Being Eternal

When all seems to be said and done, there is still more to handle, respond to, and integrate, always and forever! We are never said and done.  We are never completely finished, not in death, not in life, not in work, not in love.

Eternal Love by AmpamukA
Eternal Love by AmpamukA

There is always more awaiting us when we are ready to receive it, into our knowing.  We are ETERNAL.  We are eternally presented with more of something or another.  Even in the most severely extreme actions taken to end a life, one is never said and done. It is impossible to finish or end ourselves.  We are always with our being whatever dimension we are living in.  This is an absolute truth for all beings, everywhere.

Eventually,  sometime, somewhere we will begin to hear the small  voice of All That Is which is always with us whether we attend to that voice or not.  Even at the end of deeply  destructive action, we come face-to-face with ourselves and we are IT. There is no getting away from us, from our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  We are IT.

Being Eternal is a forever process.

Our beings repeatedly move from one dimension to another and pick up where we left off.  We still have to face the same heartache, the same sadness, the same misperceptions, the same feeling of disconnection from God and Divine Love.   As above, so below.  As below, so above.  We are the creators of our own lives.  We are the ones who make choices with what we are given.  We are the ones who give meaning and power to the things which happen to us.  We can do the clearing work now or do the clearing work later, the choice is ours but the blocked energy NEVER simply goes away on its own.

We are inextricably part of All That Is, in mind, body and soul regardless of what we have done, what we are thinking, what we are presently doing or not doing or what we will chose to do in the future.  We create our own lives, the good and the bad, for the sole purpose of healing our souls from the separateness we feel from the Greater Whole. Why do bad things happen to us?  Why do good things happen to us?  We are on a journey and each of us will have the precise and exact situations we need to heal our souls.

Upon my return from India three years ago, I experienced 10 days of amoebic dysentery and 4 weeks of a serious, painful knee infection which had me in bed for over 2 weeks and on crutches for another 2 weeks beyond that, affecting all my systems because of the bacteria.

I had been on a spiritual journey to an ashram while in India.  You can imagine my outrage, anger and ranting about having such a thing happen to me when I had “put out” so much to make that trip!  What had I done “to deserve that reaction” in my life?   I was not at this level of outrage on the first day of the dysentery nor even during the first week of the infection but as it wore on and on, I wore out, more and more.  I felt exhaustion, weakness, pain, pain, pain and then anger, fear, rage, blame and finally release.  Ah, the sweet energy of surrender!

I finally saw that the entire experience was for me to GET THE SPIRITUAL MESSAGES of the trip and to integrate that knowing into every aspect of my being, including deep and serious illness.  I am not a super “swifty” in this type of learning!  However, with enough pain and discomfort, I did have to stop railing, begin meditating and praying, and eventually, let go.

Upward by Llima
Upward by Llima
I was supported in this odyssey by a book I had gotten in India written about a spiritual mystic, entitled Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness* by Satprem.  During the endless days of my debilitating imbalance, I read this book.  My strong emotions were raging around and then I got to chapter 14.  Here was something that struck to the very core of my being:

We cannot heal unless we heal all the way down and we cannot go all the way down unless we go all the way up.  The deeper we want to descend, the more powerful the light we need, otherwise we are eaten alive. Ultimately, progress is not so much a matter of ascending as of clearing all that obstructs — when we are clear, everything is THERE.   …..When the seeker has had a first decisive opening above, when he has seen the Light, he almost simultaneously feels a battering below, as if something in him were aching.  …And he will have learned his first lesson: we cannot take one step above without taking one step below… As soon as we have touched a certain intensity of consciousness or light, it automatically exerts a pressure on the rest of our nature and brings out the corresponding obscurities or resistances.   *Institut de Recherches Evolutives, Paris, 1996-2003, pgs 235-239.

This extended pain finally made sense.  My confinement and pain was not a punishment, not a “bad thing”, not cooked up for me to suffer.  It was a necessary experience if I was going to really escape all the emotions I had of blaming and raging against the Universe when my body was deeply hurting. Having spent 18 years earlier in my life with debilitating back pain, I was deeply familiar with pain.  However this time, I could see that my body was speaking to me LOUDLY about letting go all blame, anger, outrage and pain.

Resist not evil came hurling into my mind and saturated the pores of my body.  The message was to simply allow and this would pass as well.  It did pass and I had a talk with the Universe to arrange for other means to get my attention if and when I needed such a clearing in the future! I envision an email from God with a clear message, “clean up your act, you need to move on! ” I would hope I would get such a message now and not need more weeks in bed.

Have you gotten any emails from God recently? I had probably gotten lots of  messages which I had not recognized or ignored before my knee episode.  The “big guns” were brought in so that I had to attend to the messages.  May we each attend to the areas of our lives which are bringing us imbalance.  They don’t go away, ever, they just retreat and wait for another occasion to get us to pay attention to what needs clearing and balance in our lives.  As we are eternal through and through, we have all the time we need to learn the lessons before us.

Prayer and Clearing  Suggestion

Open a Sacred Healing Circle as you envision that for yourself.

Say from your heart :  I forgive myself completely and ask forgiveness from all others, where I have tried to hurt or punish myself or another knowingly or unknowingly including the following specific incidents ( _____) through all space and time.   I want to walk more fully in the Light, in Balance and In Harmony with myself and with others.  Thanks be to All That Is.