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What is happening spiritually when we are ill?

Scenic Falls by K. W. Sanders

Illness is blocked energy which has been blocked long enough for our body to manifest the imbalance as illness.  Humans have at least four energy bodies which each manifest different types of energy.  There is emotional energy, mental energy, spiritual energy and physical energy.  Many times when a rib is out of alignment or we are manifesting a cold or the flu, there is unseen blocked energy in our emotional, mental or spiritual bodies which has originated the imbalance.  When the core source of the imbalance is cleared, this allows the realignment of the bone, clearing of the cold or shortening of the healing cycle for the flu.  All illness is some type of  energy congestion or constipation.   When all energy is flowing, the body manifests health and balance.

Why haven’t we heard of this before now with all the advances in medicine?

What we are speaking about is energy at an unseen level.  Emotional, mental and spiritual blocked energy can’t be seen by anything.  It can only be discerned through Silence and through  practice working with Divine Knowing.  The ability to understand this dimension of the unseen though is accessible to all who enter into regular Silence.  Divine Knowing is accessible to all,  if we seek it.  Divine Knowing exists, all the time, everywhere.  If we listen in Silence to the “still small voice”, we eventually begin to get messages from that Source of Knowing.  The answers and insights may show up in the midst of our daily activities but they can only be received if we are tuned into the questions we have asked.  If we are waiting expectantly, we will realize when the messages are delivered.  They will register with us as answers to what we have asked.  The energy of the unseen level is subtle energy which can be discerned if one is tuned into it.  Otherwise, it is as if it does not exist.

How do we know that what you are saying about specific situations is accurate, if everything is unseen ?

There is no sure way to distinguish between those who are accurately receiving Divine Knowing and those who aren’t,  except through one’s own inner senses.   Intuition and accurate discernment develop over time.  Therefore, it is most important to listen carefully to a teacher for a good long while to be sure that what is being said connects with your own true knowing.   A teacher is most valuable until such time as the student develops his or her own Inner Knowing.  If one’s own Inner Knowing is growing, that is perhaps a good indicator that the teacher is a good match for you.  If this is not happening, the match between teacher and student is perhaps out of Right Relationship and needs to be changed or broadened in some way.

What is detox? When does it happen in spiritual healing?

Detox is the abbreviated term meaning detoxification. This  is the process of the body sloughing off unneeded toxins as a result of the clearing of unseen or blocked physical energy in the body.   All emotions carry specific and unique vibrations within our energy field.  If we  carry anger, envy, mistrust, unforgiveness or shame, for example, these emotions each vibrate at a unique level of megahertz.  As these specific energies are released from our energy field, the overall vibration of the body rises.  When this happens the toxins being held at the previous lower level are released and flushed out of the body.

There is a wide range of detox symptoms ranging from bowel imbalances, to thirst, rashes, headaches, runny noses, bad taste in the mouth, vomiting and many others.  Each body is different and reacts to spiritual healing differently. Typically detox begins 1-3  days after spiritual healing has occurred and usually lasts 2-3 days.  However, it can last much longer depending on the individual involved.  Eating lightly, resting and drinking extra water are good ways to assist the body into returning to a new state of balance.

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