Evidence of Hacking

Dear Readers,

You  may have gotten a post earlier yesterday seemingly, from my website.  My website was hacked yesterday before we caught it.  All the information has now been secured at a higher level than before.  The post itself goes to my list of email addresses and RSS feeds which are saved in another secure location which the hacker can’t access.  This means that the hacker does not have your email address.  The hacker did however, write a bogus post  so that is what you may have received last night saying “Hello World”.   I suppose it could have been a lot worse!  A stronger security protocol has been established so we hope this will not occur again.  We are in communication with the host of this publishing service to work with them in insuring further security for the future.

If you have received the bogus post as an email, I suggest you simply delete it from your inbox.

Ah, the joys and challenges of the Internet!  My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  Many blessings of the Highest Light.

Peace and visions of a renewed,  smooth blogging process.

Robbins Hopkins