Divine Presence is on the Field

One day I received a phone call from Violet Patterson(pseudo name).  She introduced herself and shared that a friend had give her my name.  She had been recently diagnosed with a tumor in her kidney which was cancerous and she asked for support in responding to this situation.  We talked for a while.  She said that she was happily married, with children and that her family was very close.  She shared that she had always been a positive, healthy person.  This had come out of the blue and was so unexpected.  She had no symptoms and she shared that this condition had been discovered while having other medical tests.

Majestic by MR+G

She was in the process of researching medical procedures open to her.  We agreed that I would work with her long distance due to all of the medical appointments she was having at that time.  I said that I would keep her informed of what took place.   A few days later, I had a healing energy session with Violet’s energy, long distance.  I opened a sacred healing space in my home for Violet, who was elsewhere and worked with the Divine Presence/Holy Spirit/Consciousness of  Divine Beings to call in healing energy for her.

Here are our verbatim emails with her given permission to share these.


robbinshopkins to vtpatter 12/15/09

Dear Violet,

There was vibrational healing energy shifts today regarding the cancerous tumor in your kidney.  I understand that a virus you contracted went ” off course” and produced this cancerous tumor. The causes behind the attraction of this virus were cleared. The virus is now inactive.  Further, all blocked fear and spiritual energy which is manifesting as the cancerous tumor at the skin level and blood level was also cleared.  There was clearing for the originating blocked energy sources in all cases. There was an image of intense Light penetrating the entire affected kidney from all directions to begin the healing process.  What this means is that the tumor can now shrink and I hope that will begin immediately.

In any case at the spiritual, unseen level, the body made a huge jump from 42 megahertz of vibration, indicating cancer to 62 megahertz which is within the normal range of human vibration.  This does not mean that the tumor is gone in your body, because I work on the spiritual level, the unseen level.  Healing is first indicated at the spiritual level though and works it way through the body until the healing can manifest in our tissues.

You may therefore have detox in the form of tiredness or even pain from the body sloughing off toxins at the physical level.  That can look like bowel or elimination changes, tiredness or aches in one place or throughout the body or other symptoms as well such a rashes, thirst, etc.  These are the most common but anything out of the ordinary can be detox.  If something strange does show up and you are wondering if you are in detox, send me an email and I will check the energy and let you know.

It was also shared that taking cranberry pills, over the counter and drinking 100% cranberry juice 3-4 times daily will help the kidney in elimination of toxins.  The cranberry juice can be gotten at MOM’s or Whole Foods for 100% juice. You will also need to combine it with another juice like apple so that you can drink it because it is very sour and yet it is better for the kidneys in this elimination to have low sugar.

Fresh Cranberries by the Rocketeer

If you mix with another juice, drink 100% juice without added sugar. You can also eat dried cranberries as well.  You should consider taking the pills and the juice for at least 7-10 days. Begin as soon as you can to help your body detox.  We can check and see when to stop when this gets closer to that time.

When the vibration of the body rises, the toxins that have been holding at one level of the vibration of the body, slough off because they can’t remain anymore in the new higher level of vibration.

This is all great news.  Some of the cancers that I have worked with have begun with viruses.  These are not detectable as yet with our medical procedures but that is how they have been indicated for me to work with, so I share this with those of you where it is pertinent.  Give thanks to God in your own way as there is certainly a great deal of love and support for you in this situation.

All the best in your continued research.  I would just keep looking into options while the body heals.  When you come to a decision about how to proceed, I hope the tumor is much improved.  It may not be your path, to have the tumor completely disappear without surgery.  But it could happen. I never know about things into the future.  But I always hold the space for Divine Intervention and when that is possible for a person, it occurs.  Please keep me informed of how you are doing and what further information you get about your body if more comes through the medical tests, etc.

Peace and Healing Light, Robbins


vtpatter to me 12/15/09

Thank you very much for your email.  I feel very encouraged by your comments and appreciate your advice (especially the cranberry juice!).  I have an appointment at NIH tomorrow, and will keep you informed.

Thank you again,  Violet


vtpatter to me 1/06/10

Hello Robbins.  I wanted to let you know my plans regarding my kidney.  I have decided to have a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (removal of the tumor with a small margin) at NIH on Monday, January 11.  I was wondering if you could include me in your morning prayers, particularly since I’m fighting off a sore throat and don’t want to postpone the surgery!

Thank you again for your encouraging email.  I made a copy of it and carry it around with me.  Whenever I feel a little discouraged, I read it, and immediately feel better.     Violet


robbinshopkins to vtpatter  1/06/10


I have been in prayer with your energy 2 more times since I last wrote.  I hope all will go wonderfully for you on the 11th.  I will hold you in prayer between now and then.  I am on vacation but prayer is a daily event!  Many blessings. Please let me know how you do.  I feel all will be just perfect for you and I hope you will be at peace as you have the surgery.     Many blessings, Robbins


vtpatter to me  1/28/10

Hi Robbins.  I wanted to share with you my good news.  The surgery went very well and I am recovering nicely.  I just received news that the tumor is non-cancerous! Everyone, including my surgeon and family doctor, is very surprised as the tumor had all the appearances of being cancerous.  I couldn’t ask for a better outcome!  Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers and blessings.   Violet


robbinshopkins to vtpatter  1/28/10

Dear Violet,

How absolutely amazing.  I am so thrilled for you.  I think you most probably received a Divine healing because when you first contacted me, I did clearly get a positive indication for cancerous cells.  So this is the very best news possible.  I rejoice with you!!  Thank you so much for telling me.  Another person contacted me recently with the exact same situation as you.  I am hoping for such a healing for him as well!!       Peace and joy.  Robbins


sky and clouds are enough to Prove.. by Beni Ishaque Luthor

Violet and I have never met.  However as we know,  Divine Energy is Everywhere Present, All Powerful and All Knowing.  We simply have to call it into the our lives or the lives of others for that Presence to manifest in this dimension. Believe and Act! What do you have to lose? Do we ever really know what has or can happen in a specific situation?  NO, not really. However, if we hold the space for Divine Intervention in all situations, both in our minds and our hearts, it will become a reality in our lives and for those we care about.


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  1. Robbins,
    Just read this blog and it inspired me to have the most wonderful healing meditation (right here at my computer) with some very specific information given as well.
    Thank you for all you share with us.

    1. Dear Ellen,

      Thank you so much for your comment. How perfect that a healing meditation came to you in the midst of this!! Wonderful. It is my deep pleasure to share these things and I am most appreciative that Violet’s story has touched something so powerful as healing meditation for you. Thanks for sharing this. Robbins

  2. I am awed by Violet’s healing and moved to tears by the impact of your spiritual presence in the DR. and the realization that we really are one, with each other, with the sea creatures, with all animals, with everything that is.

    1. Dear Shirley,

      Much thanks for the sharing of your insights and reactions to these pieces. I think such a healing as Violet experienced and the connection with the sea creatures are some of our best teaching moments. I know they have been for me. Yes, we are really One and Love is the ultimate healer for all situations, in even the most seemingly intractable of conditions. I am pleased these connected with you. Thank you again for writing.

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