In Exodus 3:14,  Moses asks God what name shall I use for you when speaking to the children of Israel.  God replies, “I am AHIAH ASHAR HIGH (The Living God, The Sovereign God).  Just say I AM ( AHIYA)  has sent you.” Today we are addressing the I AM Energy of  All That Is.  This can only be a tiny sliver of light on this subject however, hopefully enticing you to seek more.

Spirit in the Sky by ecstaticist

The number one issue we as humans have with God is our thinking. We think we are separate from God.  To the contrary, however,  we are One with God, we simply do not have this Oneness in our consciousness.  As you read this piece, keep reminding yourself, I AM One with All That Is/God.  It will keep the familiar thoughts of being separate at a distance.

The I AM Energy is eternal, all loving and whole in the fullest sense of the word.  This energy is within every person in body for it is the core of who we are. However, if we are to know of it, grow it, live by it, we must have some guidance and examples of how to do that.  Jesus offered one way to know more about this.  He said as recorded in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  There are millions in our world who do just that, follow Jesus.  However, this statement, “I am the light of the world” could just as well be said by one named Fritz or Ismelda, Lauren or Machi and have powerful presence if they too knew they were One with God. Jesus resolutely knew he was One with All That Is and that is the source of the power of his declaration.

This statement by Jesus however does not mean that he is the only light of the world, that he alone is only way to learn about the I AM Energy.  This exclusivity in our views of religion needs to shift.  We are all of the same Creator, different sparks from the Flame of Life, different paths given from the same Source. There have been many, many ways we have been called to know of the I AM Energy within.  The pathway of the Sufis, the Kabbalah, the Vedanta Sutras are all ways to cultivate a deeper personal relationship with the Energy of Creation.  The issue is that millions do not go deeply enough into their chosen pathways to develop their own relationship with All That Is.

I might have lost it, but it has never been lost by Shirin K. A. Winiger

Why is this? I think perhaps because it takes a level of commitment to wholeness we are generally not ready to make.  In other words, it is easier to follow the dogma, rules and expectation of a specific faith than it is to develop our own relationship with God.  It feels easier to focus on all the externalities of life on Earth than it is to go within and speak with God. To develop our own knowing of All That Is, we must be in Silence, pray, ask for forgiveness, let go of our ego and embrace uncertainty in all things with the energy of positive expectation on a daily basis.  Further, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are One with God/All That Is/Great I AM.

Each of us is Divine.  We each have that spark of Divinity within. However, we can choose not to seek it, know it or develop it and still live on this Earth.  It is as if we have a deep pool of knowing when we are out of body and when we come into body, we have to seek the stillness and connection with God if we want to fully manifest our Divine Beings while in body.  It is a practice, a way of Being, a pathway we have to choose. With this pathway comes more Peace, more Balance, more Divine Harmony, Dynamism, Freedom and Creativity. For these characteristics and many more are characteristics of Divine Presence, Brahman or the Unified Field.  They are our birthright if we choose them.

If we want to actualize our I AM Energy we have to do two things simultaneously.  One is to claim the I AM Energy for ourselves.  The second is to train our mind to return again and again to wholeness, love, forgiveness and humility. In this way, the I AM Energy can be fully actualized in our lives and all the positive characteristics of Divine Grace become present in each of our lives.  These statements can help us begin to embrace our I AM Energy and call it forth in our lives.

I AM the loving expression of God manifest in my body.

I AM One with All That Is.

I AM the Wholeness and Peace I seek.

I AM the mighty Flame of God’s Divine Presence.

I AM expansive consciousness, loving all in my pathway.

Put one or two of these statements which speak to you some place you will see them every day.  Speak them out loud frequently for thirty days and your consciousness will have the chance to change its pattern of perception.

Spirit Wings by spitfirelas

The doorway into the I AM Energy is paved by consistent, loving effort over time.  This is one way you can open this pathway more powerfully to receive all the blessings of being One with All That Is.  This knowing is already deeply embedded in your full consciousness, it just needs an invitation to be more accessible in your present body or daily consciousness.

Getting Help from God

Devon was facing a killer week of projects, papers and exams.  He had 1-2 pieces due every day for 6 days with a couple of exams thrown in for good measure.   Additionally, he was managing an eleven day concert tour with fourteen guys up and down the East Coast, beginning immediately after his mid-terms.  He also had an eight person road trip

Learning by osmosis by Mickipedia

with friends from all over the country heading to a rural farm house directly after the concert tour and a few family commitments, including at least one birthday.  To put it mildly, he was crazy stressed.

His strategy was to ask Divine Presence everyday to order his day with grace and ease to allow him to work as effectively as possible. He enthusiastically reported that he was knew without a doubt that he had been supported by Spirit because he had produced a 5 page research proposal, 2 page dance paper, an online blog post for his employer and reviewed all the technical terms for his exam in one four hour block of time . He was elated and knew Spirit had been helping him.  Of course, he had called that energy to his situation. He even finished early with time to edit footnotes. He was most enthusiastic about how this had all gone.

Chester, who was his brother’s legal guardian, was feeling compelled to confront his brother with the threat of committing him because of his recent erratic behavior,  due it seemed, to a lapse in taking his drugs for a mental condition.  Though Chester was relatively sure his actions would provoke serious anger and blame from his brother, he felt he had no choice.  Chester went ahead with the confrontation and the implied threat of legal action. This resulted in months of estrangement, tension, anger and irritation between Chester and his brother.

In a similarly charged setting,  Lisette felt she needed to move to file in the county to have her 88 year old mother’s driver’s license taken away.

Trusted old pony by Maistora

Every time she thought of taking these formal actions,  she felt woozie and lightheaded.  She realized that this was not sitting well with her though at the same time, she felt she had to move ahead because her mother was not competent to drive.   In talking with Lisette, she decided to try asking for a sacred solution for her situation before she filed the legal papers. She was optimistic when she left saying that she would surely try this before moving ahead with the legal steps with the county.

There are always options of a Divine Nature which can save us untold heartache and pain, anger and blame.  Try a Divine Solution first with very charged situations.

Tori was deeply concerned about her husband.  He was depressed, overweight, lethargic and prone to colds and illness. Her husband, Bim, was not open to prayer or to Tori’s comments, “designed to help”.   She was very frustrated not being able to do anything helpful for him and yet she feared he would not get any help until he was really sick.   She decided to try to work with his Angels and to offer prayers for her husband through them.

Austin Cemetery Angel by Eric in SF

In enlisting their help, she said, “I speak to the Angels around my husband.  I call forth Bims’  Highest Divine Energy to lead him in perfect ways from the darkness he is in. Consume the lethargy and the source of depression that is draining his energy.  Guide him to his life’s purpose and to the joy that is within.  Thank you. ” This is a paraphrase of the first prayer she said and others followed until there was visible change in his energy.

Martha was repeatedly angry with her mother.  After visiting, she usually spent the hour retuning home fuming about the visit.  This tension had been going on for a number of years but recently it was becoming deeply disturbing to Martha.  She did not know why she was so very angry.  She reported feeling horribly unloving and mean whenever anger erupted which was after all visits and most phone calls with her mother.  She took her anger into sacred space with another person. She prayed for the core blocked energy manifesting as recurring anger be completely released from her field.  She called in the Angel of Compassion to be with her in all dealings with her mother.

These are all examples of ways to call the Divine Presence into our lives. Divine Energy is totally surrounding us, all the time, in infinite amounts. We are free to use this energy everyday in all the ways we can imagine.  We get notably more powerful responses though if we come to this Divine Energy Source, demonstrating some basic spiritual truths.

  • Give over control of projects, outcomes, efforts, and the methods you think may be required to  manifest the results you want.  Allow Spirit to work through you for the Highest Good as you create.
  • Hold the space for a Sacred Solution to a difficult situation.  Call that Energy right into the midst of your life.
  • Live knowing that all people are Spiritual Beings at their core, regardless of their behavior.  Call to the Light in others, enlist their Highest I AM Presence, when entering into prayer.
  • Work with the Angels (or Ascended Masters)  when direct prayer with or for a person seems impossible or unwelcome.
  • Call  God to clear all the core blocked energy manifesting as negative feelings you may be carrying towards yourself or another.
  • Activate your own relationship with God, even if you are unsure about the characteristics of that relationship.  It is more wondrous than one can imagine.

Beloved I AM Presence

The I AM Presence is part of every person on Earth though many of us have no idea what this means.  The I AM Presence is the Oneness which exists way beyond our bodies, our lifetimes and our memories of experiences in this world.  The Oneness is the state of consciousness which manifests as connectedness with All That Is.  The I AM Presence is that which is Eternal about us, and thereby is pure love, pure wholeness and perfect balance.

Yoga Girl by Prashant Zi
Yoga Girl by Prashant Zi

The I AM Presence actually can’t be captured in words though that does not stop me nor others from trying to explain this state.  The I AM Presence is a state of consciousness which is available to all peoples, any place, all of the time.

When I call forth the I AM Presence into a sacred space, I think of this as calling the Highest Energy of the Most High.  Do I really know what this means, how it was created,  or from whence it came?  Not really.   What I do know is that when I call this energy, I and others feel compelled to speak the Truth, are touched by an energetic state of being, each sensing this in his or her own unique way.  I know there is a qualitative difference in space when I call the I AM Presence into that space.  I feel a sudden and vast support, power and infinite knowing way beyond the capacities of my own being.

Recently when working with St. Germain’s energy and teachings, I was struck again by the power of recognizing the I AM Presence in All That Is.  When we recognize an other’s birthday, contributions,  gifts, or talents, our relationship with that other person is strengthened because of this recognition.

Happy Our Birthday :) bu Hamid Saber
Happy Our Birthday 🙂 bu Hamid Saber

As we feel gratitude and appreciation for another, the goodness of the relationship grows.  What we focus on, grows.  If we walk through the halls and say hello to others, our relationships are strengthened by these acts of recognition.  This very same principle is at work when we recognize, speak with, call forth, love and honor Divine Presence.

Before we begin to recognize the Divine in specific ways, the concept of Divine Presence remains shadowy, vaguely unformed possibilities for a rainy day.  When we recognize Divine Presence, that relationship grows, is strengthened and the goodness itself expands as we take this into our heart, minds and our being.

You may ask what is the difference between the I AM Presence and God?  I really don’t know.  For me, the I AM Presence is within and without as is the “kingdom of God”.  Perhaps they are different aspects of Divine Source or perhaps they are exactly the same.  What I know is that the I AM Presence is here, now and is an integral part of me and probably has been for all my existence.  I am sure that I am moving more deeply into Divine Space when I recognize my Beloved I AM Presence. I know these connections only come through Silence and meditation.  It is not possible to know the I AM Presence with one’s mind.  I can know of the I AM Presence with my mind but in order to know the I AM Presence, my mind has to be quiet and calm.  That is the way it works.

Last week I discovered in Silence that one can be out of Right Relationship with one’s I AM Presence.  Right Relationship is defined by Divine Knowing and means being in perfect harmony with something or someone.  Being out of Right Relationship with the I AM Presence looks like not acknowledging this Presence, being skeptical that one is good enough to have a relationship with the I AM Presence, denying the Divine Presence in our life or remaining undecided about whether to believe in a Goodness beyond ourselves.  This is very similar to wanting to have a relationship with another while never accepting offers to date, to mingle or to be in the public where meeting someone might happen.  If we don’t acknowledge the Great I AM Presence, it can remain an elusive uncertainty for as many lifetimes as we would like.

St. Germain’s teachings encourage us to Love our I AM Presence.  That was a new thought.  How do I Love my I AM Presence?  I am certain that I can’t love something that I have never recognized.  So, calling forth the I AM Presence into meetings, gatherings, arguments, decisions, prayers, meditation and illness is a perfect way to have this energy take form in your life and grow in power, presence, vitality and form.


I call forth my I AM Presence in Its full Power and Knowing

I send unbounded Love to my I AM Presence and invite this energy into every aspect of my life.

I call the Ascended Masters to teach me about my I AM Presence

I release all my blocked energy regarding the existence of my I AM Presence.

I call for the expansion of my consciousness so I can embrace the I AM Presence as a force in my life.

Recognizing the I AM Presence leads to more abundance.  Every constructive form on the Earth came from some Cosmic Being’s Love.

Just add light... by ecstaticist
Just add light... by ecstaticist

The birds, the trees, the plants, the water, the mountains, the animals and all of us came from Love.  It does not matter what we call this Comic Being.  It matters greatly what we learn from the beauty, love and power of life around us.  All life around us was created from Love because Love is the only eternal force in the Universe.  Further, Light comes ONLY from Love.   Light ALWAYS overcomes the darkness.

When we recognize our Mighty I AM Presence, we are saying YES to Love, to Oneness and therefore to Light.  Abundance is a quality of the Light.  Practice recognizing the Beloved I AM Presence and experience more Love, Light and Abundance in your life. We get all the help we need  as we begin to take steps  to bring this energy more fully into our daily lives.  As we begin to take steps towards the recognition of Divine Presence, the Love, Light and Abundance of life will show itself more frequently and completely in our day to day world.

Knowing God

Doves by audreyjm529

There is a dove cooing on the railing outside my window and a squirrel running down the hickory tree.  I saw a hawk in the tall oak out back feeding babies.   I see the pansies I planted yesterday, swaying in the chilly air.  The forsythia and the dew drops are out along with the crocus and vinca flowers.  Yesterday we saw a Bradford pear tree in full white bloom in the city, along with smaller pink and white flowering trees as well.  The miracle of spring never ceases to amaze me.

For the longest time, when I was unsettled, I would take a walk in nature.  I found the beauty calming and reassuring.  I still do.  At that time, it was one of the few activities I could count on that would connect me to the Greater Whole.  I still find that the coming of the dawn and the passing of seasons is the Earth’s way of speaking to me about the Great Oneness.  It is something that I know I don’t control, and it is  something that comes repeatedly, every day and and every year without fail.  It is something I can count on, completely.

Who does this?  What is the origin of the cycles of the seasons, of the moon and of the passages from night to day? Is there any among us capable of creating such a canvas?  I think not.  This experience in life is perhaps the most important communication to us about the Presence of a Greater Whole.  It is clearly larger than me, definitely more organized and ordered than me and yet it is still fully accessible to me just beyond my walls.  I have to pass beyond my walls of emotion, separateness and busyness to access all that is around me.

photo by schmidjon

I credit nature with kindling my faith in God before I knew anything at all about God, myself. I have blessedly always been surrounded by nature.  I had parents who would take us walking in the winter when the rattlers were hibernating just for Sunday afternoon romps in the woods.  We also spent hot summer nights camping out and vacations soaking in the beach’s sun, sand and sea.  When I was thirteen we hiked part of the Matterhorn with my five year old brother and Dad had to carry him half way back to the village where we were staying.  Being in nature equated with relaxing, being off and having an adventure.

These cues, all around,  helped me have faith that there was a God.  Even when my mind was trying out positions, rebuttals and researched evidence as to the non-existent God, nature was working it’s magic on me.  The coming of spring year after year, the birth of dogs, birds, deer, and horses, not to mention the breathtaking beauty of tulips, snapdragons, pansies and gladiolas,  all continued to hold the place for a God in my heart.  My mind essentially lost out in the overwhelming evidence of miraculous change, ordered by an unknown Source.  I came to know about this miracle of Source more powerfully than I could ever imagine when I  gave birth to two wee sons.  These experiences are hard to ignore.  They call to our inner knowing even if we are not listening yet with our hearts.  They keep calling to us, until we are ready to take another look at the Presence of the Greater Whole.

When I think of faith, I think of something that is hard to describe.  Faith seems to be a feeling that something will be further revealed if I can simply wait, keep learning, keep listening and roll with the ambiguity.  Faith is something that I feel each person defines differently.  For me, faith has been a place holder. Faith has held the place in my life for the possibility of God until I could have my own knowing experiences of God, myself.

I did not find a well defined pathway to a personal knowing of God.  Although, I tried a number of those supposedly “God-inspired” pathways,  such as church camp, Sunday school, catechism, youth group, volunteering with Mayas in Mexico, singing in a church choir, working in a hospital,  and holding office in a church.  My faith  still seemed undeveloped, wobbly, unclear, and certainly nothing to count on in tough times.  I used to wonder how people developed such powerful faith in Divine Energy.  How did that actually happen for someone?  I personally did not see a connection between organized religion and knowing God.  Primarily, I kept seeing all kinds of anger, judgment, prejudice, racism, sexism, injustice and war as the actions of those identifying themselves as religious or “God-fearing” persons.  This did not seem promising fodder for growing faith or for knowing God.

Immersed by premasagar

If I had not had 18 years of chronic back pain, I might have missed knowing God.  I had so much physical pain in my twenties and thirties that I simply was forced to look for something beyond the doctors and the body workers.  I began to devour everything I could find on spiritual healing, metaphysical experiences and new age spiritual journeys.   One day when studying with Rev. Ron Roth,  he said, ” you will never know God unless you meditate.  Go into Silence and begin.  There is no other way.” This made a huge impression on me.  I began by trying to sit by a tree everyday, in all weather to see if I could feel the power of God through that tree.  In time, I began to feel something moving in me.  I transferred this to my infinitely more comfortable bed and began a two year odyssey of spiritual healing and meditation which eventually resulted in both my coming to know God and the healing of my physical body.

There is no other way to know God except through the Silence.  We can know about God, we can love other people’s images and teachings about God, we can even speak and teach about God.  However, regardless of how much we may  speak with God or teach about God, that is not the same as knowing God ourselves.  God is formless and it is impossible to have a personal relationship with formless energy except in the Silence where all is formless. All else is an approximation of that knowing, it cannot be knowing unless we enter into Silence.   The still small voice is always there, accessible to all and magnificent.  Then faith becomes a knowing and knowing becomes the fuel of our lives.

The God You Don’t Believe In

Bearded Man, 1981 by Seattle Municipal Archives

Tell me about the God you don’t believe in. Perhaps it is a God, who resembles a wise old man in the sky, with a beard who knows everything you do and is going to make you pay for most of  it. Perhaps the God you don’t believe in seems a lot like the Big Kahuna who has everything as he likes it, is none too available unless maybe when there is serious bad stuff going down.  Even then, contacting him, is an iffy proposition.  Or even better, your non-existent  God perhaps never did exist because  look at all these truly horrific things happening here on Earth.  “How can there be a God?  That God is a real myth.”  Maybe the  God you left was that one the nun spoke of  when you were seven, saying, “you better sit there and don’t even think of going to the bathroom unless you want to see this ruler imprinted on your hand.  God is watching you and you are already in serious trouble”

Perhaps your discarded God wasn’t there when you were abused or felt abandoned.  Or perhaps that  God wasn’t around when your mother suffered and died too young with cancer.  Then there are lots of folks who talk about a God found in large buildings where you dress up in your best clothes, pledge money to belong, serve on at least one committee and usher once a month. Perhaps that works for some folks.

Devon Church by
Devon Church by etrusia uk

I really tried to find God there for a long, long time.  I loved the music and the stained glass windows and loved all the sense of connectedness with other people.  I would have so loved to have found God in such a place.

I finally though, admitted to myself that I did not believe in any of those kinds of Gods either.  I was hoping God would show up somewhere along the line but honestly, I was truly adrift for a long time over this.  However, we all go through our own process of coming to a knowing of God Energy and Presence, or not.

Actually,  I prefer any of these terms, Divine Presence, Spirit, Great Oneness, All That Is, the Great I AM to” God”, because I seem to be always stepping on other people’s views of the God they don’t believe in.  The images connected with the word “God” are so loaded that it is a challenge to even use the word “God” when I am speaking about energy which is not in form, invisible, all knowing,  powerful in untold ways, eternal,  and present everywhere.

Is it just possible, that there is some type of Divine Presence which does not fit neatly into our present views and beliefs about God? Might we have our version of the God we don’t believe in, because we have never had a personal relationship with the Energy of the Great I AM?  Perhaps we have only heard about this energy from age old stories which simply can’t be true.  Or perhaps we have only experienced other people’s views of what God energy is and what it is supposed to do for us.  Perhaps what we have heard of God, we don’t like and don’t believe.  Other people’s stories seem too impossible to believe,  so God has got to be a figment of people’s imagination.

I was raised in a religious practicing family.  When I was a teenager, I became an internal skeptic.  Then I became a benevolent humanist and agnostic.  I felt better trying to be a nice, good person but I did not know if there was a God or not.  Then I ran into a few brick walls, chronic debilitating back pain, a serious family illness,  humongous fear and I became a seeker.

Meditation Begins At Birth by Premarian
Meditation Begins At Birth - in Croatia by Premasagar

One day through the “grace of God”, it seems to me looking back,   I entered into intentional Silence and something amazing happened.   I ran into God right in the middle of the Silence.  I guessed it was God.  I had not really expected to find that clarity, peace or knowing in that Silence.  But there IT was, staring me in the face.the lotus within yourself by Chris Spera

Then I began to share what I was learning with others and lots of other people also began to have similar experiences to mine and began to share them.  They also moved from seekers to knowers.  We had a movement happening.  We had moved into the space of people who know there is a God force because we spend time with that force repeatedly.  After a few months of entering Silence, we knew that Energy Force was always inside of us.

Then we began to see that after we had had that time of Silence and connecting in,  we were more loving in all ways.  We were more centered.  We were more balanced and content.  This became my own definition of God Energy then.   All the questions I had, seemed to melt away.  The experience of Divine connection which I found in the Silence was all knowing and I found that totally fascinating.  It was as if through osmosis from somewhere in the Silence,  I was learning about the real God, at least the one that was real for me.  (stay tuned)