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Rev. Robbins S. Hopkins, Ed.D.

What are the basic principles which guide your work?

1. I believe that all people are on a spiritual path whether we recognize this or not.  Life’s purpose is to give each of us the opportunity to learn the spiritual lessons which will bring us Peace and Joy.
2. We have as many opportunities as we need to learn the spiritual lessons we need to learn.
3. We can choose to learn the lessons presenting to us now or we can choose to learn these later but in either case the choice is ours.
4. The healing process is about reconnecting with our own True Self Within and with God/the Universe/All That Is.  When we are fully our own True Selves, we are fully conscious of our connection with All That Is and that knowing manifests in all aspects of our lives.

What do you call what you do?

I help others heal spiritually which often leads to emotional or physical healing, as well. I am an ordained minister of spiritual healing which means I teach and support others in attaining more spiritual health. I have dedicated my life to supporting myself and others in their spiritual journeys.

How did you become a spiritual health educator and healer?

I started asking the question, “Is this all there is to life?” about 17 years ago.  I began to read everything I could about the unexplainable mysteries of life.  Fourteen years ago my oldest son who was then ten years old, became unexplainably and seriously ill for over two years. His healing journey brought me fully to this path of spiritual health and healing.

What is your preparation for this work and your academic background ?

For seven years I was in semi-seclusion and spent much of the day in meditation, silence and spiritual contemplation. In 1999, I was ordained as a minister of spiritual healing, after three years of study, through an ecumenical program in Illinois headed by Rev. Dr. Ron Roth. During the past 15 years, I have focused on a vast array of spiritual and healing literature from many different religious backgrounds.  I am also ordained in the Presbyterian Church, USA as a deacon.  I am licensed to perform weddings in several locations.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from The College of Wooster.  I have a Masters and Doctorate in experiential intercultural education from the University of Massachusetts.

What did you do before becoming a spiritual healer?

I was the president of an organizational development consulting firm for 19 years.  We worked primarily in the field of international development.  Before that, I was the director of training and research for an international exchange organization.

How do you explain the work you do?

I help people understand what spiritual health looks like for them.  Each person has a unique pattern for spiritual health which may include prayer, journaling, singing, meditation, contemplation, yoga, dance, etc. In looking at physical symptoms of illness or emotional pain, we identify where there is an imbalance in spiritual health.  Then, I help facilitate energetic healing.  To do this, I enter into a state of connectedness through meditation with what some call, the Energy of the Living God/ the Holy Spirit/ the Divine Universe/ Life Force. The terminology is different for people of different upbringings and faith.  I define this as the Ultimate Life Force of the Universe from which we are all created and to which we are all eternally connected, some knowingly, and others unknowingly.

I enter into a meditative, prayerful state and the person or situation is presented spiritually. In other words, individuals do not need to be physically present for this spiritual healing though some individuals are present.  Each person is already connected to this Life Force/God/Holy Spirit and in simply reaffirming this to be so, healing occurs.

How do you think this affirming and reconnecting actually works?

The energy of the Holy Spirit/the Living God/ the Life Force is already present for all individuals.  At times of illness or emotional challenge, our full knowing of this connection in certain parts of our lives may be missing.  When a person is held in this vibrational healing space, they receive an increase in the actual vibrations within their entire being. In other words, their energy field is reminded of, or reconnected to All That Is in this human dimension, vibrations rise and healing occurs.

Often ideas, thoughts or feelings need to be released for this reconnecting to occur.  After the emotional or mental energy blocks to healing are released, it can take a short time for physical healing to manifest, or a longer time for this healing to manifest. However, healing always occurs at some level, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical and this can be measured through vibrational information.

How do you see energy as part of this healing process?

We are all energy beings.  Everything about us is energy. We have four distinct energetic bodies making up our being which are the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. My work spans all of these energetic bodies.  The root cause of many illnesses is often in the unseen body. There can be energetic blocks in the spiritual, mental or emotional bodies, all of which can affect the physical body. These might involve the energy of un-forgiveness, anger, fear, doubt, judgment, resentment, self-protection or others.

When there is disease or illness in the physical body, some part of the energetic body is vibrating below the normal range of vibration which we define as healthy.  The physical body is manifesting illness or disease because there is an imbalance in the system.  The physical body is often the place where we first become aware of the imbalance, though not always.  Sometimes sadness, grief, anger, or fear may show up in other ways before it actually shows up physically, as for example, in dreams.

Vibrational healing, through conscious connection with the Divine/Greater Whole, enables the spiritual body and eventually all the energetic bodies to vibrate at a higher level than when disease, illness or emotional heaviness are present.  The last part of the body to receive the higher vibration is the physical body though this if often where we first realize that something is out of balance.

What is required of me to enter into this healing process?

You have to first agree to have me participate in your healing.  That may be all a particular person needs or can manage.  However, many of my clients also enter into or deepen their own relationship with God/ All That Is/Spirit by learning to individually be in Silence in this Presence.  This enables them to continue on their own path towards Peace within.

How does what you do relate to the work of medical doctors?

All forms of medicine can help in the healing process, whether we are speaking of allopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, complementary medicine, psychology or psychiatry. All are helpful to healing. All seek to reestablish the balance within the body and therefore to bring about healing.  The form of healing that I facilitate is especially advantageous when these other forms of medicine have been tried, and are not leading to permanent healing. I see myself joining the “healing team” of those holding the space with an individual in transition.  There may be physicians, therapists, or family members as part of a person’s healing team.

What types of illnesses do you work with?

I work with any illness or emotional situation which a person seeking my help may have. The type of illness is of less importance than is the interest of the individual to look at issues behind the illness for support in healing.  I see clients with diagnoses such as ADD/HD, MS, AIDS, cancer, ALS, enlarged prostate glands, epileptic seizures, diabetes, mononucleosis, substance addiction, arthritis, degenerative macular disease, suicidal depression, pain, allergies, recurring nightmares, anxiety attacks, heart disease, infections, obesity, and others.  I also work with individuals who are working through emotionally challenging situations like divorce, loss of employment, aging parents, spouse infidelity, abuse, rape, death of loved one, and others.

What specific services do you offer in your practice?

I facilitate meditation and reflection groups on an ongoing basis in my home.  I see clients face-to-face or work with them over the phone about their emotional or physical challenges to clear blocked energy which is contributing to these imbalances. I facilitate spiritual health workshops, offer prayer and healing gatherings, make presentations and perform weddings around the country.  I also have a public (no charge) ministry which consists of long-distance healing prayer supported by email or phone communications with clients.

Do you think we make ourselves ill?

No, most people have no wish to make themselves sick consciously. However, our entire being is a system.  If there are areas of our thinking or feeling which are disconnected from deep Peace/ God/Wholeness, our body will eventually register this in an effort to get us to pay attention to this.  Our bodies are our allies in helping us to stay balanced.  Illness is the body’s way of speaking to us, very forcefully at times, to get our attention. Usually long before illness and disease surface, we have received many messages about the nature of the imbalance which exists. However, we may not understand these messages, or their connection to a current physical illness or condition.

Do you ever work with children?

Yes, I frequently work with children, as well as families, couples and individuals, teens and adults. This process is accessible to all.  Children often come for help, I believe, because I went through a long healing process with my own child.

Are you psychic?

No, I don’t consider myself psychic.  This usually refers to someone who can pick up specific information about another person or determine certain things about their past without the information being given directly by the person.  I work with the Divine realm in healing and any information that I receive is from that Source.  Perhaps that is how psychics work as well.  I am not sure about this.

The information I get has to be asked for within the context of a working agreement about spiritual health and healing.  Increasingly though, through years of this work, I get an intuitive sense about what types of blocked energy we are working with.  My vision and scope of knowing however is limited to general areas of blocked energy and the general time frame in one’s life when these first occurred.  The specifics of a person’s history and past are rarely ever revealed in my work unless by the person him or herself.

Why do you do this work?

I am fascinated with the process of change and growth.  We are infinite individuals with infinite powers and creativity. For the most part, we do not have any inkling of the wondrous natures we have been granted.  When I and others embark upon this process, all of life becomes a canvas for creativity, vitality and gratitude.  I like living life this way and love to see this unfolding in myself and in others.

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