Welcome to this blog!  So glad you found us. We will be exploring Inner Peace and spiritual health in daily life. We will look at how to get there, what keeps us from staying in a state of Peace, what triggers our anger, guilt, fear, pride, judging, forgiveness and hope and  how to work our way into greater and greater balance and wholeness.

Photo by matthewvelie

We are here to seek Peace in all areas of our lives, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. The question is, how do we do that? It begins with facing the areas of our lives where there is clearly a lack of Peace.  We know these areas as places of tension, arguments, irritations, anger, strain and stress.

Whenever we are out of balance, we are not in a place of Peace. Arguments, frustration, anger,  and irritation are the outward indications of inward imbalances.  We may not realize what those imbalances are, but we get all the chances we need to identify areas of imbalance because they keep presenting in varying ways until the root cause of the imbalance is cleared from our energy field.  What is most amazing about spiritual health is that as we fully release blocked energy from our own energy fields, we see positive changes in the outward expressions of those difficult imbalances in all areas of our lives.

No one else can do this work for us. We have to undertake this effort ourselves.  However, we also get all the help we need as we set the intention to come into greater and greater Peace.  It is as if the Universe around us is attuned to those seeking Peace and rushes to help us in the most amazing of ways.  When we are seeking Peace, even before we have arrived at Peace in some area of our lives, there is help.  We simply have to be silent and take that help in, which comes vibrationally from entering into Silence.

Help can come from many other ways as well.  We can become renewed and more peaceful by taking a swim, by working in the garden, by seeing a good friend, by watching an inspirational movie or by creating something lovely.  These ways of connecting with positive energy can also very helpful to us at times when seeking Peace.  However, in certain areas of our lives, where we are stuck in old energy, old patterns and old ways of thinking, we need a higher knowing , a higher connection with Divine Energy.

The process of seeking Peace is one that is most powerfully undertaken with Divine Partnership in all its many forms.  That is because, there is an Infinite Knowing way beyond our human knowing which kicks in when we make an intention to seek Peace.  When we first make that commitment, or set that intention to seek Peace, we don’t have a clear vision of why we are out of Peace, why we need Peace, what we are thinking, feeling and doing which is at odds with Peace.  That knowing comes to us in Silence, if we enter into it regularly.

This is a best kept secret. Within the Silence is the deep Knowing that is the key to lasting Peace.  For when entering Silence, we leave our outer roles, concerns, responsibilities, thoughts, lists, and self-judgments outside of that time and space.  With some practice, we are more and more our own true selves in Silence.  We can more easily “free-float” in that Silence. Then the contrast between that sense of Peace in Silence and our daily, outer experiences of being out of balance make themselves increasingly known to us.  Without some experience of “letting it all go”, as one experiences in meditative Silence, where would we learn about the feeling of Peace in our own experience?

Take a few moments in the beginning of your day to simply be still and “know that I am God”.  Whatever your experience is will be perfect.  Even if there is a swirling cacophony of things to do, places to go or people to see in that first effort, it is a beginning.  If you have already had experience with Silence try expanding your time a few minutes or simply try to be more accepting of the experience you have in that time of Silence.  Silence is a gift to ourselves and it is within this journey that we find Peace that passes all understanding.  Begin with opening the Silent space with the Highest I AM/Divine Oneness/God energy of the Universe.  You will be in good hands this way.