Saint Germain and Spiritual Power

The vast majority of us barely use our spiritual power at all.  This may be because we don’t know we have it, because we don’t know how to use it or because we don’t believe we are “authorized” to command our spiritual power being the “small humans” we imagine ourselves to be.

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One of the many gifts and blessings Saint Germain gave us is a way to decree and activate our spiritual power.  His series of teachings published by Saint Germain Press, contained in over 20 green leather bound books, is a complete lifetime course in how to actualized our spiritual power.  We are going to look at one specific way to call forth our fuller spiritual power.  The power of decree is under used in general.  It is an awesome way to command greater spiritual power for the good of all people including ourselves.

Of course, decrees can be said over and over again without any heart energy present and they will accomplish little.  However with determination and heart felt energy, decrees become powerful commands of spiritual power.  This is true for matras and prayers as well. Our heart’s desire for change for the good, activates that energy in this dimension. The effective use of decrees comes from the fact that each and everyone of us is created from Divine Love and Energy.  We are indeed made in the Image of All That Is and at these times in our lives, that image is in our bodies and lives.  Though we are made in this Divine Image, we may not be feeling that in the daily process of our lives.

Nevertheless, when we decree for good, we are moving beyond our mind’s limitations about who we are and embracing our Eternal, All Powerful, All Knowing Selves to which each and every one of us is connected even while in body.  For most of us, we are not consciously aware of this ever present connection.  Thus it is very unlikely that we have with intent, commanded our spiritual power for the good. Never mind, it works even if our minds don’t get it! We don’t have to know how this will happen or when.  The decree is enough to change the energy around us in profound ways.  A decree is a command from ourselves for good to come forth in its full power in this dimension now.

More fully activating our spiritual power can also begin when we realize that we are the keepers of our own Light. We can grow it or ignore it.

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One interested in growing it might ask,   How do I call forth my full ‘I AM Power’ into my daily human life?  The following decrees and commands are from the “I AM” Decree Booklets of the Saint Germain Press*. They are very powerful in actually shifting energy in this human dimension.  These decrees are one way to call in our full Spiritual Power.

These commands given from Saint Germain are a means for us to cast out that which is humanly created and draining us.  At the same time they can also be a means for us to call forth Divine Presence in all its loving power into our lives.  The “Mighty I Am Presence” is the part of us that is fully One with All That Is.  We are speaking to our highest selves and to all of the highest Divine Presence in all forms when we give these commands.

Change your thinking from being separate from God to being One with God as you envision the greatest power on Earth waking up and actualizing in your daily lives. Select the following decrees that are needed in your life.  Repeat your chosen ones out loud, a minimum of three times, each time you focus on them. Then set down the issues and conditions you are dealing with. If you are called to focus on these again, repeat the process.

We have the power to stop our dwelling on appearances which results in our feeling fearful.

STOP! YOU HAVE NO POWER!  GET OUT OF MY WORLD!  I will have no more of this Human Nonsense. (speaking to the appearances and yourself)

BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE , dissolve, consume, annihilate this fear of darkness showing up as ( fill in with your issue) within me and lift me out of this.

We have the power to call forth presence, power and reinforcements of the Divine Love and Light right into our being.

BELOVED I AM PRESENCE!  Give me Divine Order through Divine Love and Justice in my mind, in my home, affairs and world.  I place myself and my affairs lovingly in the hands of the Father/Mother with childlike faith.  That which is for my highest good shall come to me.

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We have the power and the authority to call forth the Sacred Flame to clear and consume all our humanly developed feelings and thoughts that are draining us of our peace of being.

BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE!  Pass your Violet Consuming Flame through my mental and feeling world!, my mental and emotional bodies! and sweep out, dissolve, and consume all imperfection! Pour Your Mighty Current of Energy through, filling my mind and body with Your Mighty Health, Strength, Energy and Buoyancy, everywhere  forever!

We have the power and the right to call forth Divine Energy into discordant conditions.

BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE! Forgive it, and blaze the Violet Consuming Flame through it! Take it out of the Universe swiftly, so it cannot touch any other part of Life: and let no more of anything exist that dishonors God or desecrates the Beauty that is within the Light, which is ever offering Itself through Love into my outer use and manifestation.

We have the power to call forth our own health and healing.

MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE!  Take command of this mind and body! Direct it by your mighty intelligence! Put it in its own right activity , and do it now!

BELOVED I AM PRESENCE!  Free me from the human darkness I carry which is manifesting as illness and imbalance  in my body ( mind, relationship, affairs).

After you come to a stopping point with these decrees, take time to close your eyes and rest in the healing energy of All That Is.   Saying these decrees brings powerful healing vibrations for needed shifts within your own energy field.

When you feel your calls are not answered:

“Either you are not using the Violet Consuming Flame to keep dissolving your own human accumulation which comes forth, or your feeling is not following your attention. These are the only two things that can produce any failure in the application of this Law.  The Law never fails, but you can obstruct your way by allowing these conditions to exist.”  ( I AM Decree Booklets, Book One pg. 142.)

* “I Am” Decree Booklet, Saint Germain Press, Schaumburg, Illinois,



In Exodus 3:14,  Moses asks God what name shall I use for you when speaking to the children of Israel.  God replies, “I am AHIAH ASHAR HIGH (The Living God, The Sovereign God).  Just say I AM ( AHIYA)  has sent you.” Today we are addressing the I AM Energy of  All That Is.  This can only be a tiny sliver of light on this subject however, hopefully enticing you to seek more.

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The number one issue we as humans have with God is our thinking. We think we are separate from God.  To the contrary, however,  we are One with God, we simply do not have this Oneness in our consciousness.  As you read this piece, keep reminding yourself, I AM One with All That Is/God.  It will keep the familiar thoughts of being separate at a distance.

The I AM Energy is eternal, all loving and whole in the fullest sense of the word.  This energy is within every person in body for it is the core of who we are. However, if we are to know of it, grow it, live by it, we must have some guidance and examples of how to do that.  Jesus offered one way to know more about this.  He said as recorded in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  There are millions in our world who do just that, follow Jesus.  However, this statement, “I am the light of the world” could just as well be said by one named Fritz or Ismelda, Lauren or Machi and have powerful presence if they too knew they were One with God. Jesus resolutely knew he was One with All That Is and that is the source of the power of his declaration.

This statement by Jesus however does not mean that he is the only light of the world, that he alone is only way to learn about the I AM Energy.  This exclusivity in our views of religion needs to shift.  We are all of the same Creator, different sparks from the Flame of Life, different paths given from the same Source. There have been many, many ways we have been called to know of the I AM Energy within.  The pathway of the Sufis, the Kabbalah, the Vedanta Sutras are all ways to cultivate a deeper personal relationship with the Energy of Creation.  The issue is that millions do not go deeply enough into their chosen pathways to develop their own relationship with All That Is.

I might have lost it, but it has never been lost by Shirin K. A. Winiger

Why is this? I think perhaps because it takes a level of commitment to wholeness we are generally not ready to make.  In other words, it is easier to follow the dogma, rules and expectation of a specific faith than it is to develop our own relationship with God.  It feels easier to focus on all the externalities of life on Earth than it is to go within and speak with God. To develop our own knowing of All That Is, we must be in Silence, pray, ask for forgiveness, let go of our ego and embrace uncertainty in all things with the energy of positive expectation on a daily basis.  Further, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are One with God/All That Is/Great I AM.

Each of us is Divine.  We each have that spark of Divinity within. However, we can choose not to seek it, know it or develop it and still live on this Earth.  It is as if we have a deep pool of knowing when we are out of body and when we come into body, we have to seek the stillness and connection with God if we want to fully manifest our Divine Beings while in body.  It is a practice, a way of Being, a pathway we have to choose. With this pathway comes more Peace, more Balance, more Divine Harmony, Dynamism, Freedom and Creativity. For these characteristics and many more are characteristics of Divine Presence, Brahman or the Unified Field.  They are our birthright if we choose them.

If we want to actualize our I AM Energy we have to do two things simultaneously.  One is to claim the I AM Energy for ourselves.  The second is to train our mind to return again and again to wholeness, love, forgiveness and humility. In this way, the I AM Energy can be fully actualized in our lives and all the positive characteristics of Divine Grace become present in each of our lives.  These statements can help us begin to embrace our I AM Energy and call it forth in our lives.

I AM the loving expression of God manifest in my body.

I AM One with All That Is.

I AM the Wholeness and Peace I seek.

I AM the mighty Flame of God’s Divine Presence.

I AM expansive consciousness, loving all in my pathway.

Put one or two of these statements which speak to you some place you will see them every day.  Speak them out loud frequently for thirty days and your consciousness will have the chance to change its pattern of perception.

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The doorway into the I AM Energy is paved by consistent, loving effort over time.  This is one way you can open this pathway more powerfully to receive all the blessings of being One with All That Is.  This knowing is already deeply embedded in your full consciousness, it just needs an invitation to be more accessible in your present body or daily consciousness.

Entering Silence

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There are infinite ways to enter Silence. Success with intentional Silence is accessible to all human beings, with practice.   Silence is the space beyond conscious thought.  It is the space beyond lists, questions, concerns and fears.  It is the space of Infinite Possibility.  When first exploring time in Silence, many of us think we will find some direction, get clarity on an issue or feel safe and supported.  These things can and do occur in Silence but usually meditators have to overcome feelings of discomfort, insufficiency and sometimes even boredom when first entering intentional Silence.  Early experiences with Silence can be filled with self-doubt, fears of what we will find in Silence, and even a sense of unworthiness about communicating with The Great I AM.  Others feel afraid of the unknown or of  dark spirits which may be “out there”.   Additionally, because we come from a culture with a healthy focus on doing and accomplishing things in the outer world, we can feel guilty, disconnected from “real life” and antsy to have something concrete take place in the Silence.  The key is to keep at it, repeat the process over and over again.  It is worth any discomfort, frustration or angst you may encounter in the process.

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So how can one intentionally enter into Silence and have a positive experience? Begin by asking Divine Source for help in entering Silence in a way that will be good for you.  Call to yourself a positive meditation experience and wait until you get a sense of how to proceed.  In other words, prepare for success.

Or if that is not your style, jump right in one day and see what happens.  You will learn a great deal from that experience of  Silence for yourself.  If you do go this route, you might first consider why you want to enter into Silence.  Then let that all go as you actually begin to enter Silence.  Leave all the thoughts, fears, judgments and uncertainties at the doorway to Silence.  Zip off the roles, the responsibilities, the shoulds, the demands,  the worries and enter as freely as you are able.  “Become as a child, to enter the kingdom of God”.

There are many reasons to enter Silence.  I work with those interested in seeking a deeper, personal relationship with All That Is.  All That Is or Divine Presence is within our own being,  so we end up coming to a deeper knowing of our own True Power, Creativity, and Knowing along the way.  This is the full course menu for entering Silence. There are a number of other menus available as well.  Knowing why you are seeking Silence is a really good place to begin.

Steps I take when entering Silence

1. I prepare for quiet time by turning off the phone, telling family members I am not available and retreating to a place where I will not be disturbed.  I select some material to read and possibly something to listen to, in my space.  I set aside a specific amount of time for being in Silence.

2.  I open the space I am in to the Highest Divine Energy of the Universe.  I invite my Highest Self, Ascended Masters, The Angelic  Host, Divine Nature Spirits, Highest Divine Cosmic Light Beings and any other forms of Divine Light who can help me hold the space of Silence that day.   Alternatively, you can call in the Holy Spirit or Spirit of the Living God.

I do this because my intention is to connect specifically with Divine Energy rather than with all the other energies in Silent space.  I also like the idea of being in the presence of  Evolved Spirits who know how to navigate the Silence.   Their conscious knowing of All That Is  helps me find my own source of Knowing within.  I like the idea of inviting knowledgeable company to join me in this process.

3.  I call for the Divine Presence of the Great I AM to lead me into the experience of  Silence.

4. I can sometimes settle right into a place of stillness and quiet. If this is the case, I sit with my back upright, legs crossed beneath me and breathe in and out, focusing on my breath until I drift into a place beyond thinking.

5.  Sometimes I can’t be still. Then I most frequently read a spiritual passage until I feel settled enough to be still.   If that does not work, I may sing, chant, om,  recite a psalm,  listen to a beautiful piece of music or recite an affirmation to calm my mind.  If that is the sum of my meditation time that day, I have simply connected with All That Is in a different way,  from entering Silence.  We have still connected.

6. In using affirmations, I select one and repeat it over and over again from my heart, until I drift into stillness.   Some of the affirmations I use are:

I AM God’s Beloved Child.

I AM One with All That Is.

I AM lovable and capable.

Upon Me God’s favor rests.

All is well and that’s the truth.

I AM safe and at peace.

I AM God breathed.

7. When I end, I give thanks for the experience, regardless of how my judging self might be seeing the experience I have just had.

Entering Silence is like learning to play the piano. In the beginning, even the simplest learned pieces bring us pleasure.  However in learning the piano pieces, we may have struggles with ourselves over setting aside time, breaking down the piece to learn it,  and mastering it to our satisfaction.  This can be exactly what we face with beginning to meditate.  We are learning something which we do not know how to do.  We are entering into unknown territory, that of Silence.  So, patience and seeking is called for.  However, the greatest counselor of all is the Great I AM, Infinite Knowing and Boundless Love.  If you continue to seek in meditation, in the Silence, all that is needed is provided.  The pathway for each person will be revealed in just perfect ways.  Our part in this is to keep seeking and trying things until we have the success we envision.

If you are trying to meditate, go deeper in your meditation or have slacked off for a while and would like to start again, send along any questions you may have and the responses can be shared on-line for the reading community. If you have a personal suggestion of what is working for you, please share those as well.