Full Partners with The Divine – Healing service excerpt

Welcome to this healing service tonight. Whatever your reason for coming, you are likely to receive exactly what is needed for healing.  This is because God, Divine Knowing, Universal Creator already knows what it is that you and I really need for healing.  The Great I AM already knows why we are here and what is in our hearts.  However, because we have consciously gathered in Sacred Space  for this express purpose of healing, we have begun to take our place as full partners in the sacred process of healing.

The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt
The Glimmer of Hope by Storm Crypt

Here is how it works. By issuing an open invitation for the Holy Spirit,  Great Oneness,  Highest Divine Energy to bring about needed healing, we initiate the very means through which such healing can take place in the human realm.  God works through us to bring us back to our own True Selves, that is, to a full partnership with the Great I AM.  This is especially evident in healing.  Healing or Wholeness is the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical manifestation of a fully actualized relationship with All That Is,  God,  Perfected Love .

The reason I am here tonight is because five years ago (now fifteen years) a family member became inexplicably and seriously ill.  I did everything imaginable to try to deal with that crisis for a solid year.   I did everything, that is, but directly ask for God’s help.  When I finally realized that we did not have the strength, the wisdom nor the vision to see what might be needed, I  realized our family needed to directly ask for God’s loving, healing presence in our lives.   We needed to turn over the pain, anguish and our sense of loss to this Higher Source because we as humans had exhausted our tiny reserves.  We were depleted.   The ensuing healing process was nothing short of miraculous.  Though it was not spontaneous, it was nonetheless miraculous.  So I am here to celebrate God’s Love and healing presence among us and to share some of what I have learned these last few years about healing.

God is Love.  Not the kind of love we know the best in our human experience.  Human love is all too often “I love you when” or “I love you if, or “I love you, but”….  God’s Love is wholly unconditional, from everlasting to everlasting, beyond all understanding.  It is with us always.  God’s Love is boundless, without limitation.  God’s Love is not of this world though it is the fueling power behind all creation.

So then, how do we receive this boundless love?

In James 4:1-3 in the New Testament, we find a clue.

Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from?  They come from your desires for pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you.  You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill; you strongly desire things, but you cannot get them, so you quarrel and fight.  You do not have what you want because you do not ask God for it.  And when you do ask, you do not receive it, because you ask wrongly; you ask for things to use for your own pleasures.

More clues are found in James 5:14.

Are there any among you sick?  They should send for the “Spiritual Guides of Assembly” (The original translation meant those of a spiritual nature, later it was translated as church elders.) who will pray for them and rub olive oil on them in the name of the Lord.  This prayer made in faith will heal the sick; the Lord will restore them to health, and the sins they have committed will be forgiven. So then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed.

Shower of Light on You - St. Peter's Basilica by David Paul Ohmer

We must ask for what we need in order to open ourselves to receive God’s blessing.  Divine blessing is always there for us to receive.  Life itself is a blessing.  We just have to be tuned in, to consciously know we have gotten it.  If we are on a different wave length, the blessing may not be received by us even though it is always available to us any time, day or night.  We give form to the endless unformed potential energy when we call God.  We have to call in Divine Energy to this dimension for it to manifest in our lives.  In James, we read that if our motives are bad we will not receive God’s blessing.  This refers to motives for self-aggrandizement, riches, or even just total focus on the life of this world.

  • Sample –  Forgive me for my impatience with myself this week.  I open to Divine Knowing and call that Wholeness and Power into the emotional and physical challenges facing my sister.  I release all my fears I am holding about her.   I call Peace and Balance into this household.
  • Sample –  I ask that the anger I am carrying towards my body be taken and transformed.  I call the Highest Divine Presence into my imbalanced body,  feelings and thoughts.  I call the perfect help in the Universe to me.  I especially release this fear of chronic pain.  Show me how to claim my wholeness.

God is constantly broadcasting love, healing, peace and serenity.  Sometimes we tune in.  Sometimes we don’t.  Perhaps because we are trying so hard to solve the situation on our own; to bear the burden, to present a stiff upper lip to the outside world, to accept what has been given and a whole host of other things we think are good responses to trials and crises in our lives.

A woman praying

Some time ago, a woman came to see me and said that her son had been quite ill for several years.  She reported that she had recently begun to get very depressed about what was happening for him and that her prayers were just not being answered.  I asked her specifically what she had been praying for and she said “Well, I guess I have prayed for the strength to respond to ‘Brad’s’ illness and to bear the burden.” I replied that from all she had told me,  I thought that her prayers had been expressly answered.  She had just related for 45 minutes how she had expertly, relentlessly and stoically managed their lives through some very painful and debilitating experiences with her son for the past 4 years.   She said that she had never thought of it that way.   She  also said that she did not know what to really ask for regarding her son from this point forward.  She eventually decided to release her fears and sense of negativity about her son’s illness.  Then she call in the Highest Good for “Brad”,  for her family and for herself.  We agreed that whatever that might look like, she could leave all her burdens in the hand of the Great I AM, the hand of God.  She could release her burdens and trust in God.

We were created with free will in the image and likeness of the Great I AM.  This free will, will never be violated by God.  If we don’t want help, we don’t have to accept any.  If we do want help, we have to ask, ourselves, for that help.  We have to envision the life we want and how we want to create it.  We are all continuously called to a full partnership with God.  This process of seeking forgiveness and asking for the help we want is one aspect of this full partnership.

What does this practically look like? One possible take on this are the steps given below.  Experiment and use whatever works for you.

  1. Enter into stillness, The Silence
  2. Name specifically where you are out of balance, separated from Divine Peace, need forgiveness
  3. Ask for forgiveness and/or  release from these imbalances (forgiveness actualized)
  4. Call in Divine Presence, Wholeness and Balance to the specific areas needed (healing)
  5. Give thanks for a growing connection with All That Is/Spirit/God