Silence is Golden: Meditation 101

Peace, joy and health can only be obtained by entering into one’s Silent self.   However, while trying to get to a state of Silence, we often we have to face issues that are unresolved, problems we are struggling with and feelings we do not want to feel.

Enlightenment by h.koppdelaney

This stops many a person from meditating, being in Silence or lying in shavasana ( corpse pose)  on a yoga mat.  The key here is to stay with the Silence while releasing all connection you have with the issues entering and swirling around your mind. One way to think of this is to allow the ideas,  thoughts and issues that show up to pass across your “mind screen” and out of your focus.  A mantra, a point of vision like a candle or attention to breath can help to bring our focus back to Silence.  A mantra might be,” I am One with All That Is”, or “I am God’s  Beloved Child”. With enough detachment from our mind’s issues, thoughts, problems, and people, one can move past the monkey mind to a place of no thought while in stillness.  This however does not come quickly to some.

When I first began to try to meditate sitting up,  I would sit with my back next to an old black walnut tree.

At the Feet of an Ancient Master by Premasagar

One day when I was wrapped in a sarape, covered with a hat and gloves and determined to “have my own time”, I thought, is this really what I am doing?  By then, the snow was coming down rather steadily but that tree and I had bonded so I sat until I was completely snow covered.  I felt a certain peace in doing that because, I so desperately needed time for Silence, even if it was snowing.  When I could get to that tree, I felt welcomed because of having put all else aside to go into Silence.  I did not really know what I was doing but I knew I had to show up and be still and let the Silence guide me into greater Peace.  Bit by bit, step by step I was led into the Silence until that state increasingly stayed with me through the day, through my work, through my creating and through my pain.

Here is what I have learned along the way.  We can’t be in stillness and Silence if we don’t show up.  The first step in meditating is to show up with the intention for Silence and stillness. Another step is to select a place dedicated to enter into Silence.  It may be in a corner of a room or it may be a favorite chair or a special tree or garden.  The place has to be a haven for the time you intend to meditate.  The major challenge though is to continue to come to Silence,  even when your last experience was of the mind churning with thoughts.

One can think of this process as training the mind, like one would train a dog to obey.  For most non-meditators, the mind runs willy-nilly all over the place, most of the time. As you begin to sit in the quiet, with the intention to connect to the Greater Whole, the Oneness, you have to let the thoughts pass through without picking any of them up and without giving any of them attention. In the beginning this may be all you do for months.  Then one day, you will come out of mediation and realize that you have “lost time” when you were not conscious of sitting in the Silence.  This is the golden feeling of peace and balance.  As we begin to have a glimpse of this, there is nothing in the entire universe that can touch us this way.  We have created the time and space for peace in our lives.

Collective meditation by Premasagar

Meditating in a group is easier for most people than meditating alone.  This is because as we gather in a group,  there is more energy focused on meditation making it easier to enter into that energy flow.  However, you can simulate this by setting the intention to meditate with those of the Highest Light around the globe who are meditating at the same time you are.  You will be connected energetically with those meditators and it is often easier to get into the flow than trying to meditate alone.

In our lives we get very attached to what is going on with our friends, family, job and affairs. We have opinions, ideas, concerns, conflicts, solutions running around in our heads constantly.  Meditation is a time to check out of the dailyness of our lives and seek Peace for a few moments while remaining conscious of being awake.  It is like taking an energy nap to renew yourself.  However, unlike sleep, meditation trains the mind to be still in the midst of chaos,  and this expands into the very fabric of our lives. Over time, as we begin to be able to detach from our mind’s daily drama while in meditation, we increasingly do detach from the drama  in our daily lives as well. When our mind gets used through Silence and stillness to our letting thoughts and feelings pass us by, we learn to increasingly remain non-attached to all outcomes in our lives as well.  This enables us to increasingly hold the space for the Highest Benevolent Outcome for everything we are involved in all areas of our lives.

In Ray’s efforts to learn to meditate he kept coming up against his feelings about work which were not positive. This would throw him out of a peaceful state, again and again. He became very frustrated with his efforts to meditate. When this happens, we are being led to attend to the negative feelings that are coming up.  It is not that we are “failing”  in our efforts to meditate, it is that we need to attend to these negative feelings.   Here are some ways to do this:

  • 1. Out loud, say “I release all these negative thoughts and feelings I am carrying about work, totally and completely”.
  • 2. In a journal, write out all the negative thoughts and feelings you have about work and the costs and benefits to you of holding onto these.  Decide which thoughts and feelings you are going to keep, which ones you are going to let go of and what further actions you are going to take.
  • 3. While you are coming out of your state of Silence and stillness, call forth you sacred inner flame and command it out loud to consume all your blocked emotional, mental, thermal( self-protective) and spiritual energy from their originating sources which are manifesting as these thoughts and feeling about work in the present.  All that can leave you energy field today will go.
Buddha is a Bridge by h. koppdelaney

There is nothing in the world like Silence for healing and for guiding us to balance.  Our thoughts and feelings create the imbalances and the balances in our lives. The more we are in Silence and stillness, and attend to the imbalances surfacing there, the more balance we will manifest in our lives.  Silence trumps everything we think we are for a glimpse of the peace and stillness within, which is who we truly are.

Suffering and Sorrow : Released

All suffering and sorrow feelings are due to un-forgiveness energy.  Where there is sorrow, there is  un-forgiveness energy.   The two exist together.  What can we do about sorrow and suffering energy?

Head in Hands by Alex E. Proimos

Craig and Dana have been married 18 years.  They love each other, are happily employed, have two children and are healthy.  However their sex life by their own report has always been difficult.  They have a long history of missed opportunities, guilt feelings, sadness energy, failure and frustration energy with each other sexually.  Yet there is love on both sides for the other.  They have “tried everything” including therapy, changing techniques, weekend get-aways with support groups, videos, talking with trusted friends. They have yelled, accused, defended and attacked each other repeatedly through the years.  They have also tried calmly taking with each other about what is missing, wrong and not working.

After years of deep sorrow and frustration,  we talked about forgiveness.  Their work began with forgiveness of self for all their perceived failures, the years of unsuccessful attempts at loving intimacy and for their own judgments they held about their partners.

This is what it looked like.  Dana would sit in silence and ask to be shown places of un-forgiveness she carried about herself regarding her sexual relationship with Craig. She would sometimes get a snippet of a past conversation, a fragment of an argument or a memory of a specific weekend where she had sobbed in great anguish. She would focus on one of these images from the past and say, “I forgive myself totally and completely.” She might say this 20 or 30 times or more if the pain was especially raw.  Sometimes she cried so hard, she reported having to write out the forgiveness statements because she could not speak them aloud.  Sometimes the same situation or memory would surface again weeks later and she would have to forgive herself all over again.

Craig was following his own process as well.  He tended to remember specific times where he felt he had failed and worked through those scenarios at first.  As these receded in intensity, other memories presented themselves where he had been deeply sad, then others where he had been frustrated and eventually times of feeling guilty surfaced.  Both Dana and Craig were led in Silence to different processes for their individual work.

holding hands by annstheclaf

When they got to a place where no more need for self -forgiveness was coming up, they switched to forgiveness of each other.  Slowly, slowly compassion for self and for each other began to surface.  They were able to spend intimate time together in tiny steps with no expectations. The beginning steps made without the mantel of the  past led to more trust, more success, more expressed loving wholeness over time. They began to find their way together by retuning to forgiveness of self and each other when they hit more road blocks. They both reported success in their efforts to spend intimate time together.  They also reported that throughout their entire lives, they were seeing new evidence of this forgiveness energy working and smoothing out other challenges they faced.

Forgiveness work, whatever the topic is, has to begin with ourselves.  We have to forgive ourselves for what we see as our anger, sadness, mistakes, ignorance, etc.  This is the only way we can totally and completely forgive another person from the heart.  Both parts of this process, forgiveness of self and of another have to be taken together.  Forgiveness of self allows the forgiveness of another to fully manifest. If we do not see our own brokenness and sorrow and move to release it from our energy field, we will never be able to forgive another wholly and completely. Suffering and sorrow then remain with us in our energy field.

Karl was divorced by his wife after 22 years of marriage.  They were in counseling for a year before the divorce was final but his wife felt the situation was irreconcilable.  When I began working with Karl,  he was still very angry, deeply hurt, with feelings of abandonment, mistreatment and rage.  He could not feel any energy for a new relationship even 4 years after his divorce.  He felt betrayed through no fault of his own.

Anguish Ian (or:The Scream) by sparktography

When we began talking about self-forgiveness, he was totally closed to this.  He was divorced by his wife after all.  Karl told me his wife was the one at fault and he had nothing to forgive himself about.   We continued to talk about his feelings around this divorce and eventually we tried a session in sacred space, where he simply said, “I forgive myself totally and completely”,  over and over until it felt complete for that day.  There was no image of what that forgiveness might be about specifically.  He worked with this for several weeks and eventually the dam broke and he was able to grieve the loss and forgive himself for all the things he was blaming himself for, which he could not see nor name at the time.

Divine Grace was present in these sessions working with his unseen energy, unseen by me and by him as well.  Nonetheless, the forgiveness progressed and in time he also did the needed work in forgiving his wife.   He eventually began to date other people and reported he was a different person completely from who he had been in his earlier marriage.  He tells me he still uses that process especially around things he does not understand  but knows are out of balance.

Steps to take when suffering and sorrow are present.

1. Create a sacred space by saying, I open a sacred space with my I AM Energy/Eternal Self/Spiritual Self and Divine Presence in the highest forms ( angels, ascended teachers, divine ancestors, nature intellegences, etc.)  to help me forgive myself.

2.  Sit quietly to settle into the sacred space.  Set the intention of your work by stating in your mind that the forgiveness work is around your marriage, your relationship with your mother, the loss of your child or spouse, the relationship with your boss, specific abuse or trauma you have experienced,  etc.

3. Begin silently to yourself saying,   “I forgive myself totally and completely“.  Repeat this until you feel this in your heart.  You might put your hands on your heart as you are saying this.

4.  If  you try this for 15 minutes and feel little or nothing, try this.  “Sacred Flame from within me, consume any blocked emotional, mental, self-protective ( thermal) energy, spiritual energy or curse energy I am manifesting which is keeping me from being able to forgive myself.  I command this stuck energy out of my field, now. Thanks be to God/All That is. ”  Wait 5 minutes in this energy.

5. Return to #3 again.  If  this is still not working, write this out in a journal, again and again.  However, remember to open a sacred space within which to work.  This is most important!

6. When you feel no more un-forgiveness of self is present, which could take days or months,  use this same process for others in your situations.  “I forgive ___________ totally and completely.” Even when you are working with the death of another, do this part of the work.  Often we are angry, sad and out of balance with a loved one for having left us here without them.

Sunset and balancing rock stack by James Jordan

This process works because when we open Sacred Space we engage our Eternal, Spiritual Selves and all the Loving Presence of All That Is to help us heal.  When we surrender to loving forgiveness, we return to our natural state of balance which has left us due to experiences in the past.  We come into the present and thereby heal from the past.

The Neggies

I had a neighbor once who when asked how things were going would sometimes reply, we have the neggies.  I loved that because it was so expressive.  The neggies can overtake a whole group when complaining, arguing and bickering breaks out.  For me, the neggies often show up when my body hurts, when I am feeling overwhelmed, unproductive or when I have no time to take care of myself.  This looks like washing my hair at 12:45 AM or trying to dry clothes at 6 AM for the coming day!

Grumpy Rainbow by Jenn and Tony Bot

Frequently when these thoughts and feelings begin to invade my space, all the above feelings come at the same time.  It is as if, when I open that doorway to one little neggie, all the other little neggies lurking in the background gang up on me and have to get their kicks in as well. Recently for example, I was “over” solid booked for weeks with clients.  I contracted a sinus infection, then a major virus over Christmas (ugh) and t0 top it all off, I fell while cross-country skiing and badly sprained my knee.  I think sometimes these things come all together to get me to pay attention and ask what in the world is going on here with me?  The neggies are invading!

Seriously though, when this happens I am not a happy camper.  I frequently am anxious and prickly and don’t sleep well and can’t even be dressed up to be taken out anywhere. That’s the biggest clue that I have succumbed, when I can’t  even be roused to put on a good face to go out.  Alas, time for serious self-searching.

Though I can write about this state of affairs with levity, I assure you when I am in that state, I am really not centered and in serious need of clearing and balance.  I have also noticed people taking wide berths around me and the wearing of velvet gloves.

365:60 ARGH by seq

So having been recently in an expanded state of the neggies, here is what Divine Guidance came up with for me.  Be quiet, have a day of doing little or nothing, get frustrated, get angry, get sad, be quiet again, and then finally ask  WHAT AM I DOING TO ATTRACT THESE EXPERIENCES TO ME ??

Looking at attracting the neggies and manifesting imbalance comes from the spiritual view that we create our own experiences of our lives.  We can be as angry, sad, depressed, fearful, joyful, grateful or as accommodating as we can imagine.  It is our choice. When my body hurts, I have a choice to obsess about the pain or to get some help from preparations, pills or from people.  I also have a choice about how I react to hurting.  I can attend to it and then do something that focuses my mind differently or I can feel sorry for myself and eat.  I can complain to whomever will listen or I can be still and call forth new balance in my body.  I usually do a mixture of haranguing and harumphing before I realize that this does not help me at all.  Then I try to move directly to the deep well within, which is very patient with me I have noticed, until I remember to call forth my I AM Energy for the re-balancing of whatever is setting me off.

Here is what that looks like for me.  There is only One Power, One Presence, One Energy Source.  That Energy and Presence is pure, unadulterated Love which is waiting for me to call it forth.  I say something like this.

I call forth my I AM Energy (Highest Self) to infuse my mind, my heart, my body, my affairs and my home with Love, Light and Balance.  I release all the blocked energy I am carrying which is manifesting as my hurting body and my complaining self.  I command out my blocked emotional, mental, thermal ( self-protective) and spiritual energy which is producing this imbalance in my body and my mind.  I ask forgiveness of my body for creating this imbalance and this hurt I am experiencing.  Come forth.  Let there be balance in my body.  And So It Is.  My thanks.

Why does this work?

It works because we are all, everyone one of us,  Divine Energy regardless of the circumstances of our lives here.  We can command this I AM Energy, our Highest Self, because we are eternally connected to this energy even though we may not be conscious of this.

This works because I am calling out the blocked negative energy which I have created my very own self in my human life.  If my intention is for that stuck energy to go, it will go.  I command it out and that stuck energy goes because I am the total creator of that energy in the first place.

This approach works because I am taking full responsibility for the neggies, I am feeling.  In doing that, I re-engage with my own power and redirect it to the source of the negative feelings and the source of the imbalance or pain.

This way of working with imbalance recognizes the Divine Presence within which is eternal and on call, 24-7.

Try a different approach to the imbalances in your life. Try something you may not have tried before or may have tried not believing it could work for you.  The first time I worked with deep pain in my back in this way,  the pain instantly subsided.  In complete astonishment, I burst into tears.  I could hardly take it in.  The pain was completely gone for 1 entire day.  I was so overcome though by self-” neggie” talk that I began doubting that the shift had taken place at all. I could not trust the shift in energy.   So, the next day the pain was back.  That was a HUGE learning for me.

Enthusiasm by h. Koppdelaney

Stand fully in the knowing that you have all the power, right, authority, intention and all the chutzpah necessary to command your I AM Energy to manifest balance in your life. When I was learning to do this for myself ,  I tried to embrace infinite possibility with a measure of humility, two nods of passion, a thimble of mystery and a shot of gratitude.  See what works for you and let us hear from you.

Global Prayer

For nearly a year, I have been working with a group of folks to publish a newsletter on conditions and areas of the globe needing prayers.  We have over 85 people getting this newsletter through email.  Recently I was asked how I pray for global healing and what my thoughts are about such processes.

NASA Blue Marble by By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

As our bodies indicate imbalances in the form of infections, viruses, diseases and pain, so Mother Earth indicates her own set of  imbalances when unseen energy is out of balance. Our globe is a vibrant alive organism much as our bodies are vibrant alive organisms. Global imbalances  manifest as violence, corruption, terrorism, war, poverty, epidemics, economic instability, air, earth and water pollution, ethnic hatred, religious hatred, subjugation, slavery, sexual trafficking, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate shifts, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other imbalances.

When the unseen energy of a given city, state,  nation or a continent is out of balance, Mother Earth visually indicates imbalances at the physical level of the Earth.  All global imbalances no matter how deeply flawed or seemingly intractable can be affected by prayer.  Our prayers can directly affect the re-balancing of  chronic imbalances around the globe.

How do we as a people, for example, heal from prejudice, hatred and subjugation of those different from ourselves? We have ethnic and religious hatred the world over.  Each geographic area of the world has its own form of hatred and darkness history unique to that area of the world manifesting as ethnic hatred, prejudice and subjugation.  However at the root of all hatred and violence against others are humanly created thoughts, feelings and fears which we may have carried for centuries passed down from generation to generation.

Through the calling in of Divine Presence, we can clear the old stagnant, gnarled energies of the past and present.  All fear, thoughts and feelings which are out of Right Relationship with All That Is, can be cleared beginning with us. Even centuries of blocked fear and blame can be cleared through our partnering with God for our people now living around the globe.  Our prayers can hold the intention for global peace and healing in infinitely powerful ways.

The blue flame by Artnow314

To begin any and all healing prayers, I open a sacred space with Divine Beings including the Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, Highest Divine Cosmic Light Beings, Divine Ancestors, Divine Physicians and Nature Intelligences.  I then listen.  I work with the Sacred Flame image of the Divine Presence.  This concept is helpful for consuming all blocked, humanly created energy manifesting as global imbalances.

Let’s take the energy of  hatred between Jews and Christians as our example of imbalance in the Americas. Here is one way to pray for this clearing.  I say these prayers out loud to give more power to their form in our earthly dimension.

Sunset Flames by Brian Auer

Sacred Flame, come forth in all your power.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal(self-protective) and spiritual (fear and doubt) energies originating from the 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21st centuries now manifesting as the energies of hatred between Christians and Jews in the Americas. Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies,  back through all time and space manifesting as the peoples of the Americas, attracting hatred energy to themselves between Jews and Christians.  Let there be full Forgiveness, Peace and Love with regard to these imbalances.   And So It Is.  Our thanks, Amen.

Sometimes I am then guided to take these same prayers to the rest of the globe. I work with six geographic areas as given by Divine Presence in supporting me in global prayer.  The other five areas of the globe beyond the Americas which I work with include Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, India and China, [Russia, Middle East and Asia], and [Oceania, Oceans and the Poles].

When I complete this process,  I go back and ask if these geographic areas are in Right Relationship with All That Is in regards to the energy of hatred between Christians and Jews for this day.   If not, I continue until there is Right Relationship indicated for the day with the issue being addressed.  When balance for a given day is indicated, healing at the physical level can begin.

Let’s use the AIDS epidemic in Africa as our next example. This is one way to call for the clearing of the old compromised and blocked energies which are fueling the present imbalances we see as the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Sacred Flame, come forth in all your power.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal(self-protective) and spiritual (fear and doubt) energies originating from the 18, 19, 20 and 21st centuries now manifesting as the AIDS epidemic in Africa.  Clear all blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies,  back through all time and space manifesting as the peoples of Africa attracting an AIDS epidemic to themselves.  Let there be Balance, Healing and Wholeness with regard to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and So It Is.  Our thanks.  Amen

The core blocked energies from the past for a government, nation, condition or group of people contribute to the visible imbalances in the country or region in current times.  If these old patterns of energy are cleared back through centuries, then the present imbalances can clear.  I ask how far back the imbalances go and usually I get a century. If you are not sure, pick a century and call for the clearing from that century forward. Anything we do to clear the present of old blocked energies from the past allows for balance to be restored.

Apophysis-Globe by HocusFocusClick - Johanne

All clearing of this sort will contribute to balance.  So, whatever you do will be helpful. When we work in Divine Space with Divine Beings our prayers can be significantly amplified and are therefore more powerful than if we think we are working as lone individuals.  When we pray in earnest from our hearts, all that is needed is provided and so we are truly contributing to the greater whole within the world.

Let us hear from you.  May powerful praying be actualized by us all!!

Prayers for Seemingly Intractable Conditions

New spiritual information is coming through for those with Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, high cholesterol, vitiligo, chronic fatigue, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, common cold, epilepsy, body’s electrical system, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Recently, each of these conditions has been described by Divine Knowing to me as the result of imbalances in energy which have attracted a virus to the physical body. The viruses are doing the damage at the physical level manifesting as these various conditions or diseases.  Despite the fact that medically several of these conditions have not been linked to viruses, this is the pathway for healing that has been given spiritually.

Virus by twenty_questions

Imagine my total amazement when over time, more and more imbalances such as those listed above have been addressed by Divine Knowing as caused by viruses.  Through spiritual explanation, we contract a virus to our bodies because of some blocked energy, emotional, mental, thermal (self-protective) or spiritual (fear and doubt) which has compromised our immune system.   I am seeing healing for clients when bodies have been cleared of this blocked energy manifesting as a “Crohn’s causing virus” or as  a “glaucoma causing virus”, for example. This is the exact wording coming from Divine Knowing.

It may be years before we have medical confirmation of this spiritual information regarding virual sources for these imbalances.  However, if you or a loved one is suffering with the above mentioned imbalances, you can use the following prayers for support and healing.

Prayer in my applied definition is working with Divine Presence or Universal Energy to bring forth the needed healing vibrations for shifting imbalances.  All prayers are helpful though I have found that the more specifically directed this call for healing is, the more powerful it is.  We are going to jump to graduate level prayer for maximum impact. Some background might be helpful before we put the prayers to use.

  1. The major types of blocked energy so far revealed are emotional, mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual  (fear and doubt).
  2. The sacred flame is a form of Divine Presence within each of us.  This energy is eternal, all knowing and all powerful.  This concept comes  from the Saint Germain teachings.
  3. Open a sacred healing space for all prayers with a call to Divine Presence. I open my prayers by saying, “I call forth my beloved I AM Energy, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host, the highest Cosmic Light Beings of the Universe, the Nature Intelligences, the Divine Ancestors and Divine Physicians”.

    Would You Die For The Glory Of Russell's Teapot by Dude Crush

Thurman was diagnosed with glaucoma and it was affecting both eyes.  He asked me to pray for his healing.  I opened the Sacred Space with my I AM Energy and that of the Divine Realm and said:

I call forth the sacred flame from within Thurman.  Consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual blocked energies from this lifetime and any previous lifetime manifesting as a “glaucoma producing virus”. Virus,  return to complete balance with all other tissues in the body.  Let there be balance in Thurman’s eyes. And So It Is.  Thanks to All That Is.

Say the prayer knowing it will be heard.  All we ask, think, say is heard.  Every hair on our head is counted!  Stand in partnership with Divine Presence and know the call will be heard. It is your spiritual birthright to call the Energy of Divine Presence into this dimension for healing.  Hold the intention for balance and wholeness and when it can manifest, it will do so.

This is a prayer you could say for yourself  if you have high cholesterol or any of the other conditions listed in the first paragraph. Open the sacred healing space to begin.

I call forth the sacred flame from within me.  Sacred Flame consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energies I am carrying from this lifetime or any previous lifetime manifesting as a “high cholesterol causing virus” at the physical level.  Virus come into perfect balance with all the tissues of my body.  Let there be balance with this virus and my cholesterol levels.   And So It Is. My gratitude and thanks.

You may have a friend or family member who is not open to prayer.  Therefore, it makes no sense to try to get their permission at  a human level,  for healing prayer.  Their minds are not open to this.  In sacred space though we are ALL ONE, created from Universal Love Energy.  Your love for this person will be strongly channeled for their highest good through your prayer of healing love for them.   You can do no harm by sending Love energy in their direction by calling it into their field. They will feel the love even if the healing cannot be received.  Eventually love heals all.

Here is a prayer for a person whom you might not have spoken to about prayer.  Open the sacred healing space first.

I hold Kalli in this Sacred Healing Space for her highest benevolent outcome. I call forth her I AM Energy.  Sacred flame, come forth from within Kalli. Consume all blocked emotional, mental, thermal or spiritual energies from this lifetime or any other lifetime which are currently manifesting as a “cancer producing virus” at the physical level.  I command this virus to come into right relationship with the rest of Kalli’s body at all levels. All cells in this body balance in the name of the Most High.  And So it is. Blessings of the Light.  My loving thanks.

Spirit of Meditation by h. koppdelaney

This prayer energy works powerfully because we have chosen to partner with Divine Presence.  We have come knowing that we will be heard.  We are commanding Divine healing energy into this earthly dimension through our own commitment to love and service, to self or others.  We are commanding the return of balance for ourselves or for another.  Use these prayers when you or others are facing these imbalances.  I give deep thanks together with all of you, that this approach to healing is being shared with us at this time in our evolution.

See Update to this information at this link

Spirits Having a Human Experience, part 2*

* see part one of this piece,

As we learn about ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, new perceptions of ourselves emerge. Here are some discoveries which have been helpful to me in my spiritual and human journey.  Being both spiritual and human beings takes some attention and some sorting out regarding what our spiritual beings are capable of and how to live with this unseen potential we all possess.

Our energy field extends way beyond our physical bodies.  We intuitively sense this.  Have you ever been in a room with people and feel a compulsion towards some and an attraction towards others?  This is energy connecting and repelling and this goes on all the time.  In general though, we forget about such feelings or diminish their importance because we think of our physical bodies as our full selves.

As human beings,  we mostly have very limited views of our energy’s scope and breadth. The more consciously aware we are of our connection with All That Is, the greater our energy extends beyond our bodies. The more time in Stillness and Silence, the more sense we have of our expansive selves.  Some beings in body are even extending beyond this earthly dimension in their commitments to help bring Balance and Peace to others.

Chakras by Robbi Baba

Some beings here have already ascended into the Light and they have chosen to consciously return to this dimension to be in service with others.   In Sanscrit, these beings are known as the bodhisattva.  This does not mean however that they do not have to move through the same stages of expanding consciousness again,  while in body.  Their process though may be easier, quicker and more dramatic as they have already taken those steps in other incarnations. This concept is found in the Buddhism.

The bodhisattva among us are those who can teach us of the namaste.  Namaste is a state of being which in part refers to the Light of a spiritually aware person readily recognizing the light in another, thereby helping all humanity to remember our connection with All That Is.  The words to one song about this are ” The Light in me beholds the Light in you”.  This sums up namaste rather succinctly.

Fear, negativity, darkness and anger is created through our human selves and therefore can be released through our human desire to be free of these thoughts and feelings. Kindness, love, gratitude and appreciation is created through our connected spiritual selves which is eternally One With All That Is.  Love is the only lasting energy of the Universe.  All other energies we are passing through on the way to remembering our own true selves as spirit beings of the Light.

Religious practices and paths have some accurate takes on Divine Presence and some inaccurate takes on Divine Presence as well.  Only a spiritually seeking person can discern between that which is of the Light and that which is not of the Light.  This is our gift and responsibility.  Discernment requires Silence and Stillness in rather large amounts so that we can hear our own still small voice of All That Is amidst the noise of our human existence.

Oneness by h.koppdelaney

We are eternally connect to All That Is, though we have to seek ways to discover this every time we are in body. Further, there is no requirement that we must discover this connection while in body.  We can choose to live our lives in any way we want to.  All our choices however have consequences.  If we create and nurture imbalance, imbalance will manifest in our bodies and our lives.  If we create and nurture balance, balance will manifest in our bodies and our lives.

There are wide ranging terms for Divine Presence, including God, The Great I AM, All That Is, Divine Oneness, Great Creator, Yahweh, Allah, Elohim, Allaha, The Almighty, Lord, The Holy Spirit, etc.  Further, Divine Presence is available to us in a myriad of energy forms including Angels, Archangels,  Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, Divine Cosmic Light Beings, Nature Intelligences, Divine Ancestors and Divine Physicians, to name a few.   This Energy is available to all beings as we become increasingly conscious of these differentiated forms of Divine Presence.

All humans are eternally connected to All That Is even if we do not know this and even if we choose anger, violence or abuse in our human lives.  We can never be separated from the Love of All That Is.  However our human choices for imbalance in our lives can feel like we are separated from Divine Love, because when we can’t see that spark of Divinity within ourselves,  so we have no way to know of the Divine Love that is all around us and within us.  This Divine Presence can become invisible to us if we choose imbalance as a way of living.

Choose Love. Choose to believe in the goodness and power of Light within yourself.  Choose to see the the wholeness that you are and forgive the imbalance, the lapse in love actions and the judgements along the way.  Choose the path of Joy, Delight, Balance and Creativity for then you are as close to Divine Energy as is possible in our human dimension.   Gift yourself with Stillness and Silence for there is a world of loving wholeness awaiting you every time you step into your spirit energy.

Prayers for Coming into Balance

Here are specific prayers and approaches to help us come into balance with All That Is/ God/ Universal Goodness. These prayers target blocked energy for clearing energy fields to allow our feelings, our body or our relationships to heal.  All prayer should begin with opening a sacred healing space. There are many ways to do that.  Here are two options.

Sunset and balancing rock stack by James Jordan

I. Before prayer, open the Sacred Space.

This is done to amplify our prayers, to create a protected healing space for the prayers and to help us begin to create real partnerships with these Divine Energy Beings who are always available to support us.


A.  I call forth my highest I AM Self. ( This is the part of us that is always One with God. ) I call the Angelic Host, the Ascended Masters and the Highest Cosmic Light Beings of the Universe to hold this sacred space for healing and wisdom with me.  And so it is.

B.  I am opening a sacred space for this prayer.  My deepest thanks for this support and healing grace.

II. Clear your own energy before commanding energy through prayer.

If you have any inkling that you feel your prayer is not going to work, clear your doubt and fear before praying.  ALL OUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD!! Further, if you are carrying un-forgiveness about yourself,  this needs to be released before prayer is powerful.


A.  Divine Knowing, clear the blocked energy I am carrying which is manifesting as doubt and fear concerning what I am about to pray for.  My thanks.

B.  Spirit of the Living God, I ask for forgiveness for the anxiety I am carrying about my job interview.  Thank you.

Fruit balance by Pickersgill Reef

III.  I have a body part that is in pain.

I call forth the Sacred Flame ( God in flame form within us) to consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into my field which is manifesting now as a painful _______ (knee, hip, hand), etc.  Consume the blocked energy to allow for balance of my _______ (knee, hip, hand), etc. in present time.  I am open to the healing energy in any form that is possible.  Thanks be to God.

IV. I have a stuffy nose with cloudy discharge. (fill in the condition/symptoms)

I call forth the Sacred Flame ( God in flame form within us) to consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into my field which is manifesting now as a stuffy nose with cloudy discharge. Consume the blocked energy allowing for balance of my body with regard to the symptoms of this stuffy nose.  Thanks be to All That Is.

V. Brad has recurring headaches. (fill in the condition/symptoms)

I call Brad’s highest I AM Self into this sacred healing and wisdom circle.  I call forth the Sacred Flame  from within Brad to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal(protective) and spiritual (fear) energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime from the year, month and day of its inception into Brad’s field which is manifesting now as recurring headaches. Consume the blocked energy allowing for balance of his body.  Thanks be to All That Is.

VI.  I had a bad argument with my spouse,child, co-worker, mother, friend.

I ask for deep forgiveness for my part in escalating the argument with _____ (name) last night.  I call forth the Sacred Flame to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energy from my energy field from this lifetime or from any previous lifetime which is manifesting now as this argument with _____ (name). Clear all this old stagnant, blocked energy which can go today.  I call Peace and Divine Energy into the midst of my relationship with _____ (name).  Thank you, Divine Grace.

VII.  I feel angry with my spouse for his lack of awareness of what needs to be done around the house.

Sacred Flame come forth and consume the blocked mental, thermal and spiritual energy originating from this lifetime or any other lifetime which is manifesting as my repeated anger and frustration with my spouse about his lack of awareness of what needs to be done in our house.  I call forth the Blessings of the Light for our relationship.  I am so grateful for this support and healing energy.

VIII.  I feel depressed and lethargic.

I call forth the Sacred Flame of All That Is from within me.  Sacred Flame, come forth and consume the emotional, mental, thermal and spiritual energy originating from my lifetime or from any other lifetime from the specific year, month and year of its inception which is currently manifesting as my feeling depressed and lethargic.  Show me ways to move out of this place of darkness and separation.  Help me to see small steps I can take.  My profound thanks.

IX.  I am afraid for __________(name)  and what is happening to him/her.

Sacred flame consume the blocked mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual energy (fear) originating from this lifetime or any previous lifetimes which is manifesting as my being afraid for ___________ ( name).  I call forth the Divine Presence within ________ (name) for his/her Highest Benevolent Good.  I turn this fear over to All That Is for a perfect outcome.   My thanks.

2 1/2 minutes in Photoshop by Via Moi

X.  I am out of Right Relationship with my _________ self, work, husband, mother, aunt, boss, upcoming performance, spending/eating/exercise habits, responsibilities to my children, anger towards others, desire for a mate,  seeming inability to make money,  etc.

Right Relationship means in Right Relationship with All That Is, with God.  We often know or suspect when we are out of Right Relationship with a person,  situation or our self.   This sacred term, Right Relationship means as defined by God. This takes the guess work out of defining what is “wrong” with the relationship.

Divine Presence, my heart is heavy.  I call forth the Sacred Flame to consume the blocked emotional, mental, thermal (protective) and spiritual ( fear) energy from all core sources in this lifetime or any previous lifetime which is now manifesting as my being out of Right Relationship with my _____________ ( see above list).  I release all this stuck energy willingly with deep and lasting thanks.  And so it is, Amen.

Divine Presence is on the Field

One day I received a phone call from Violet Patterson(pseudo name).  She introduced herself and shared that a friend had give her my name.  She had been recently diagnosed with a tumor in her kidney which was cancerous and she asked for support in responding to this situation.  We talked for a while.  She said that she was happily married, with children and that her family was very close.  She shared that she had always been a positive, healthy person.  This had come out of the blue and was so unexpected.  She had no symptoms and she shared that this condition had been discovered while having other medical tests.

Majestic by MR+G

She was in the process of researching medical procedures open to her.  We agreed that I would work with her long distance due to all of the medical appointments she was having at that time.  I said that I would keep her informed of what took place.   A few days later, I had a healing energy session with Violet’s energy, long distance.  I opened a sacred healing space in my home for Violet, who was elsewhere and worked with the Divine Presence/Holy Spirit/Consciousness of  Divine Beings to call in healing energy for her.

Here are our verbatim emails with her given permission to share these.


robbinshopkins to vtpatter 12/15/09

Dear Violet,

There was vibrational healing energy shifts today regarding the cancerous tumor in your kidney.  I understand that a virus you contracted went ” off course” and produced this cancerous tumor. The causes behind the attraction of this virus were cleared. The virus is now inactive.  Further, all blocked fear and spiritual energy which is manifesting as the cancerous tumor at the skin level and blood level was also cleared.  There was clearing for the originating blocked energy sources in all cases. There was an image of intense Light penetrating the entire affected kidney from all directions to begin the healing process.  What this means is that the tumor can now shrink and I hope that will begin immediately.

In any case at the spiritual, unseen level, the body made a huge jump from 42 megahertz of vibration, indicating cancer to 62 megahertz which is within the normal range of human vibration.  This does not mean that the tumor is gone in your body, because I work on the spiritual level, the unseen level.  Healing is first indicated at the spiritual level though and works it way through the body until the healing can manifest in our tissues.

You may therefore have detox in the form of tiredness or even pain from the body sloughing off toxins at the physical level.  That can look like bowel or elimination changes, tiredness or aches in one place or throughout the body or other symptoms as well such a rashes, thirst, etc.  These are the most common but anything out of the ordinary can be detox.  If something strange does show up and you are wondering if you are in detox, send me an email and I will check the energy and let you know.

It was also shared that taking cranberry pills, over the counter and drinking 100% cranberry juice 3-4 times daily will help the kidney in elimination of toxins.  The cranberry juice can be gotten at MOM’s or Whole Foods for 100% juice. You will also need to combine it with another juice like apple so that you can drink it because it is very sour and yet it is better for the kidneys in this elimination to have low sugar.

Fresh Cranberries by the Rocketeer

If you mix with another juice, drink 100% juice without added sugar. You can also eat dried cranberries as well.  You should consider taking the pills and the juice for at least 7-10 days. Begin as soon as you can to help your body detox.  We can check and see when to stop when this gets closer to that time.

When the vibration of the body rises, the toxins that have been holding at one level of the vibration of the body, slough off because they can’t remain anymore in the new higher level of vibration.

This is all great news.  Some of the cancers that I have worked with have begun with viruses.  These are not detectable as yet with our medical procedures but that is how they have been indicated for me to work with, so I share this with those of you where it is pertinent.  Give thanks to God in your own way as there is certainly a great deal of love and support for you in this situation.

All the best in your continued research.  I would just keep looking into options while the body heals.  When you come to a decision about how to proceed, I hope the tumor is much improved.  It may not be your path, to have the tumor completely disappear without surgery.  But it could happen. I never know about things into the future.  But I always hold the space for Divine Intervention and when that is possible for a person, it occurs.  Please keep me informed of how you are doing and what further information you get about your body if more comes through the medical tests, etc.

Peace and Healing Light, Robbins


vtpatter to me 12/15/09

Thank you very much for your email.  I feel very encouraged by your comments and appreciate your advice (especially the cranberry juice!).  I have an appointment at NIH tomorrow, and will keep you informed.

Thank you again,  Violet


vtpatter to me 1/06/10

Hello Robbins.  I wanted to let you know my plans regarding my kidney.  I have decided to have a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (removal of the tumor with a small margin) at NIH on Monday, January 11.  I was wondering if you could include me in your morning prayers, particularly since I’m fighting off a sore throat and don’t want to postpone the surgery!

Thank you again for your encouraging email.  I made a copy of it and carry it around with me.  Whenever I feel a little discouraged, I read it, and immediately feel better.     Violet


robbinshopkins to vtpatter  1/06/10


I have been in prayer with your energy 2 more times since I last wrote.  I hope all will go wonderfully for you on the 11th.  I will hold you in prayer between now and then.  I am on vacation but prayer is a daily event!  Many blessings. Please let me know how you do.  I feel all will be just perfect for you and I hope you will be at peace as you have the surgery.     Many blessings, Robbins


vtpatter to me  1/28/10

Hi Robbins.  I wanted to share with you my good news.  The surgery went very well and I am recovering nicely.  I just received news that the tumor is non-cancerous! Everyone, including my surgeon and family doctor, is very surprised as the tumor had all the appearances of being cancerous.  I couldn’t ask for a better outcome!  Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers and blessings.   Violet


robbinshopkins to vtpatter  1/28/10

Dear Violet,

How absolutely amazing.  I am so thrilled for you.  I think you most probably received a Divine healing because when you first contacted me, I did clearly get a positive indication for cancerous cells.  So this is the very best news possible.  I rejoice with you!!  Thank you so much for telling me.  Another person contacted me recently with the exact same situation as you.  I am hoping for such a healing for him as well!!       Peace and joy.  Robbins


sky and clouds are enough to Prove.. by Beni Ishaque Luthor

Violet and I have never met.  However as we know,  Divine Energy is Everywhere Present, All Powerful and All Knowing.  We simply have to call it into the our lives or the lives of others for that Presence to manifest in this dimension. Believe and Act! What do you have to lose? Do we ever really know what has or can happen in a specific situation?  NO, not really. However, if we hold the space for Divine Intervention in all situations, both in our minds and our hearts, it will become a reality in our lives and for those we care about.


Those Among Us

Earlier this month, I went to the Dominican Republic.  I thought we were going on vacation and in part, we were. However, there was a broader purpose for my being there.  On the first morning I went into Silence, as is my daily custom, and listened for any people or places which needed prayer.   I was guided to call in healing energy to clear aspects of  the energy of criminal intent, present in the DR.  In listening further,  I was invited to include Haiti in the prayers as well.

Turquesa by Malkav

Haiti is on the western end of the same island as the Dominican Republic.  We were on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.  I  did expand the prayer focus to include Haiti. More imbalances were named for healing during the hour and over the next two days. Corruption, domestic violence, ethnic hatred, subjugation energy, financial instability, energy of poverty, violence, abuse, fear of being poor,  and many other areas were identified for re-balancing.  For each imbalance, the century of the original blocked energy was given.  Also the type of blocked energy (emotional, mental, thermal, spiritual or physical) when this imbalance first appeared was specified as well.

This process is the exact same process I have learned to use with individuals when clearing blocked energies showing up as  imbalances in the body. To do this work effectively, we need to really grasp that all imbalances either personal or global are directly due to blocked energy coming from someone or somewhere. When the blocked energies are cleared, the body, the sea, the earth’s crust can heal itself because balance is the natural state of all living entities.

We humans must call Divine Presence into our lives so that this Presence in its myriad of forms is “allowed” to work with us.  Each of us  has the sovereign right to live our lives any way we so choose.  We can ignore or accept anything we want.  We have all the time we need and all the help we need to bring peace and balance to our lives but we have to ask for the help we want and are willing to receive.  As we know, with some of the conditions at the global level, we are running short of time.

When we  call in Divine Presence, what is needed is specifically provided.  After many hundreds of these experiences, I know this will always happen.  The outcome may not happen as I envision it, but the energy is always re-balanced in one way or another.  We are the hands of All That Is upon the Earth and we have the power to call Divine Intervention into lives and aspects of our Earth where imbalances are manifesting.

There seemed to be an urgency in the work I was doing in the DR.  After 3 days of deeply focused healing energy for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I was invited to extend the boundaries of this work to all of the Caribbean and Central America.  The process started all over again and continued for two more days.  Then I got an email from a spiritual healer and friend who suggested that I listen to the sea creatures around the island.  How she got that message, I am not sure but I have stopped asking the “how” questions with this type of work.

Delphinus delphis by Ricardo G77

That evening I set up a sacred healing and wisdom “virtual” circle as I do with all healing work.  I invited the sea creatures to join us in spirit and I waited.  I had never worked with sea creatures before and was wondering how I would know if they were there and if I was hearing them.  I settled into a comfortable meditative state.  I listened for a long time and heard nothing but felt the energy of Peace and Harmony, or what I sensed as that.   After about 20-30 minutes, as clear as a bell I heard, “we would like to work with you in this healing”.  I was at once both thrilled and floored!  I knew the voice was not mine because I would have never even thought of such a thing.  I had thought we were simply meditating together.   We then spent a very powerful hour together exchanging energy and it seemed like we were playing in God’s space for lack of a better description.

Sea Otters Up Close by Andy- Beal

The next day right before 6 PM,  we felt the earth shake very clearly.  We went outside and it stopped.  My husband checked the seas from the third floor to see if a very low tide was indicating a tsunami.  No low tide was evident.  We surfed the cable TV but did not get news of the earthquake for about two hours.  I was stunned.  In all the time I had spent in prayer, I had never once even considered working with the earth energy of the island.  It had not been given or I had not heard it, and I had not thought of it, either.  Immediately I thought that perhaps I had missed something very important in the prayer dialog of the week.   The devastation in Haiti was enormous and the faces of those affected were heartbreaking.

I went into prayer and I wrote my spiritual colleagues to see what they were picking up about the earthquake and my work in the DR.  I eventually learned that I was not to have focused on the earthquake.  Our work was the clearing of the blocked energy which would affect the rebuilding of that area of the world, now especially with Haiti but more extensively as well.  The prayers were now to be, Come Divine Intervention for the Highest Benevolent Outcome for Haiti and her people on all levels.

Belugas Underwater by flickkerphotos

Of all the information given though, about the work that was done, that of the sea creatures took my heart.  I was told that they quelled the seas to prevent the tsunamis which were being formed as a result of the violent shaking.  This broke open every boundary I had ever erected between humans and sea creatures.  Of course, they knew there were imbalances of a major order and offered to help. The sea creatures in connection with Divine Grace in many forms,  quelled the imbalances in the water, averting the tsunamis.

Never mind if this does not seem plausible.  It is not plausible with our minds.  This is only plausible and possible to grasp with our hearts.  This experience though has dramatically changed my view of sea creatures and I will never swim in the oceans again without thanking them for their presence here among us and for all the healing energy they are bringing to our world.


Anxiety is the sense of feeling overwhelmed, apprehensive,  out of control and tense regarding something, frequently in the future.  Often our minds rush ahead in time to anticipate all sorts of negative scenarios for us to consider including just how badly we might mess up or fail, and just how awful the consequences might be for us.  Therefore, many folks dealing with anxiety steadfastly avoid situations they know have stimulated past feelings of anxiety.

Aren’t those situation the whole root of the anxiety in the first place?  Actually, no, they are not!   No situation, relationship or person is the actual root of anxiety. Anxiety has core roots in our thoughts, emotions and past feelings associated with a person, situation or type of relationship.  Until we actually go into the midst of the anxiety and try to debunk it, we are likely to remain its victim for a long time.

Terry had anxiety attacks every time she had to face exams.  She could feel the anxiety begin to swell about two or three weeks before exams.

Writing Exams by  ccarlstead
Writing Exams by ccarlstead

She would eat non-stop, toss and turn at night and she became seriously grouchy with everyone.  It was a pattern she knew well from her childhood which was getting worse and worse in university.  She essentially went into pre-exam jitters twice a year without fail.  By the second semester of her junior year she was literally having panic attacks when she would try to begin studying for exams.  She would be in the library and have to leave because she was breaking out in a sweat and beginning to shake.  She kept hoping this would all go away but the severity of it got her to eventually seek help.

Rajiv experienced anxiety every time he needed to drive to a new place or ended up in an unfamiliar place.  Therefore, he avoided such possibilities at all costs, thinking this would keep him from having these feelings.  He never willingly drove to new places, even with a GPS system for fear of getting lost.  The anxiety though began to seep into all driving situations where he might possibly end up being lost, such as taking friends to unfamiliar places and giving folks lifts home from parties.  When Rajiv did on occasion did get lost, he would have to stop the car to and try to calm his breathing and then frequently he would have trouble driving again.  He also on occasion had begun to shake when he was lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

Both Terry and Rajiv were having anxiety at serious enough levels to disrupt their lives. Both felt they were victims of something they did not understand and that was even more fearful than they could speak about.  Their reactions privately were feelings of being at fault, lacking and broken because of their anxious reactions to normal life experiences.  Recurring anxiety has ramifications far beyond the specific instance of anxious feelings.  The sense of shame often connected with recurring anxiety is one of the biggest costs to a person.

Perhaps more than with other feelings, the sources of anxiety can be elusive.  Unexamined anxiety tends to grow and grow until it can become crippling and completely removed from the original source of the anxiety.  In contrast, we often have some sense of where jealousy, guilt or anger may have begun in our past.  With anxiety,  there is a tendency to strongly avoid all past anxiety producing experiences in an effort to avoid another “anxiety incident”.   As these experiences are linked with past fears of failing, embarrassment or of loss of control, a common strategy is to energetically surround certain experiences with a  “keep out” warning.  Both Terry and Rajiv thought that their individual experiences were causing their anxiety.  However, their experiences were merely the current triggers for the anxiety response.

keep out by timsnell
keep out by timsnell

The core reason behind anxiety comes from blocked energy from our past which is showing up in the present, as anxiety.  The blocked energy can be emotional, mental, thermal (protective “second skin”) energy or spiritual/fear energy.    Any or all of these types of energy can contribute to the manifesting of anxiety in our current lives.  When we unblock the original blocked energy manifesting as anxiety, the anxiety will stop.  What a concept!  Yes, the anxiety can stop even in response to the exact same situations where there has been anxiety in the past.  In my experience, balance is restored much faster when we work in sacred space in partnership with All That Is/God/Divine Goodness/Higher Power.

Here are some concrete steps to come into balance regarding anxiety. Speak each step of this process out loud so that you give it form, substance and therefore power in this dimension.

1.  Open a Sacred Healing space by calling forth your Highest (I AM ) Self and Divine Presence in whatever form you desire ( Angels, Jesus, Mary, Ascended Masters, Divine Cosmic Light Beings,  etc.)

I open a Sacred Healing space with my Highest Self and the energy of the Ascended Masters, Mary and all other forms of the Divine Presence I need for this healing.

2.  Name the specific anxiety you are addressing today.

I experience anxiety whenever I face visiting with my spouse’s family.

3.  State your intention for healing and energy release.

My intention is to release all the original blocked energy I am carrying which is currently manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family.

4.  Call out the original blocked energy manifesting as anxiety in your life now.  ( Divine Knowing, knows the source of this anxiety already however you must command it out of your energy field to be free of its impact on you.)

a. I command out the original blocked energy from the specific year, month and day of its inception into my energy field which is now manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family. Take all this old stuck energy from my field completely.

b. I call forth the Eternal Flame within me.   Eternal Flame consume all the core blocked energy from the specific year, month and day of its inception into my field which is now manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family.

5. Sit in the sacred space for a few minutes until you feel settled.

6. Give thanks for the release of the old stuck energy which has manifest as anxiety.

Thank you so much for the clearing of this old energy.  I welcome continued guidance and support in how to face other areas where I still hold anxiety.  I am very grateful.


You have most probably spent months or years manifesting anxiety. Therefore, you may need to call for the clearing of this energy more than one time.  Further, we need to call for the clearing of blocked energy from each situation where we experience anxiety. The pattern of anxiety may be our response to several different situations but may stem from different origins in our past.  Keep working this material in this way until the anxieties are completely gone.  When you get there, you will experience a new sense of freedom and power.

You are a Being of the Light.  Therefore, you must command the Light into places where you need it.  Write and let us know how you are doing!