred healing circle with your highest I AM self, the Angelic Host and the Ascended Masters.  You can include any and all Divine Presence you want to help you hold the space.

2. Set the intention to call forth Divine Healing Energy for Planet Earth.

3. Clear you own concern, fear, anger or sense of outrage regarding Earth conditions which you know are particularly draining you.

Sacred Flame, I call forth my blocked emotional, mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual energy originating from this lifetime or from any previous lifetime which is manifesting as my outrage with the practices of strip mining I am seeing in West Virginia. ( fill in the blank for you)

4.  Call for the Sacred Flame, the Presence of All That Is which knows nothing but the Divine, to clear blocked energies manifesting as imbalances on our Earth.

Sacred Flame  (Divine Presence in this form)  clear the blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies from our Earth from this century and from any previous centuries which are now manifesting as strip mining in West Virginia.  I call for energy of the Great I AM/Divine Presence/Mighty God to fill the strip mining industry with the perfect vibrations to bring strip mining into Right Relationship with All That Is.

5. My deep appreciation and lasting thanks.

In the process of clearing our blocked energy and blocked energy from other sources, we ourselves benefit greatly by being able to remain in a state of gratitude.  When we are in a state of gratitude, this grows and blesses all whom we meet and all we come in contact with including our Sacred Planet.

Prayers for Coming into Balance

Here are specific prayers and approaches to help us come into balance with All That Is/ God/ Universal Goodness. These prayers target blocked energy for clearing energy fields to allow our feelings, our body or our relationships to heal.  All prayer should begin with opening a sacred healing space. There are many ways to do that.  Here are two options.

Sunset and balancing rock stack by James Jordan

I. Before prayer, open the Sacred Space.

This is done to amplify our prayers, to create a protected healing space for the prayers and to help us begin to create real partnerships with these Divine Energy Beings who are always available to support us.


A.  I call forth my highest I AM Self. ( This is the part of us that is always One with God. ) I call the Angelic Host, the Ascended Masters and the Highest Cosmic Light Beings of the Universe to hold this sacred space for healing and wisdom with me.  And so it is.

B.  I am opening a sacred space for this prayer.  My deepest thanks for this support and healing grace.

II. Clear your own energy before commanding energy through prayer.

If you have any inkling that you feel your prayer is not going to work, clear your doubt and fear before praying.  ALL OUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD!! Further, if you are carrying un-forgiveness about yourself,  this needs to be released before prayer is powerful.


A.  Divine Knowing, clear the blocked energy I am carrying which is manifesting as doubt and fear concerning what I am about to pray for.  My thanks.

B.  Spirit of the Living God, I ask for forgiveness for the anxiety I am carrying about my job interview.  Thank you.

Fruit balance by Pickersgill Reef

III.  I have a body part that is in pain.

I call forth the Sacred Flame ( God in flame form within us) to consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into my field which is manifesting now as a painful _______ (knee, hip, hand), etc.  Consume the blocked energy to allow for balance of my _______ (knee, hip, hand), etc. in present time.  I am open to the healing energy in any form that is possible.  Thanks be to God.

IV. I have a stuffy nose with cloudy discharge. (fill in the condition/symptoms)

I call forth the Sacred Flame ( God in flame form within us) to consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into my field which is manifesting now as a stuffy nose with cloudy discharge. Consume the blocked energy allowing for balance of my body with regard to the symptoms of this stuffy nose.  Thanks be to All That Is.

V. Brad has recurring headaches. (fill in the condition/symptoms)

I call Brad’s highest I AM Self into this sacred healing and wisdom circle.  I call forth the Sacred Flame  from within Brad to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal(protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into Brad’s field which is manifesting now as recurring headaches. Consume the blocked energy allowing for balance of his body.  Thanks be to All That Is.

VI.  I had a bad argument with my spouse,child, co-worker, mother, friend.

I ask for deep forgiveness for my part in escalating the argument with _____ (name) last night.  I call forth the Sacred Flame to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energy from my energy field from this lifetime or from any previous lifetime which is manifesting now as this argument with _____ (name). Clear all this old stagnant, blocked energy which can go today.  I call Peace and Divine Energy into the midst of my relationship with _____ (name).  Thank you, Divine Grace.

VII.  I feel angry with my spouse for his lack of awareness of what needs to be done around the house.

Sacred Flame come forth and consume the blocked mental, thermal and spiritual energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime which is manifesting as my repeated anger and frustration with my spouse about his lack of awareness of what needs to be done in our house.  I call forth the Blessings of the Light for our relationship.  I am so grateful for this support and healing energy.

VIII.  I feel depressed and lethargic.

I call forth the Sacred Flame of All That Is from within me.  Sacred Flame, come forth and consume the emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energy originating from my lifetime or from any other lifetime from the specific year, month and year of its inception which is currently manifesting as my feeling depressed and lethargic.  Show me ways to move out of this place of darkness and separation.  Help me to see small steps I can take.  My profound thanks.

IX.  I am afraid for __________(name)  and what is happening to him/her.

Sacred flame consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual energy (fear) originating from this lifetime or any previous lifetimes which is manifesting as my being afraid for ___________ ( name).  I call forth the Divine Presence within ________ (name) for his/her Highest Benevolent Good.  I turn this fear over to All That Is for a perfect outcome.   My thanks.

2 1/2 minutes in Photoshop by Via Moi

X.  I am out of Right Relationship with my _________ self, work, husband, mother, aunt, boss, upcoming performance, spending/eating/exercise habits, responsibilities to my children, anger towards others, desire for a mate,  seeming inability to make money,  etc.

Right Relationship means in Right Relationship with All That Is, with God.  We often know or suspect when we are out of Right Relationship with a person,  situation or our self.   This sacred term, Right Relationship means as defined by God. This takes the guess work out of defining what is “wrong” with the relationship.

Divine Presence, my heart is heavy.  I call forth the Sacred Flame to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual ( fear) energy from all core sources in this lifetime or any previous lifetime which is now manifesting as my being out of Right Relationship with my _____________ ( see above list).  I release all this stuck energy willingly with deep and lasting thanks.  And so it is, Amen.

No Death for Us

Good Friday is here and Easter is upon us.  Regardless of the religious or spiritual path you have taken, there are lessons for all of us from the Easter story.  God was sending all of us lessons about life and death those many years ago. There is eternal life. There is no death.

Easter Morning, Crosby Beach by stringberd

This is hard to grasp because in this dimension, people appear to “die” and they seem to “disappear”.  This does not however mean that people do actually “die”, pass into nothingness and cease to exist. They simply change dimensions. Truly, this is how the plan goes.

In 2004, I was with Joao de Deus, John of God, at his spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil.  I had been working as a spiritual healer for approximately 10 years in varying ways. In Brazil, I was learning how to differentiate between Divine Spirits I was working with on the other side, in my healing practice.   I was sitting in the current room with about 75 others in 90 plus degree weather. We were all in prayerful Silence to help raise the vibration of the healing center so others could receive the healing energy they needed.

The attendants in the current room announced that Jesus’ energy was entering the space. Suddenly, a radiant Being of immense stature,  at least 9 feet tall, was directly before me.  It would have been impossible to miss this because my whole body was being penetrated by the Presence.

Light of Eternity by Loci Lenar

I heard a strong and clear voice directly in front of me say, “You are never again to question that you have come to heal others.”  That was it. Short and sweet. Then the radiance left from in front of me.

The words and energy enveloped my whole body and my consciousness.  I began to sob uncontrollably.  I knew in my heart that no one in the world could have possibly known that I was still questioning that I was here to heal.   I had not even acknowledged this out loud to myself. However, in my heart, I was feeling great uncertainty about my work as a spiritual healer.  Only one of immense Knowing could have possibly known this secret I was holding onto.  I finally got that Jesus was alive, knew me intimately, and had a clear directive for me.

What exactly does it mean to have eternal life? At the most basic levels, it means that no one dies and fades away, we simply change states of being as we enter other dimensions of life.  Imagine that everything we know about being One with God stays with us when we pass out of body.  Also, there is clear evidence that when we come back into body, unresolved feelings and thoughts in our souls show up again for us to respond to.  Things like fear of death, fear of failure, fear of betrayal, or shame and guilt are some of the feelings that can follow us from previous times in body. We literally get all the chances we need to let go of thoughts and feelings which separate us from God.

When I am in meditative space, deep Silence, I work with the Ascended Masters and Angels.  This has been going on most days for 17 years in this lifetime.  Ascended Masters are very much alive and they have all been in body many, many times.  Angels and Ascended Masters are eager to work with us, support us, guide us, talk with us, help us hold Sacred Space and help us discover Peace that is beyond all understanding.

So take a leap of faith.  Open your mind and heart to the possibility that there is eternal life and there is no death. The Truth is, we are really eternal.  However, we can choose to embrace this or not, as we have free will about what we choose to think is true. The message of Easter is about this for all peoples.

raising Lazarus by Martin LaBar

In the Bible, we have the story of Lazarus raised from the dead and the story of Jesus raised from the dead among others.  In one case, Lazarus returned to his body and was seen by many others, immediately.  In Jesus’ case, he did not return to a body that other’s immediately recognized, though he was eventually recognized by those who loved him deeply.  Whatever we take to be true from the scriptures, the message is that there is no death.  “FEAR NOT”.

What would your life be like if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are eternal?  Can you imagine the freedom, the license you might give yourself to really live, to love and to receive love? What if you knew that you have all the time and support you need to learn the lessons of the Oneness which are all around you?  Can you imagine giving yourself another real chance to know God? After all we are One with Divine Energy, have been, and will be, for evermore.  What are we waiting for, really?

This Easter story of Jesus was given to us so that we could “get” things not ordinarily experienced in this dimension. People actually saw Jesus after he died, in the flesh. Through working with the Divine Beings of the other side, I can say without a doubt that there is eternal life for every one of us.  Additionally, if we seriously get our act together and hang out with Divine Love Energy in the Silence now, we will be shown how we can leave a whole load of unhelpful stuff here this time around.  We will be shown how we can leave anger, loss, fear, suffering, resentment and unforgiveness here and not take it forward with us into the Light when it is our time to pass over.   Further, if we set down our fear, rage, shame and guilt now, we won’t continue to attract more of this into our energy fields again. This change can begin almost immediately. This allows our souls to heal and balance.

The strong and clear message from centuries from all our prophets, messiahs, avatars, mystics, rishis and yogis is, and continues to be,  “drop the dark stuff“, “get to know God better” !!   The dark feelings are not real, in the sense of  lasting, though charged thoughts can seem very real at times.  These tough feelings are with us PRECISELY so we can clear them away and experience Peace and Balance from now into all our futures.  God is all Light. We have to drop the darkness to know God personally. Fear of death is one of the most powerfully charged dark engeries, we hang onto. Take a step towards trusting that we are truly eternal.

Your own knowing about life and death will come in ways uniquely perfect for you. You have to open to that knowing however.  Enter Silence, and sit with All That Is, God, the Deep Silence.  That is where the mysteries of life are shared.  Happy Spring.