Spirits Having a Human Experience, part 1

Most of us in body, in this Earth dimension,  generally think of ourselves as humans having an occasional spiritual experience.  However as our consciousness expands, perhaps more accurately said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This quote is from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), the French philosopher and Jesuit priest.

Paradise Bridge by h.koppdelaney

The one and only thing that a group of renown spiritual teachers, mystics and writers including Deepak Chopra, Barbara Kingsolver, and Marianne Williamson agreed on after days together in conference was that we are spirit beings having a human experience. Assuming this may indeed be so, there are some implications for living as spiritual humans which can help us  on our journeys.

We are here first and foremost in our bodies for some reason, otherwise we would be elsewhere.  Repeatedly, it seems that we are here to work on our relationship to All That Is/God/Great Oneness.  We come with all sorts of baggage from previous incarnations and we continue to accumulate baggage in this lifetime as well.  However, perhaps because all healing must take place in the dimension in which we incurred the imbalance, we return repeatedly and attract to ourselves conditions which give us the opportunity to heal, come into wholeness, peace, joy and balance.

Could it all be as simple as our being here to clear our minds, bodies and souls from fear and blocked energies which we are carrying within ourselves? Is life being given in body so that this time we may choose Love and Peace, Wholeness and Balance?  Could our ancestors be looking on saying,

  • MAYBE THIS TIME, she will choose Love and Wholeness.
  • MAYBE THIS TIME, he will choose Peace and Joy.
  • MAYBE THIS TIME, they will keep the deep spirit ways close to themselves and find Loving Kindness in all things.
In Chains by purplemattfish

When we release blocked, negative energy, we diminish our sense of darkness and our feelings of separation from All That Is.  Our consciousness expands as fear receeds. We become more aware of our connection with All That Is, The Great Oneness and increasingly aware of our spiritual selves.

We have free will so we can choose to explore our spirituality in this lifetime or we can choose to completely ignore our spiritual selves. We can spend as much time as we like ignoring our spiritual selves. However, there are a range of imbalances in the soul of each person in body which can only be re-balanced while we are in body and when we decide to work on our inner sense of peace.  All our perceptions of our outer lives are formed through our sense of inner Peace.

Meditation can allow us to temporarily escape the human requirements of our lives and be in Silence and Stillness.  The process of entering a meditative state eventually helps our minds and bodies to remember the feeling of inner balance.  Often in the beginning of this process, however, we must face the areas of our lives which are out of balance.

Spirit + Nature by h.koppdelaney

Places of stillness can also be reached through yoga, long distance runs, dancing, biking and swimming to name a few. Reaching this state, through movement is sometimes known as hitting the “zone”.   Others can find deep Stillness in gardening, walking in nature, painting or creating.  All efforts towards stillness result in our remembering what balance feels like.

Prayer is the conscious request for Divine Energy to help us in our quest for greater Peace and Balance.  Prayer is like speaking to our deepest Divine Knowing within ourselves and calling upon other available spiritual energy to support our  journeys or that of another.  Prayer in its most powerful sense is a call to balance.

Fear is the opposite of Love.  We therefore we have to name our fears and face them. Further, in order to become free of those thoughts and feelings we have to caste the fear out or deny any further power to that fear which we may be holding onto.  This allows us to fully embrace Love in our lives. All acting out, physically or emotionally stems from fear, often fears we do not recognize but none the less, fears we are expressing.

When I am out of balance, one question brings me to a place deeply within.  I have finally learned to remember to ask myself,  what fear is producing this imbalance within me?  This is one of the most important questions we can ask along the way to inner Peace. to be continued…

How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing is the healing of the unseen energy in our energy field.  It is not magic!  We know that we are out of balance if we become angry or afraid about something in our lives.  Anger, fear, shame and guilt each have a unique vibration which is different from the vibrations of joy, laughter, contentment and love.  When we carry anger in our energy field regardless of its origin, the vibration of anger permeates our body.  That vibration leaves our body when we reach resolution regarding the anger.  Or, the anger vibration may remain in our energy field for years,  if it is not completely resolved, released or the person forgiven, who is related to the anger.  Spiritual healing is the process of releasing blocked energy which is not serving us well in our lives.

Not merely an absence of noise, Real Silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary. -- Peter Minnard  by Fountain_Head (Extremely busy.....)
Not merely an absence of noise, 'Real Silence' begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary. Peter Minnard Photo by Fountain_Head (Extremely busy.....)

Spiritual healing recognizes that our thoughts, feelings, actions, memories, experiences and bodies are all one interrelated flow of energy impacting each other in thousands of ways every day. This is the mind, body, spirit connection. Every thought and feeling we have resonates throughout our bodies.   If we experience trauma, sadness, abuse, fear, abandonment,  our body registers this emotional content in the body.  When we are stressed, out of balance, we are more vulnerable to contract infection, virus, parasites, etc.  When we are out of balance emotionally or mentally, this ALWAYS shows up in our bodies, sometimes immediately and sometimes years later but it ALWAYS shows up.

The way to stay healthy and in balance is to do our inner work. This  work most powerfully consists of  identifying and releaseing blocked emotional, mental and spiritual energy which is manifesting as pain, hurt, anger, broken relationships, poor communications, repeating confrontations, back pain, cancer, ADHD, depression, infections, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. and all other types of imbalances in our physical bodies.

Each and every one of us is here to learn to be in greater states of Peace and Joy. Some of us recognize this and others among us do not.   We can choose to ignore our inner work but eventually we have to do the work to find Peace and Contentment in our daily lives.   We can spend lifetimes on the externals of what others think of us, on material possessions and on public attributes of prestige and success.  The externals however have next to nothing to do with feeling successful, peaceful and balanced inside.   The goal of spiritual healing is Peace and Wholeness inside. Then our lives, our relationships, our jobs and our bodies come into greater and greater balance.

Inspiration by  h.koppdelaney
Inspiration by h.koppdelaney

When we release deep sadness, un-forgiveness, resentment, hatred, judgement, shame, fear, etc. our minds and bodies come into greater balance.  When I open a sacred space, I call Divine Presence into this dimension to work with me to help others who are in need.  As I begin to work with another,  I don’t know in my “human mind” exactly what blocked energy may be manifesting as infection, inflammation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Crohns or Grave’s Disease.   I do know that some set of blocked energy is manifesting as imbalance in the body.   I also know that Divine Knowing knows all. Through listening, with the intent to come into balance, we will learn to identify the imbalances and then they can be cast out of our energy fields allowing the body to heal.

Some people come to me for a “quick fix”. Those rarely manifest.  We have to steadfastly seek to connect with Divine Energy because the outer world is more visible, more tangible and seemingly more real to many of us.  Until we have real experience with Divine Presence, the thought of this Presence is a vague possibility.  We can experience Divine Presence though other people, nature, creations, etc. but we have to eventually go inside and have a dialog with Divine Presence and ourselves to find Divine Connection. God/Divine Presence/All That Is  is within.  Our  I AM Presence, the part of us which is wholly connected and balanced, is within.   If we seek with the attitude that we will get our body fixed and go right on with our behaviors and thoughts which have brought us to imbalance,  we won’t be able to sustain any form of balance, mentally or physically.

Our bodies and more importantly our souls won’t allow us to be out of balance without letting us know in very powerful ways. We get as many chances as we need to release resentment, rage, blame, self-punishment and un-forgiveness but there is no way to fool the body into balance.  We come into balance when we are done with giving our power and attention to negative energy which is manifesting as imbalance.

At the Gate by  h.koppdelaney
At the Gate by h.koppdelaney

To Begin Inner Spiritual Healing Work:

1. Relax into Silence with the spoken intent to connect more deeply with Divine Presence.  I intend to connect with Divine Presence.  I open a Sacred Space for healing and wholeness. Wait there a while and be.

2. Identify a negative draining thought, feeling or emotion which is in your immediate energy field such as rage, for example.  Or name the diagnosed imbalance you want to clear blocked energy for,  such as breast cancer.

3. State aloud with conviction,  With the Energy of the Most High, I command out the blocked core source of the rage I am feeling, (of the breast cancer, I am manifesting) through all time and space, with the intent to come into greater Balance and Peace.   I affirm my desire to connect more deeply with Divine Presence in my life.

4. I offer my deepest thanks for this support and for the power of this healing within me.


It may seem easier to get medical drugs, therapies and pills to take care of a situation. However, the same imbalances that brought the last sinus infection, the last back ache, the last heart attack, the last cancer stay with us unless we release the thoughts and feelings that have caused the imbalances in the first place. We get all the chances we need to come into balance.  If you want to be done with chronic imbalance, go inside.  Work with Divine Presence with the intent of creating more Peace and Balance, Health and Wholeness.  All healing modalities can be supported and strengthened with inner spiritual work.  Release that which you know is out of balance and all else will follow.

Begin Today.  Sit today in Silence and cast out that which is manifesting as imbalance in your life. Repeat these processes frequently until the negative emotions have left your being or until the physical imbalance is re-balanced.  Healing comes a little at a time.  Keep calling out the imbalances, a little at the time.

Calling Out Impatience, part 2

If you are reading this blog for the first time or after a while away, read the previous post before reading this one, as they go together.  Go to http://www.robbinshopkins.com/2009/09/patience-is-love-of-self-part-1/.

It is possible to focus on impatience within ourselves and rout it out! This concept though came to me slowly over a long period of time.  I awoke gradually to the implications of naming what was causing me distress, imbalance and friction in my life.  Here are some concrete examples of how to name impatience and command it out of our field.

A Half and a Third of the Sky by Shamanic Shift
A Half and a Third of the Sky by Shamanic Shift

Before doing this work or any other of a spiritual nature, open a sacred healing space. I do this by inviting my Highest I AM Self , the Angelic Host, the Nature Intelligences, the Ascended Master of all traditions, the Comic Light Being of the Highest Light, Divine Physicians who can work with me today.  Do what works for you.

When impatience is manifesting in our lives in the present time, we usually know it is present.  We sometimes carefully and cleverly ignore it, make excuses for it or downright deny we are being impatient.  This is a process when you are ready to honestly face the energy of impatience within.

1. The first step is to NAME the settings, interactions, situations  where we are feeling impatient with ourselves or others. It looked like this for me.  Getting up every morning, stomping around the house looking for my hair brush and cursing about never being able to find anything, repeatedly, day after day when I had to go to work!!

Also, even though you can quickly and decisively name impatience in others, that does you absolutely no good.  You can only change that pattern in yourself.   Your own healing of this imbalance will affect those around you.

What does impatience look like in your life?  How does it specifically manifest? Pick one instance where you have been impatient with self or others, to further explore.

2. A second step in this process is to  name all the ways impatience in the situation you have named is  benefiting  you.  For me, it benefited me because it allowed me to get out my impatience with myself in a safe private environment before I was publicly at work.   The ranting also kept me in touch with my power, as distorted as that was, because I felt trapped by the daily routine of going to that job.  Giving power to my impatience provided me a forum to rail without any perceived consequences to myself.   I could let loose and not hurt anyone but myself.

How does the impatience in the situation you have identified,  benefit you?  What pay offs are your getting from you impatience in this situation?

3. The third step is to consider the costs of this continued set of behaviors to yourself and to others. In my case, it was very unpleasant for my husband to witness this self-condemnation on my part every morning I had to work.  Though I seemed to be getting in touch with what I thought of as power, really, I was venting my impatience with myself  all over the house.  This made it very difficult to get to work with grace and ease, actually, next to impossible.  I don’t think grace and ease were even in my vocabulary at the time.

What are the costs to yourself and to others of continuing with this form of impatience with yourself or others?

4. The fourth area to explore is what specific fears are fueling the impatience with self or with others. In my case, my fears were of losing the “me” I liked, by being in a job I was not happy with.  Another fear was that I was losing my sense of my 0wn power by needing to “fit in” to the organization where I was working.  Another fear was of never getting to where I could really make a difference through what I was doing.

What specific fears are fueling the impatience with self or with others?

When the fears are specifically named, you are ready to decide if you would like these to leave your energy field for good. If so, continue with the next section for how to do that.  If not, perhaps you can return to this when you feel ready to release the fears manifesting in your life as impatience with self or others.

Clearing the energy behind impatience.

There are a few basic concepts which will support this clearing of blocked energy manifesting as impatience. The first is that impatience is not an eternal energy.  It is not of the family of love and therefore is fleeting, passing and is not a permanent fixture of our own true selves.  We may have this trait for months, years or lifetimes but none the less, it is a passing trait which we can release if we are so inclined. Secondly, we have the deep knowing of All That Is within us.  We are one with God/The Great Oneness/All That Is.  We may not feel we are connected to this knowing, but we are.  We need to claim this connection and releasing that which is not of love, in any form, strengthens that connection on our side.  From the “other side” that connection is constant, everlasting and steadfast. Thirdly, if we command blocked energy out of our field, it will go. Until you have experience doing this, you have to simply do it and see.  Then the experience of cleared energy will be known to you in this time and space and the process will become easier over time.

The clearing process begins with intent.  One day I decided that I no longer wanted impatience in my energy field.  Thus began a series of letting go and clearing of impatience energy from all areas of my life.   I imagine there is still more to do but the backlog has been addressed!   We get as many chances as we need.  We can do the work now or do the work later.  This is a loving step towards claiming the power and peace of our own true selves.  Every one of us is capable of being patient with ourselves and others.  We simply need to call out the blocked energy manifesting as impatience and call forth love to replace it.

Human being asking Universe by ULUC
Human being asking Universe by ULUC

Steps to Clear Impatience from you Field

1.  Reopen your sacred healing space or restate your intent to work within that space if you have already opened it that day.  ( see above)

2.  Call forth the sacred flame from within you.

This flame is the form of God, All That Is, the Great Oneness which is within each of us.  It knows nothing beyond the Presence of God.  It is the energy of our own I AM Energy and of the Great I AM Energy in the same moment.  Further, the Sacred or Eternal Flame is constant, all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present.  We are in good hands with this image of Divine Oneness!  Say, “I call forth the Eternal Flame from within me.”

3.  Call out all the blocked fear energy you have identified in your field which is manifesting as impatience.  Say something like, ” Sacred Flame consume the blocked fear of ______ which is manifesting as impatience with myself and others. ”  You can call out all the specific fears you have identified from Step 4  above, at the same time.

4.  Call out the core of the blocked energy from the specific year, month and day of its inception into you field.  Say something like, ” I call forth this blocked fear of ____________  from all time and space from the specific year, month and day of its inception into my energy field which is now manifesting as impatience with myself and with others.  Consume the original blocked energy source of this impatience from my energy field totally and completely.”

All that can go in the given day, will leave your energy field.  However, you may have to repeat this process many times until the manifestation of all impatience leaves your field.  Each time you do this, more and more blocked energy will leave your field forever!

5. Call in the Presence of Divine Love in the place where the fear has been. Say something like, I call forth the Presence of Divine Love into my thinking, feeling, acting self  where this blocked fear energy has resided manifesting as impatience with myself and others.

6.  Give thanks for the loving support of the sacred healing space.  Say something like, Thank you so much for this opportunity, for the clearing and for the reconnection with Divine Love.

Blessing to all who come this way!  If you try this process, share your results with us here that we may witness each other’s efforts and share in the energy of seeking greater Peace individually and collectively.  If you do not see the “reply box”  here, click on the Title and you will be taken to the Internet space to leave a comment.

Say Yes to the Universe

What happens when an opportunity comes along which we  have not consciously called to ourselves, and it keeps insistently inserting itself into our lives?  This has been my experience of being the executor for my mother’s estate.  It is probably a good thing I did not know all that was involved because I would have probably gone running in the opposite direction. Well, I did run in the beginning!

One thinks of these roles as a few months duration and then closure.  This role for me has been forming and reforming itself for over 3 years.

Yes by diebmx
Yes by diebmx

Now as I am seeing a possible end to this, I realize that I have been given numerous opportunities through this process to say “YES” to the Universe or “NO”.  My major learning is that if I can get into a place to wholeheartedly say “Yes” to the Universe, my life flows more smoothly. If I don’t get into that place, I feel drained, worried, frustrated and disturbed.

When it was clear that my mother was finally ready to move to a retirement center, I kept ignoring what all this would mean to me.  We found a great retirement facility,  lovely apartment, worked out the financing, discussed the move.   We planned out the furniture she would be taking with little cut-out scaled furniture representations for each room courtesy of my husband.  I would be very present with her at her home, then return to my home and stop thinking about it, completely.  I just simply did not think about any of the real consequences of this for me. That worked okay for a while to lull me into thinking, “this will chug along just fine”.

Then I began to get phone calls 3-4  months before the move, such as, “Robbins, I just don’t think I am really ready to move quite yet.  You know there is only so much time and I’d like to spend it here where I am. ”  Or another call,  “Robbins, I don’t think this new place is going to really suit me.  Perhaps we should wait. ”   These calls were coming after we had paid a hefty deposit and already set the move date.

No Papparazzi Pleace by its'me'red

It slowly dawned on me that my 86 year old mother could not cope with the move, at all, really. She might be able to work with me on what to take but the idea of really clearing out her home of 41 years, was  simply shutting her down.  At my home, I went ballistic, right into agitated anger, then “I can’t cope” mode,   I am ” incompetent” mode, why me?,  defeated resignation and on alternate Saturdays, begrudging acquiescence.  In other words, I was in a state of resounding “NO”!

I really did not want to go to Richmond (2.5 hours from me) week after week to make this move happen.  I had a healing practice in full swing, for goodness sake.  I had terrible “clearing out” skills myself. Why me?  Why me?

Thus began my daily training and education about saying “YES” or “NO” to the Universe.  All the agitation with the situation and with myself simply made me feel worse. I had not expected to begin my role as executor while my mother was still alive and fully competent.   I felt surprised and really unprepared.  Therefore I tried to control everything I could.  Grasping for control is completely different from saying “YES” to the Universe.

Grasping for control looked like my trying to get clarity and a firm decision from my mother about what she would take to her new apartment,  in one afternoon.  We both ending up frustrated.  Another image comes to mind of my driving on I- 95 South and being detoured by a  three lane accident.  Traffic was at a standstill for 1.5 hours before it moved.  My reaction was to fume.  The more I fumed the worse the situation got.  I eventually realized I was driving in the wrong direction on a secondary road before I got a hold of the anger.  These are just some of the none too pretty exchanges which occurred in my “NO” period.

I did finally get that I was making myself and most everyone else miserable AND that I had a choice in the matter. I began to call for the clearing of my anger, my fear of failure, my fear of not being competent to help my mother, fear of screwing up the legal process, fear about resenting the time I needed to spend in Richmond and a few dozen other fears as well.    As each one of these fears was named and released over a few weeks, our time together got easier and easier. Surprise, surprise!

Freedom by Guille
Freedom by Guille

I went for 2- 3 days a week regularly and we began by setting up systems for addressing the “stuff”.  I remember being quite thrilled at about 6 weeks into this process, when my mother called and said that she had actually gone through a desk by herself and cleared it out as well as a chest of drawers.  She was very  pleased with herself.  This was the first time ever, in all the years I had known her that I remembered her doing this of her own volition.  So, confidence was growing for both of us. As I was increasingly going with the flow,  saying “YES” to the Universe, amazing things were happening.

We actually laughed a great deal as we were plowing through boxes from our lives in Holland, which had not been opened in 41 years.  We spent one afternoon remembering all the clothes my mother had made for me through the years.  This was aided by still having ever single one of the patterns in the basement and many actual material scraps of outfits themselves to aid our memories!  I began to program my IPod for the trip on I-95 South and by playing my own music, the trip seemed shorter and shorter.  We went out to dinner just the two of us which had hardly ever happened as we were always with other family members.   Such truly precious times, all from saying “YES” to the Universe.   I came to realize that this was a supreme blessing for me on every level,  one I had not called for myself but one which the Universe had presented all on its own for me.

Try saying “YES” to your Universe in your life.

Say Yes by teemow
Say Yes by teemow

There is likely to be a delicious blessing past the anger, frustration, need to control, fear of failure and fear of having to do something you don’t like doing.  My husband laughed with me as I began to come home each week and delve into our own piles of stuff, clearing, sorting and giving away.  I became determined to de-clutter and clear out so as to never have to face a 40 year stint of accumulated possessions of my own.  Another opportunity to say “YES” to the Universe. Happy affirming to you.

Unpacking Anger

Anger has a life of its own. How does that happen?  We might be having a very fine day and then that old argument about making plans for the weekend comes up or age old wounds about spending money to celebrate a special occasion appear and suddenly, real nastiness sets in.   We can be in the car and make a seemingly mild comment about going another way to the store and every other issue ever discussed about driving comes crashing into the car between you and your companion.  Suddenly Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde are present in full regalia.  Who are those folks erupting into yelling, posturing, accusing and defending?

Anger is like temporary insanity. The emotions take on such presence that we begin to feel they are real, powerful and overwhelming.

Coffee Argument by
Coffee Argument by alasdair.d

They aren’t actually any of those things.  Anger is neither real, powerful nor overwhelming though our reaction to it can well be overwhelming especially when we are in the thick of the interaction.  Anger is not real in the sense that it is a passing emotion, not eternal and it is certainly not powerful as it is not of the Great Oneness.  Erupting and repeating anger is a repeatedly debilitating experience which most of us would love to be free of.  How do we unpack anger from our energy field, especially when we are, of course,  right?

The very first step to unpacking anger is to want it unpacked, more than you want to be right. If you are really ready to stop giving your power to anger, you have to put it first on your list before all other feelings as the one you are going to get rid of.  It takes a great deal of determination and commitment but it can be done.  It takes honesty with oneself and before Divine Presence.

The next step to unpacking anger is to pick one recent anger encounter and take it into meditation and  reflection with Divine Presence.  Here is a story of how one partner worked on her anger until it dissipated.

Kevin and Mary repeat versions of  anger every time they begin to plan Thanksgiving for their family gathering.

Everyone take their seat... or any seat, please by OldOnliner
Everyone take their seat... or any seat, please by OldOnliner

Kevin comes from a formal family and Mary from an informal family and therefore their approach to entertaining is very different.  Though the specific incidents differ each year, the anger and angst for each of them by self-report, feel exactly the  same.  Mary began to be more and more determined to clear her anger response to Kevin  because she was increasingly bothered by having those arguments taint the entire family gathering.

Mary began to work on smaller issues around entertaining in an effort to clear the air leading up to family gatherings.  She found that she got angry when she felt that the menu,  buying of the food and  getting the house ready was all ending up on her plate.  Every time it seemed that this was happening, she would get defensive and anger would erupt.   She recognized and named the fear as “it is all up to me to make the event successful”.   As this fear “ran her” in most conversations about entertaining,  she would begin early to keep herself from making any commitments which could pile up and result in her feeling  “it is all up to me”.  This would drive Kevin crazy because he simply wanted the responsibilities clear.  Mary would steadfastly not participate in clarifying the responsibilities so that she would not have it  “end up being all on her” .  Needless to say, entertaining was stressful.

After Mary specifically named her fear,  she began to see this fear morphing and showing up in many other areas of her life, including at work and with her friends as well.  Though she remained determined to release this fear, it simply did not seem to be able to go.  She took this into Silence and got a clear sense that there was a deeper more gripping fear that she had not even known was there.  Mary realized that she really feared “that she would make  a major effort and fail or be embarrassed”.  This felt solid and intensely honest as it had been with her for many years.

Mary said this was exactly how she felt performing as a young dancer. She would practice for months at a time and  had been really embarrassed numerous times about her performances.

Art Institute #1 by Oude School
Art Institute #1 by Oude School

This fear was still in her energy field though it had morphed into issues of entertaining in her home.  By focusing on one specific situation,  she began to be able to let it go and unpack part of her wall of anger.   As long as the anger seemed to be one overwhelming, huge, repeating network of arguments,  she was unable to do anything but protect herself with all her might against the possibility of impending failure.

This may sound like a psychological assessment of the situation Mary faced but all her insight and clarity came as a result of taking this into Silence and reflecting on these issues through her  journaling.  Here are the steps she took to come to this clarity herself and to release the core fear running her efforts around entertaining with her husband.

  1. Open a sacred healing space in whatever way you feel comfortable.  ( Call in your Highest I Am Energy, Divine  Presence and Angelic Energy, for example.
  2. Focus on one specific argument in the recent past.
  3. Ask, “What am I afraid of, What is the fear which is fueling this repeating  argument?”
  4. What am I getting from holding onto this argument?  What is this argument costing me?
  5. Ask yourself, “Where else is this fear working in my life?
  6. Take all these situations into Silence and ask, “What is the core, root fear behind all this behavior?”
  7. Name the core fear.
  8. Call forth the Sacred Flame from within yourself and command the fear be completely consumed by this Divine Energy.  (Even if you feel you don’t know how this works, do it, it does work. )