Those Among Us

Earlier this month, I went to the Dominican Republic.  I thought we were going on vacation and in part, we were. However, there was a broader purpose for my being there.  On the first morning I went into Silence, as is my daily custom, and listened for any people or places which needed prayer.   I was guided to call in healing energy to clear aspects of  the energy of criminal intent, present in the DR.  In listening further,  I was invited to include Haiti in the prayers as well.

Turquesa by Malkav

Haiti is on the western end of the same island as the Dominican Republic.  We were on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.  I  did expand the prayer focus to include Haiti. More imbalances were named for healing during the hour and over the next two days. Corruption, domestic violence, ethnic hatred, subjugation energy, financial instability, energy of poverty, violence, abuse, fear of being poor,  and many other areas were identified for re-balancing.  For each imbalance, the century of the original blocked energy was given.  Also the type of blocked energy (emotional, mental, thermal, spiritual or physical) when this imbalance first appeared was specified as well.

This process is the exact same process I have learned to use with individuals when clearing blocked energies showing up as  imbalances in the body. To do this work effectively, we need to really grasp that all imbalances either personal or global are directly due to blocked energy coming from someone or somewhere. When the blocked energies are cleared, the body, the sea, the earth’s crust can heal itself because balance is the natural state of all living entities.

We humans must call Divine Presence into our lives so that this Presence in its myriad of forms is “allowed” to work with us.  Each of us  has the sovereign right to live our lives any way we so choose.  We can ignore or accept anything we want.  We have all the time we need and all the help we need to bring peace and balance to our lives but we have to ask for the help we want and are willing to receive.  As we know, with some of the conditions at the global level, we are running short of time.

When we  call in Divine Presence, what is needed is specifically provided.  After many hundreds of these experiences, I know this will always happen.  The outcome may not happen as I envision it, but the energy is always re-balanced in one way or another.  We are the hands of All That Is upon the Earth and we have the power to call Divine Intervention into lives and aspects of our Earth where imbalances are manifesting.

There seemed to be an urgency in the work I was doing in the DR.  After 3 days of deeply focused healing energy for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I was invited to extend the boundaries of this work to all of the Caribbean and Central America.  The process started all over again and continued for two more days.  Then I got an email from a spiritual healer and friend who suggested that I listen to the sea creatures around the island.  How she got that message, I am not sure but I have stopped asking the “how” questions with this type of work.

Delphinus delphis by Ricardo G77

That evening I set up a sacred healing and wisdom “virtual” circle as I do with all healing work.  I invited the sea creatures to join us in spirit and I waited.  I had never worked with sea creatures before and was wondering how I would know if they were there and if I was hearing them.  I settled into a comfortable meditative state.  I listened for a long time and heard nothing but felt the energy of Peace and Harmony, or what I sensed as that.   After about 20-30 minutes, as clear as a bell I heard, “we would like to work with you in this healing”.  I was at once both thrilled and floored!  I knew the voice was not mine because I would have never even thought of such a thing.  I had thought we were simply meditating together.   We then spent a very powerful hour together exchanging energy and it seemed like we were playing in God’s space for lack of a better description.

Sea Otters Up Close by Andy- Beal

The next day right before 6 PM,  we felt the earth shake very clearly.  We went outside and it stopped.  My husband checked the seas from the third floor to see if a very low tide was indicating a tsunami.  No low tide was evident.  We surfed the cable TV but did not get news of the earthquake for about two hours.  I was stunned.  In all the time I had spent in prayer, I had never once even considered working with the earth energy of the island.  It had not been given or I had not heard it, and I had not thought of it, either.  Immediately I thought that perhaps I had missed something very important in the prayer dialog of the week.   The devastation in Haiti was enormous and the faces of those affected were heartbreaking.

I went into prayer and I wrote my spiritual colleagues to see what they were picking up about the earthquake and my work in the DR.  I eventually learned that I was not to have focused on the earthquake.  Our work was the clearing of the blocked energy which would affect the rebuilding of that area of the world, now especially with Haiti but more extensively as well.  The prayers were now to be, Come Divine Intervention for the Highest Benevolent Outcome for Haiti and her people on all levels.

Belugas Underwater by flickkerphotos

Of all the information given though, about the work that was done, that of the sea creatures took my heart.  I was told that they quelled the seas to prevent the tsunamis which were being formed as a result of the violent shaking.  This broke open every boundary I had ever erected between humans and sea creatures.  Of course, they knew there were imbalances of a major order and offered to help. The sea creatures in connection with Divine Grace in many forms,  quelled the imbalances in the water, averting the tsunamis.

Never mind if this does not seem plausible.  It is not plausible with our minds.  This is only plausible and possible to grasp with our hearts.  This experience though has dramatically changed my view of sea creatures and I will never swim in the oceans again without thanking them for their presence here among us and for all the healing energy they are bringing to our world.

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  1. This is a stunning concept! Robbins, you are experiencing an amazing power. Thank you for passing it on! Donna

    1. Donna, thank you so much for your comment. What was breathtaking for me is that we are so deeply connected with all of life! That was a thrilling experience to be a part of and at the same time humbling! I am pleased this sharing connected with you.

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