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Welcome to  Hopefully, this information will help you get the most out of this site.


The posts are organized from latest to earliest on the site.  When there are more than 10 posts on the site, you can use the Archives tab on the right of this screen to read posts published earlier than 10 posts ago.

Each post is tagged with a key word.  These are listed under the Tags tab to the right of this screen and the blog screen.  The different font sizes of the tags displayed  correspond to the number of times this tag has been used in the total number of posts.  If you click on any tag you can see all the posts which relate to the tag you selected.

It is possible to comment on any post for up to three weeks after it has been posted.  No comments, means there have been no comments listed for that post.  The comments were just opened with the fourth posting of this blog,  Praying with Power, and will be open for all other post in the future.

To comment on a specific post or blog entry,  use the box at the end of the individual post page or click on “no comments yet”.  This will give you a comment box.  Be a first to comment!   Another option — if  there is no comment box on the post you are reading, you are on the home page.  Click on the title of the post and you will be connected to the individual post/blog page where you can comment  if the comments are still open for that post.  Would love to hear from you!!

Photos in the posts

Each photo used in this blog is used under the guidelines of creative commons convention.  If you click on any of the photos used in the posts,  you will be linked with the full web site for the photographers themselves.  The photographers links vary.  Usually the photographers display ranges of photos,  some for sale and some are designated for creative commons use.  Enjoy!

Email subscriptions

If you choose to subscribe for free, you will be sent an email every time there is a new post.  This is the only time you will be sent an email.  No post, no email.  If you prefer to read the blog on line with all the bells and whistles of the website,  simply click on the title of the post as it shows up in your email and you will be linked to the website itself.  Alternatively, you can read it on your email site with the typically plainer bells and whistles.

If you have registered for an email subscription and you are not getting them weekly, check to see if your email program is handling those as spam.  You may need to add or to your email address book so that the address is recognized.

RSS feeds are direct links to your readers page if those are set up on your computer.


These are permanent sections which do not change frequently.  They provide basic background information.  When looking at a pages section and wondering how to return to the current post, select the Home tab on the top of the screen.  This will return you to the latest post of this blog.

There is also an email address for me at the end of the  section “About my work and me”.   It is  Would love to hear from you!

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