Authentic Prayer and Global Healing

Sermon – Comm-Unity On the Hill Congregation, Washington, D.C.*

Rev. Robbins S. Hopkins, Ed.D.

Thank you for asking me to speak.  It is delightful to be here this morning. The question I am exploring today is, “What is authentic prayer”?  Just plain and simple, authentic prayer is prayer that works.  It is prayer that brings results. It is prayer that produces energy shifts.  Authentic Prayer is powerful business.  Well then, how do we accomplish this?

The Bible has a few things to say to us about prayer.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him” (1 John 5:14-15).

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds ….” (Philippians 4:6-7).

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. (Ephesians 6:18).

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express” (Romans 8:26).


Atlantic Beach HDR Sunset – Explored by L1mey

The week before Hurricane Irene, exactly 7 days before it hit this area, we decided last minute to book a house in North Carolina for the week for my husband and myself.  We have been going to the beach in August for 41 years and we realized we were not going to go because none of our family were free to join us.  We discussed this at length and decided to make a reservation and take a weeks’ vacation just for us. That felt very wonderful, celebratory in fact! One day later, we realized that there was a Tropical Storm in the Atlantic. We thought, we had better arrange for trip insurance in case something more serious became of this storm. We called for the insurance and were told that we could not get insurance now because there was a named storm in the Atlantic, specifically now called IRENE.  So, my energy was very focused on this storm not only because of this reservation but also because I had been going to the North and South Carolina coasts literally all my life except for 4 years when were lived overseas.

So the prayers began in earnest.  Every time I went into prayer, I got the feeling I was simply nipping at the heels of Hurricane IRENE. I did all the things I usually do in working at the global level but I could not feel any shifts in energy which is how I know the prayers have been effective.  One day about the 4thday into the prayer effort, I finally asked in sacred space, “How do we do this?” I was feeling overwhelmed and completely under effective.  Someone had shared with me that the Hurricane itself covered an area as large as Arizona.  This left me totally amazed.  I could feel the power and strength of Irene when in prayer and something I called powerful fury but I did not know how to address it in prayer.

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*Comm-Unity on the Hill, meets at 10 Street and G Street, N.W. in jointly shared space with  First Congregational Church of Washington D.C..  Services begin at 1 PM on Sundays.  Comm-Unity can be reached at or  703-379-4450 . All are welcome.

** This sermon was preceded by a guided meditation for the congregation. This was offered October 2011




When we are on a conscious spiritual journey, sooner or later we spend time in Silence. But this is just the beginning of our potential journey.

In search of peace by Bindaas Madhavi

After Silence, we may need to spend time on imbalances in our field.  This can happen when our “quiet time” results in tough, yucky stuff appearing on the scene.   Thoughts and feelings which are out of balance, unpleasant, heavy or unprocessed do frequently show up.  Unsettling issues are a part of our dialogue with the Greater Whole.

This is the Divine Presence talking with us about what we need to focus on  to remain in balance. Unsettling feelings are not the result of being in Silence. They are the result of our seeking inner peace! When we go into Silence we are seeking peace, balance, wholeness and centeredness.  If we have unresolved issues with a co-worker, a spouse or a friend, we are likely to have them pop up after a period of sitting in Silence.  In fact, many people never go into the Silence for this very reason.  They are afraid that issues they do not want to look at will show up.

Guess what?  Unpleasant issues, thoughts and feelings are ALREADY in our energy field, draining us of our Light and life force energy!  They are already causing imbalance.  Just because we are not thinking about them, does not mean they go away.  In fact, because we are trying to “resist” them, they are even more demanding of our attention. The quickest way to resolve any unpleasant issue is to work in sacred space with our unresolved thoughts and feelings which are causing us stress or anger. 

Anyone want to join me at the beach for a good conversation? by Stuck in Customs

It is easy to say well “she should do this” or “he would be a whole lot happier if …”. However this will never bring resolution to an imbalance affecting us.  These responses are actually a  form of gossip and can perpetuate and expand the imbalance.  As long as we focus on what others could or should be doing, we miss the lesson for ourselves.  We are the ones who  have to take the steps to re-establish inner peace for ourselves. Then others sense a shift in us and they are also affected by our coming into greater balance.

Coming into balance and inner peace is our part of the partnership with All That Is.  No one else can do this work for us. The more we engage in this self-work,  the more expansive our inner peace becomes. It begins to permeate our entire being and all our affairs for the positive.  If this is hopeful or of interest to you,  keep seeking and you will find exactly what you are meant to discover.  There are infinite ways to undertake a work out process from Silence to release.   Here is one you might try and adapt for you own purposes.


Step by Step by Alice Popkorn

WORKING OUT with DIVINE PRESENCE–  When we notice charged feelings and thoughts, causing imbalances, one option is to work them out within a sacred space, through writing to Divine Presence and then letting the imbalances go.  Here are some steps towards that goal.

1.  Open a sacred space in which to work.  This gives us access to Divine wisdom, energy, love and support even when we are writing by ourselves. ( See Note A, for ideas of how to do this.)

2.  The letter

  • Get a journal solely for these writings and date each letter. Sign your name as you would in any letter.
  • Address the letter to Dear God/ Beloved Oneness/ Perfect Love/ Great I AM/  Mohamed/Mary/Jesus/Buddha/Saint Germain/Ascended Masters, etc.
  • Keep this journal in a safe place where you are sure no one will find it or read it.

3.  Explore the specific situation around which you have strong feelings which is causing you imbalance.

  • Begin by writing about your feelings.
  • Write as clearly as possible and with total honesty.
  • Include thoughts as well as feelings about the situation.
  • Write as much as you can until you feel really done.
  • Sign your letter each time you finish for the day

4.  Ask in the Silence what fears and blocked energy you are carrying which are manifesting as imbalanced energy specifically related to you journal topic.

  • Specify the fears and other blocked energy in the journal as notes after your letter.

5.  Go into a space of stillness and call for the sacred flame (within all of us) to consume all blocked energies you have identified which are causing turbulence and imbalance in your energy field from their originating source in this lifetime or from any previous life form you have taken.

  • If forgiveness comes to mind forgive self and others completely.

6.  Give thanks for the healing support and vibration clearing of your energy field.

7. Continue to write about this imbalance as long as it remains in your consciousness following this process each day you write about it.

  • Every time you enter into stillness for clearing, healing energy will consume the low vibrating thoughts and feelings separating you from Peace.
  • You are only responsible for your own feelings. If you change, others involved in your situation will be profoundly affected as well.
  • Take as much time on the issues as you need, knowing that your desire and intention for Inner Peace will be completely supported.

NOTE A:  Here is one way to open sacred space.  ” I call forth my Highest “I AM” Self , the Angelic Host, the Ascended Masters (Jesus/Krishna/Mary/Mohammed/ Moses/St. Ignatius/Buddha ,etc.), the Nature Intelligences, Cosmic Light Beings of the Universe, Divine Ancestors and Divine Physicians  to help me hold this sacred healing space.  I may then say, “Spirit of the Living God/Great Oneness /Divine Wholeness/Holy Spirit, come forth into this space dedicated to wholeness and balance.  My thanks.”

Silence is Golden: Meditation 101

Peace, joy and health can only be obtained by entering into one’s Silent self.   However, while trying to get to a state of Silence, we often we have to face issues that are unresolved, problems we are struggling with and feelings we do not want to feel.

Enlightenment by h.koppdelaney

This stops many a person from meditating, being in Silence or lying in shavasana ( corpse pose)  on a yoga mat.  The key here is to stay with the Silence while releasing all connection you have with the issues entering and swirling around your mind. One way to think of this is to allow the ideas,  thoughts and issues that show up to pass across your “mind screen” and out of your focus.  A mantra, a point of vision like a candle or attention to breath can help to bring our focus back to Silence.  A mantra might be,” I am One with All That Is”, or “I am God’s  Beloved Child”. With enough detachment from our mind’s issues, thoughts, problems, and people, one can move past the monkey mind to a place of no thought while in stillness.  This however does not come quickly to some.

When I first began to try to meditate sitting up,  I would sit with my back next to an old black walnut tree.

At the Feet of an Ancient Master by Premasagar

One day when I was wrapped in a sarape, covered with a hat and gloves and determined to “have my own time”, I thought, is this really what I am doing?  By then, the snow was coming down rather steadily but that tree and I had bonded so I sat until I was completely snow covered.  I felt a certain peace in doing that because, I so desperately needed time for Silence, even if it was snowing.  When I could get to that tree, I felt welcomed because of having put all else aside to go into Silence.  I did not really know what I was doing but I knew I had to show up and be still and let the Silence guide me into greater Peace.  Bit by bit, step by step I was led into the Silence until that state increasingly stayed with me through the day, through my work, through my creating and through my pain.

Here is what I have learned along the way.  We can’t be in stillness and Silence if we don’t show up.  The first step in meditating is to show up with the intention for Silence and stillness. Another step is to select a place dedicated to enter into Silence.  It may be in a corner of a room or it may be a favorite chair or a special tree or garden.  The place has to be a haven for the time you intend to meditate.  The major challenge though is to continue to come to Silence,  even when your last experience was of the mind churning with thoughts.

One can think of this process as training the mind, like one would train a dog to obey.  For most non-meditators, the mind runs willy-nilly all over the place, most of the time. As you begin to sit in the quiet, with the intention to connect to the Greater Whole, the Oneness, you have to let the thoughts pass through without picking any of them up and without giving any of them attention. In the beginning this may be all you do for months.  Then one day, you will come out of mediation and realize that you have “lost time” when you were not conscious of sitting in the Silence.  This is the golden feeling of peace and balance.  As we begin to have a glimpse of this, there is nothing in the entire universe that can touch us this way.  We have created the time and space for peace in our lives.

Collective meditation by Premasagar

Meditating in a group is easier for most people than meditating alone.  This is because as we gather in a group,  there is more energy focused on meditation making it easier to enter into that energy flow.  However, you can simulate this by setting the intention to meditate with those of the Highest Light around the globe who are meditating at the same time you are.  You will be connected energetically with those meditators and it is often easier to get into the flow than trying to meditate alone.

In our lives we get very attached to what is going on with our friends, family, job and affairs. We have opinions, ideas, concerns, conflicts, solutions running around in our heads constantly.  Meditation is a time to check out of the dailyness of our lives and seek Peace for a few moments while remaining conscious of being awake.  It is like taking an energy nap to renew yourself.  However, unlike sleep, meditation trains the mind to be still in the midst of chaos,  and this expands into the very fabric of our lives. Over time, as we begin to be able to detach from our mind’s daily drama while in meditation, we increasingly do detach from the drama  in our daily lives as well. When our mind gets used through Silence and stillness to our letting thoughts and feelings pass us by, we learn to increasingly remain non-attached to all outcomes in our lives as well.  This enables us to increasingly hold the space for the Highest Benevolent Outcome for everything we are involved in all areas of our lives.

In Ray’s efforts to learn to meditate he kept coming up against his feelings about work which were not positive. This would throw him out of a peaceful state, again and again. He became very frustrated with his efforts to meditate. When this happens, we are being led to attend to the negative feelings that are coming up.  It is not that we are “failing”  in our efforts to meditate, it is that we need to attend to these negative feelings.   Here are some ways to do this:

  • 1. Out loud, say “I release all these negative thoughts and feelings I am carrying about work, totally and completely”.
  • 2. In a journal, write out all the negative thoughts and feelings you have about work and the costs and benefits to you of holding onto these.  Decide which thoughts and feelings you are going to keep, which ones you are going to let go of and what further actions you are going to take.
  • 3. While you are coming out of your state of Silence and stillness, call forth you sacred inner flame and command it out loud to consume all your blocked emotional, mental, thermal( self-protective) and spiritual energy from their originating sources which are manifesting as these thoughts and feeling about work in the present.  All that can leave you energy field today will go.
Buddha is a Bridge by h. koppdelaney

There is nothing in the world like Silence for healing and for guiding us to balance.  Our thoughts and feelings create the imbalances and the balances in our lives. The more we are in Silence and stillness, and attend to the imbalances surfacing there, the more balance we will manifest in our lives.  Silence trumps everything we think we are for a glimpse of the peace and stillness within, which is who we truly are.

Global Prayer

For nearly a year, I have been working with a group of folks to publish a newsletter on conditions and areas of the globe needing prayers.  We have over 85 people getting this newsletter through email.  Recently I was asked how I pray for global healing and what my thoughts are about such processes.

NASA Blue Marble by By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

As our bodies indicate imbalances in the form of infections, viruses, diseases and pain, so Mother Earth indicates her own set of  imbalances when unseen energy is out of balance. Our globe is a vibrant alive organism much as our bodies are vibrant alive organisms. Global imbalances  manifest as violence, corruption, terrorism, war, poverty, epidemics, economic instability, air, earth and water pollution, ethnic hatred, religious hatred, subjugation, slavery, sexual trafficking, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate shifts, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other imbalances.

When the unseen energy of a given city, state,  nation or a continent is out of balance, Mother Earth visually indicates imbalances at the physical level of the Earth.  All global imbalances no matter how deeply flawed or seemingly intractable can be affected by prayer.  Our prayers can directly affect the re-balancing of  chronic imbalances around the globe.

How do we as a people, for example, heal from prejudice, hatred and subjugation of those different from ourselves? We have ethnic and religious hatred the world over.  Each geographic area of the world has its own form of hatred and darkness history unique to that area of the world manifesting as ethnic hatred, prejudice and subjugation.  However at the root of all hatred and violence against others are humanly created thoughts, feelings and fears which we may have carried for centuries passed down from generation to generation.

Through the calling in of Divine Presence, we can clear the old stagnant, gnarled energies of the past and present.  All fear, thoughts and feelings which are out of Right Relationship with All That Is, can be cleared beginning with us. Even centuries of blocked fear and blame can be cleared through our partnering with God for our people now living around the globe.  Our prayers can hold the intention for global peace and healing in infinitely powerful ways.

The blue flame by Artnow314

To begin any and all healing prayers, I open a sacred space with Divine Beings including the Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, Highest Divine Cosmic Light Beings, Divine Ancestors, Divine Physicians and Nature Intelligences.  I then listen.  I work with the Sacred Flame image of the Divine Presence.  This concept is helpful for consuming all blocked, humanly created energy manifesting as global imbalances.

Let’s take the energy of  hatred between Jews and Christians as our example of imbalance in the Americas. Here is one way to pray for this clearing.  I say these prayers out loud to give more power to their form in our earthly dimension.

Sunset Flames by Brian Auer

Sacred Flame, come forth in all your power.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal(self-protective) and spiritual (fear and doubt) energies originating from the 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21st centuries now manifesting as the energies of hatred between Christians and Jews in the Americas. Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies,  back through all time and space manifesting as the peoples of the Americas, attracting hatred energy to themselves between Jews and Christians.  Let there be full Forgiveness, Peace and Love with regard to these imbalances.   And So It Is.  Our thanks, Amen.

Sometimes I am then guided to take these same prayers to the rest of the globe. I work with six geographic areas as given by Divine Presence in supporting me in global prayer.  The other five areas of the globe beyond the Americas which I work with include Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, India and China, [Russia, Middle East and Asia], and [Oceania, Oceans and the Poles].

When I complete this process,  I go back and ask if these geographic areas are in Right Relationship with All That Is in regards to the energy of hatred between Christians and Jews for this day.   If not, I continue until there is Right Relationship indicated for the day with the issue being addressed.  When balance for a given day is indicated, healing at the physical level can begin.

Let’s use the AIDS epidemic in Africa as our next example. This is one way to call for the clearing of the old compromised and blocked energies which are fueling the present imbalances we see as the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Sacred Flame, come forth in all your power.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal(self-protective) and spiritual (fear and doubt) energies originating from the 18, 19, 20 and 21st centuries now manifesting as the AIDS epidemic in Africa.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies,  back through all time and space manifesting as the peoples of Africa attracting an AIDS epidemic to themselves.  Let there be Balance, Healing and Wholeness with regard to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and So It Is.  Our thanks.  Amen

The core blocked energies from the past for a government, nation, condition or group of people contribute to the visible imbalances in the country or region in current times.  If these old patterns of energy are cleared back through centuries, then the present imbalances can clear.  I ask how far back the imbalances go and usually I get a century. If you are not sure, pick a century and call for the clearing from that century forward. Anything we do to clear the present of old blocked energies from the past allows for balance to be restored.

Apophysis-Globe by HocusFocusClick - Johanne

All clearing of this sort will contribute to balance.  So, whatever you do will be helpful. When we work in Divine Space with Divine Beings our prayers can be significantly amplified and are therefore more powerful than if we think we are working as lone individuals.  When we pray in earnest from our hearts, all that is needed is provided and so we are truly contributing to the greater whole within the world.

Let us hear from you.  May powerful praying be actualized by us all!!

No Death for Us

Good Friday is here and Easter is upon us.  Regardless of the religious or spiritual path you have taken, there are lessons for all of us from the Easter story.  God was sending all of us lessons about life and death those many years ago. There is eternal life. There is no death.

Easter Morning, Crosby Beach by stringberd

This is hard to grasp because in this dimension, people appear to “die” and they seem to “disappear”.  This does not however mean that people do actually “die”, pass into nothingness and cease to exist. They simply change dimensions. Truly, this is how the plan goes.

In 2004, I was with Joao de Deus, John of God, at his spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil.  I had been working as a spiritual healer for approximately 10 years in varying ways. In Brazil, I was learning how to differentiate between Divine Spirits I was working with on the other side, in my healing practice.   I was sitting in the current room with about 75 others in 90 plus degree weather. We were all in prayerful Silence to help raise the vibration of the healing center so others could receive the healing energy they needed.

The attendants in the current room announced that Jesus’ energy was entering the space. Suddenly, a radiant Being of immense stature,  at least 9 feet tall, was directly before me.  It would have been impossible to miss this because my whole body was being penetrated by the Presence.

Light of Eternity by Loci Lenar

I heard a strong and clear voice directly in front of me say, “You are never again to question that you have come to heal others.”  That was it. Short and sweet. Then the radiance left from in front of me.

The words and energy enveloped my whole body and my consciousness.  I began to sob uncontrollably.  I knew in my heart that no one in the world could have possibly known that I was still questioning that I was here to heal.   I had not even acknowledged this out loud to myself. However, in my heart, I was feeling great uncertainty about my work as a spiritual healer.  Only one of immense Knowing could have possibly known this secret I was holding onto.  I finally got that Jesus was alive, knew me intimately, and had a clear directive for me.

What exactly does it mean to have eternal life? At the most basic levels, it means that no one dies and fades away, we simply change states of being as we enter other dimensions of life.  Imagine that everything we know about being One with God stays with us when we pass out of body.  Also, there is clear evidence that when we come back into body, unresolved feelings and thoughts in our souls show up again for us to respond to.  Things like fear of death, fear of failure, fear of betrayal, or shame and guilt are some of the feelings that can follow us from previous times in body. We literally get all the chances we need to let go of thoughts and feelings which separate us from God.

When I am in meditative space, deep Silence, I work with the Ascended Masters and Angels.  This has been going on most days for 17 years in this lifetime.  Ascended Masters are very much alive and they have all been in body many, many times.  Angels and Ascended Masters are eager to work with us, support us, guide us, talk with us, help us hold Sacred Space and help us discover Peace that is beyond all understanding.

So take a leap of faith.  Open your mind and heart to the possibility that there is eternal life and there is no death. The Truth is, we are really eternal.  However, we can choose to embrace this or not, as we have free will about what we choose to think is true. The message of Easter is about this for all peoples.

raising Lazarus by Martin LaBar

In the Bible, we have the story of Lazarus raised from the dead and the story of Jesus raised from the dead among others.  In one case, Lazarus returned to his body and was seen by many others, immediately.  In Jesus’ case, he did not return to a body that other’s immediately recognized, though he was eventually recognized by those who loved him deeply.  Whatever we take to be true from the scriptures, the message is that there is no death.  “FEAR NOT”.

What would your life be like if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are eternal?  Can you imagine the freedom, the license you might give yourself to really live, to love and to receive love? What if you knew that you have all the time and support you need to learn the lessons of the Oneness which are all around you?  Can you imagine giving yourself another real chance to know God? After all we are One with Divine Energy, have been, and will be, for evermore.  What are we waiting for, really?

This Easter story of Jesus was given to us so that we could “get” things not ordinarily experienced in this dimension. People actually saw Jesus after he died, in the flesh. Through working with the Divine Beings of the other side, I can say without a doubt that there is eternal life for every one of us.  Additionally, if we seriously get our act together and hang out with Divine Love Energy in the Silence now, we will be shown how we can leave a whole load of unhelpful stuff here this time around.  We will be shown how we can leave anger, loss, fear, suffering, resentment and unforgiveness here and not take it forward with us into the Light when it is our time to pass over.   Further, if we set down our fear, rage, shame and guilt now, we won’t continue to attract more of this into our energy fields again. This change can begin almost immediately. This allows our souls to heal and balance.

The strong and clear message from centuries from all our prophets, messiahs, avatars, mystics, rishis and yogis is, and continues to be,  “drop the dark stuff“, “get to know God better” !!   The dark feelings are not real, in the sense of  lasting, though charged thoughts can seem very real at times.  These tough feelings are with us PRECISELY so we can clear them away and experience Peace and Balance from now into all our futures.  God is all Light. We have to drop the darkness to know God personally. Fear of death is one of the most powerfully charged dark engeries, we hang onto. Take a step towards trusting that we are truly eternal.

Your own knowing about life and death will come in ways uniquely perfect for you. You have to open to that knowing however.  Enter Silence, and sit with All That Is, God, the Deep Silence.  That is where the mysteries of life are shared.  Happy Spring.

Loving Self

Loving  Self is the fastest way to create a stronger connection with Spirit. However, most of us are not proficient in doing this.  We may think we know all about Loving Self but it is the last area we master, as spiritually developing beings, in body.   This can take several lifetimes to fully master.  However, we are given all the chances we need to make decisions for ourselves which are loving and in integrity with our spiritual, True Selves.

1.  One step to Loving Self is embracing that God and I Are One. We are not separate from God/Spirit.  We may feel disconnected but in truth we cannot be separate no mater what we do, feel, don’t do, think or imagine.  We are One with All That Is and that’s the Truth.  Most of us do not know this however because we give our power to human fears, emotions and thoughts every day.  This results in making us feel we are separate from Divine Presence.

Many of us  do not gift ourselves with the experience of meditation and authentic prayer,

Meditation II by Roshnii
Meditation II by Roshnii

so we do not have the daily opportunity to learn from Spirit that we and God/Great Spirit are One.  Even if we do meditate, we may not be actively releasing our human fears, thoughts and emotions.  Therefore, we may be peaceful in Silence and then go right out and have an argument with our co-worker because we are not releasing our fears and concerns proactively, clearing our energy field and making more space for Divine Presence in our lives.

At the very least, affirm out loud and daily,

  • There is One Power, One Source, One Life Force.
  • I Am One with All That Is.
  • I Am an Individualized Expression of God.

This brings  Divine Knowing more readily into our energy fields as we affirm these truths regularly.

2. Loving Self has nothing to do with personal indulgence and everything to do with living in integrity. Loving Self is  going out with friends and NOT over drinking, over eating, over smoking, over spending, over gambling or over sexing with others.   Anything prefaced by “over” is not living in integrity.  We usually know when we have “over” done something though frequently, not at the time.  Perhaps for a time it feels easier to pretend to ignore this information we have about ourselves. This pretense is costly to us.   When we “over do”  we are by definition, out of balance.  This absolutely affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritual and physically.  Living in integrity is Loving of Self and by the way, benefits not only ourselves but all whom we meet.

flickr turns 4, we celebrated by mode
flickr turns 4, we celebrated by mode

The energy of being with friends,  can be a very self loving experience if we are able to be our authentic selves in their company and receive affirmation for our own True Selves. This looks like being able to say I’m sorry for something we have done which was unkind or unthoughtful and being forgiven.  This looks like being able to say, “this was great but now I need to get some rest to function tomorrow”.  This looks like being able to set good boundaries for ourselves and have our friends or partners respect this in us.

3. Other acts of integrity include saying “no” to requests of us which are not good for us,  helpful for others or respectful of our own inner knowing for ourselves.

Robert (name changed)  is a management consultant in his late thirties,  in international management.  When just setting out, he felt he had to take all work that came his way for financial reasons. He loved the bi-play around negotiating new work, agreeing on the rates, specifying deliverables and getting the contract.  However, time and again, he experienced a sense of deflation when it was time to actually do the work.

Robert did notice repeatedly,  that if a  contract was good for him,  it was almost without exception,  good for the clients as well.  He began to try to determine while negotiating contracts, if he would enjoy the actual work.  He  made some spectacularly bad choices during this time.  His fear of having enough money continued to play heavily into his judgment about clients.   After 3 years of working with this rather directly, he turned away a very large contract for 6 months of nearly full salary, because it felt really wrong for him.

After that time, he had appreciably fewer bad contracts show up in his life, because his learning was complete.  His soul was at peace with regard to these learnings and therefore he no longer attracted these situations to himself.  He had learned to live in integrity with himself and not to “prostitute himself” for the sake of prestige, money, recognition, or safety. In Loving Self enough to only accepting work situations which were good for him, Robert  radically transformed his life for the good,  in all areas, not just with work.

In facing these situations for yourself ask the following:

  • Is this a loving choice for me?
  • Am I being honest with myself, about whether this is good for me ?
  • What is making me consider working (or staying) in this setting which I know is crummy for me?

4. Loving Self requires proactive attention to our deepest needs. If we are not getting enough exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep, or spending endless hours before a computer or TV, we need to attend to this.  It is a loving act to pay attention to these things.  If we are deeply lonely, we need to take steps to be with others even if it feels like a big risk.  If we are in a bad relationship, we need to ask for Divine Help to come forth within us, release all that is our part of the bad relationship, and bless the other person regardless of the past.  If we are bored, we need to name the fear behind this and face it squarely so that we can move on from the languishing energy.

Loving Self is creating more compassion with ourselves in all areas of our lives. Love heals all things, no matter the size or complexity of what we might be facing.  Clear the fear you carry connected with the situation, call in Love even though you may not know what next steps to take because such acts create a stronger connection with All That Is, which leads to Inner Peace.

Death is simply another state of being (part 1)

Death is simply another state of being. It is one we know little about.  We therefore tend to focus on the fears and experiences surrounding death and mix that up with the state of death itself.  Many of us have unhealed sadness and grief about losses in our past.  We may also have fear about our own passing or the passing of a dear loved one.  Death is part of every single person’s life.  Traditionally, in Western societies, we fear death.  That shared mass perception about death comes from unexamined fears we hold and from the habit of giving power to death, from our minds.

There is only One Power, One Source, One God. Death has no power of its own apart from Divine Grace and Presence.  Death is a transition to another calling for our soul’s continued growth, however painful that loss may be for those of us remaining in this life.  However, if we give death power from our minds, it is as if there is indeed something to fear.

For those of us carrying imbalances with death and dying, take a look at those.  Releasing the blocked energy causing these imbalances can bring us more peace.  Ignoring the issues we have with death only allows those feelings to remain in our energy field, festering away.  We may not be aware of how those unexamined feelings are affecting us but without a doubt, they are dragging on our energy.   It may feel scary and unpleasant to dip into death especially on a sunny, blue sky day but that is exactly what I would recommend.

Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn  by jmenard48
Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn by jmenard48

A Universal Truth for all beings regardless of our beliefs is that we are eternal. I suspected this for a long time before I knew this to be true.  In working with individuals passing over from life to spirit form, the energy of the person is fully present on the other side.  There is no body as we know it but their personal energy remains in tact.  I have not traveled with others beyond transition time as they first pass over but I figure if they are present during transition time, that is good enough for me.  I know their being continues on to where they are supposed to be because some of them have left in a blaze of Light.  Also, individual  stays in transition state are usually short,  a week or less.  As they pass on,  I imagine other forms of  “body” are assumed.

In working with those who have taken their own lives, it is clear that when they are in transition state, the same issues they were trying to escape from here, are still with them.  Such issues reside in our psyche or spiritual energy which remains in tact so the taking of our own body does not release us from the issues we carry in our souls.  However, we get all the chances we need. We have all the time we need.  We will be given opportunity after opportunity to learn to love ourselves and to respond to the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Some persons have been here, in body, many, many times and have worked through such challenges and difficulties.  Other souls are newer and have a number of issues to resolve in the physical plane.

This is a spiritual truth for all of us.  We take our spiritual knowing with us when we pass over. We do not magically get cleanly wiped slates as we exit life.  We take our relationship with All That Is into the next dimension of our being and continue right where we left off.  Therefore, it is highly useful to do deep clearing work on this side because all the issues we release here which are not of the Light, will not convey with us.  Actually, we will never have to deal with them again for ourselves,  in this dimension.   As we come into  Right Relationship with death or any other issue here, we will remain in that Right Relationship for all time. ( to be continued)

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Peace Photos

Here are some awesome photos representing Peace, by a range of artists.  I hope they are as uplifting for you as they have been for me.  CLICK ON EACH PICTURE to see the full range of the artist’s work along with background stories for some of these specific photos. You will be connected to the artists’ individual photography web page.  This is also true for all the photos used in any of my posts.

The first photo was a photography project for a class.  You can read more about this on the artist’s web site.

Peace by Cayusa
Peace by Cayusa

Presented by The National Multicultural Festival (below)

Pierre Pouliquin, the next photographer writes,  “The Punjab Cultural Promotion Council (PCPC) ensemble is working relentlessly to promote a “Culture of Peace and International Friendship”. Dressed in their exotic traditional costume, the PCPC artists and dancers will perform popular folk dances of Punjab, namely Bhangra and Gidha. In various styles and symmetries, they will perform to the beat and sound of traditional drum and other folk instruments. This spectacular performance will invigorate the whole audience.”

Exotic Bhangra from India by Pierre Pouliquin
Exotic Bhangra from India by Pierre Pouliquin

Our third photographer known as The Zion View,  dedicated the following photo to all those who were affected by recent bomb blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad,  and Jarkand in India.

Let there be PEACE, please... by  THE ZION VIEW
Let there be PEACE, please... by THE ZION VIEW

The next photo comes from Carf who writes , “contrasting colors, contrasting realities, contrasting pasts, contrasting presents, contrasting futures and contrasting lives!  Nevertheless, best friends, Matheus and Vando.”  Click on photo for more of these boys’ stories. They both live in Brazil.

Best Friends- a safer pathway to peace by Carf
Best Friends- a safer pathway to peace by Carf

Danny Hammontree, our next photographer writes,  “I met Dogman at Camp Casey in Washington DC.  As soon as I saw him I knew I had to get a good photograph of him.  I think in total I took about 60 shots of him throughout the 3 days I was in DC.  When I photograph people I really try not being noticed because I want to get people as candid as possible.  I wish I could post every photo I took of Dogman but you know… Maybe 1 or 2 😉 ”

When: September 24th 2005
Where: Washington DC
What: The United for Peace and Justice Anti-War protest & march.

Dogman 1  by Danny Hammontree
Dogman 1 by Danny Hammontree

Trey Ratcliff , our last photographer took this picture in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and called it Islamic Peace.  It looks like delightful peace to me.

Islamic Peace - by Stuck in Customs (Trey Ratcliff)
Islamic Peace - by Stuck in Customs (Trey Ratcliff)

Right Relationship

Coming into Right Relationship with aspects of our lives is another way to think of seeking Peace.  Right Relationship refers to the highest form of connection with a person, place or situation for this place and time as defined by Divine Knowing.  Right Relationship is a concept which requires us to let go of defining that fully for ourselves and simply seek this increasingly in our daily lives.  For example, when I am irritated with a neighbor or colleague, I am out of Right Relationship with that person.   I may not fully know what Right Relationship looks like with a specific person, however, when I am out of Right Relationship, I usually know it.  I feel anxious, irritated, on edge, confrontative, nervous, when I think of them or when I am around them. This is a good place to begin seeking Peace.

Japanese Rock Garden (Photo by vgm8383)

The contrast between balance and non-balance becomes gradually clearer as we are increasingly in Silence.  The challenge is what to do about it.  If we are out of Right Relationship with a person and we want to re-balance, what can we do?

One main principle in seeking Peace is that others do not make or break our Peace.  We make or break it.  We choose to get angry, to feel judged, to feel mistreated, to feel betrayed, to feel irritated or insignificant.  However, we often talk about this as “so-in-so made me feel sad, mad, glad”.  Actually the truth energetically is more like this, “when I think about or I am with so-in-so, I feel mad, sad, or glad”.  The choice to feel that way is ours.  The choice not to feel that way is also ours.  This later realization usually spurs shifts in how we work these issues in our lives.

What does being out of Right Relationship look like?

Years ago I got irritated with one of my colleagues who always had to have everything we worked on perfect to her standards of perfection.  I was clearly out of Right Relationship with this person.  Let’s call her Sonya. Every meeting I had with Sonya always devolved into her stating what was wrong with the efforts we had made on a joint project.  Sometimes the issue was the “clarity of the brochure”, sometimes the issue was the appropriateness of the pictures we had used, or the font, or the unstated messages, and on and on.  What I needed to work on was why I got so irritated. After some Silence with this issue, it came to me that I really, really resented feeling controlled.  This type of experience is something that I also had in other areas of my life, surprise, surprise.  What was this about?? How could I release it?

What can we do about being out of Right Relationship?

Here’s what I did.  I sat down and wrote in my journal about all the experiences I had ever had when I felt controlled by another person.  I went back to my childhood, I wrote about my marriage, I wrote about other work settings. I wrote until I was finished with all these experiences.  I learned that Sonya was not the creator of this experience, I was.  I learned that what I really was working with was the fear of not measuring up to other’s opinions of me.  When I got this clarity, I asked during one of my meditative sessions, to have all this fear of not measuring up to be lifted from my energy field. It was.

A few weeks later Sonya and I had a meeting. I had asked her to just go ahead and make all the changes she wanted to before our meeting on the brochure we were writing so that it was exactly as she thought it would work.  There was no tension, no angst. We negotiated some changes without the irritation I usually had felt.  I felt really clean and balanced.

I knew that something really different had happened for me. I had sought Peace and in that seeking, it had been given to me.  It was not given without my effort but rather as a result of trying to clear the energy that was taking me out of balance. This spiritual principle has been shown to me hundreds of times since then.  When I take steps towards Peace and Balance, all that is needed is provided.


Welcome to this blog!  So glad you found us. We will be exploring Inner Peace and spiritual health in daily life. We will look at how to get there, what keeps us from staying in a state of Peace, what triggers our anger, guilt, fear, pride, judging, forgiveness and hope and  how to work our way into greater and greater balance and wholeness.

Photo by matthewvelie

We are here to seek Peace in all areas of our lives, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. The question is, how do we do that? It begins with facing the areas of our lives where there is clearly a lack of Peace.  We know these areas as places of tension, arguments, irritations, anger, strain and stress.

Whenever we are out of balance, we are not in a place of Peace. Arguments, frustration, anger,  and irritation are the outward indications of inward imbalances.  We may not realize what those imbalances are, but we get all the chances we need to identify areas of imbalance because they keep presenting in varying ways until the root cause of the imbalance is cleared from our energy field.  What is most amazing about spiritual health is that as we fully release blocked energy from our own energy fields, we see positive changes in the outward expressions of those difficult imbalances in all areas of our lives.

No one else can do this work for us. We have to undertake this effort ourselves.  However, we also get all the help we need as we set the intention to come into greater and greater Peace.  It is as if the Universe around us is attuned to those seeking Peace and rushes to help us in the most amazing of ways.  When we are seeking Peace, even before we have arrived at Peace in some area of our lives, there is help.  We simply have to be silent and take that help in, which comes vibrationally from entering into Silence.

Help can come from many other ways as well.  We can become renewed and more peaceful by taking a swim, by working in the garden, by seeing a good friend, by watching an inspirational movie or by creating something lovely.  These ways of connecting with positive energy can also very helpful to us at times when seeking Peace.  However, in certain areas of our lives, where we are stuck in old energy, old patterns and old ways of thinking, we need a higher knowing , a higher connection with Divine Energy.

The process of seeking Peace is one that is most powerfully undertaken with Divine Partnership in all its many forms.  That is because, there is an Infinite Knowing way beyond our human knowing which kicks in when we make an intention to seek Peace.  When we first make that commitment, or set that intention to seek Peace, we don’t have a clear vision of why we are out of Peace, why we need Peace, what we are thinking, feeling and doing which is at odds with Peace.  That knowing comes to us in Silence, if we enter into it regularly.

This is a best kept secret. Within the Silence is the deep Knowing that is the key to lasting Peace.  For when entering Silence, we leave our outer roles, concerns, responsibilities, thoughts, lists, and self-judgments outside of that time and space.  With some practice, we are more and more our own true selves in Silence.  We can more easily “free-float” in that Silence. Then the contrast between that sense of Peace in Silence and our daily, outer experiences of being out of balance make themselves increasingly known to us.  Without some experience of “letting it all go”, as one experiences in meditative Silence, where would we learn about the feeling of Peace in our own experience?

Take a few moments in the beginning of your day to simply be still and “know that I am God”.  Whatever your experience is will be perfect.  Even if there is a swirling cacophony of things to do, places to go or people to see in that first effort, it is a beginning.  If you have already had experience with Silence try expanding your time a few minutes or simply try to be more accepting of the experience you have in that time of Silence.  Silence is a gift to ourselves and it is within this journey that we find Peace that passes all understanding.  Begin with opening the Silent space with the Highest I AM/Divine Oneness/God energy of the Universe.  You will be in good hands this way.