Getting Help from God

Devon was facing a killer week of projects, papers and exams.  He had 1-2 pieces due every day for 6 days with a couple of exams thrown in for good measure.   Additionally, he was managing an eleven day concert tour with fourteen guys up and down the East Coast, beginning immediately after his mid-terms.  He also had an eight person road trip

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with friends from all over the country heading to a rural farm house directly after the concert tour and a few family commitments, including at least one birthday.  To put it mildly, he was crazy stressed.

His strategy was to ask Divine Presence everyday to order his day with grace and ease to allow him to work as effectively as possible. He enthusiastically reported that he was knew without a doubt that he had been supported by Spirit because he had produced a 5 page research proposal, 2 page dance paper, an online blog post for his employer and reviewed all the technical terms for his exam in one four hour block of time . He was elated and knew Spirit had been helping him.  Of course, he had called that energy to his situation. He even finished early with time to edit footnotes. He was most enthusiastic about how this had all gone.

Chester, who was his brother’s legal guardian, was feeling compelled to confront his brother with the threat of committing him because of his recent erratic behavior,  due it seemed, to a lapse in taking his drugs for a mental condition.  Though Chester was relatively sure his actions would provoke serious anger and blame from his brother, he felt he had no choice.  Chester went ahead with the confrontation and the implied threat of legal action. This resulted in months of estrangement, tension, anger and irritation between Chester and his brother.

In a similarly charged setting,  Lisette felt she needed to move to file in the county to have her 88 year old mother’s driver’s license taken away.

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Every time she thought of taking these formal actions,  she felt woozie and lightheaded.  She realized that this was not sitting well with her though at the same time, she felt she had to move ahead because her mother was not competent to drive.   In talking with Lisette, she decided to try asking for a sacred solution for her situation before she filed the legal papers. She was optimistic when she left saying that she would surely try this before moving ahead with the legal steps with the county.

There are always options of a Divine Nature which can save us untold heartache and pain, anger and blame.  Try a Divine Solution first with very charged situations.

Tori was deeply concerned about her husband.  He was depressed, overweight, lethargic and prone to colds and illness. Her husband, Bim, was not open to prayer or to Tori’s comments, “designed to help”.   She was very frustrated not being able to do anything helpful for him and yet she feared he would not get any help until he was really sick.   She decided to try to work with his Angels and to offer prayers for her husband through them.

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In enlisting their help, she said, “I speak to the Angels around my husband.  I call forth Bims’  Highest Divine Energy to lead him in perfect ways from the darkness he is in. Consume the lethargy and the source of depression that is draining his energy.  Guide him to his life’s purpose and to the joy that is within.  Thank you. ” This is a paraphrase of the first prayer she said and others followed until there was visible change in his energy.

Martha was repeatedly angry with her mother.  After visiting, she usually spent the hour retuning home fuming about the visit.  This tension had been going on for a number of years but recently it was becoming deeply disturbing to Martha.  She did not know why she was so very angry.  She reported feeling horribly unloving and mean whenever anger erupted which was after all visits and most phone calls with her mother.  She took her anger into sacred space with another person. She prayed for the core blocked energy manifesting as recurring anger be completely released from her field.  She called in the Angel of Compassion to be with her in all dealings with her mother.

These are all examples of ways to call the Divine Presence into our lives. Divine Energy is totally surrounding us, all the time, in infinite amounts. We are free to use this energy everyday in all the ways we can imagine.  We get notably more powerful responses though if we come to this Divine Energy Source, demonstrating some basic spiritual truths.

  • Give over control of projects, outcomes, efforts, and the methods you think may be required to  manifest the results you want.  Allow Spirit to work through you for the Highest Good as you create.
  • Hold the space for a Sacred Solution to a difficult situation.  Call that Energy right into the midst of your life.
  • Live knowing that all people are Spiritual Beings at their core, regardless of their behavior.  Call to the Light in others, enlist their Highest I AM Presence, when entering into prayer.
  • Work with the Angels (or Ascended Masters)  when direct prayer with or for a person seems impossible or unwelcome.
  • Call  God to clear all the core blocked energy manifesting as negative feelings you may be carrying towards yourself or another.
  • Activate your own relationship with God, even if you are unsure about the characteristics of that relationship.  It is more wondrous than one can imagine.