Anxiety is the sense of feeling overwhelmed, apprehensive,  out of control and tense regarding something, frequently in the future.  Often our minds rush ahead in time to anticipate all sorts of negative scenarios for us to consider including just how badly we might mess up or fail, and just how awful the consequences might be for us.  Therefore, many folks dealing with anxiety steadfastly avoid situations they know have stimulated past feelings of anxiety.

Aren’t those situation the whole root of the anxiety in the first place?  Actually, no, they are not!   No situation, relationship or person is the actual root of anxiety. Anxiety has core roots in our thoughts, emotions and past feelings associated with a person, situation or type of relationship.  Until we actually go into the midst of the anxiety and try to debunk it, we are likely to remain its victim for a long time.

Terry had anxiety attacks every time she had to face exams.  She could feel the anxiety begin to swell about two or three weeks before exams.

Writing Exams by  ccarlstead
Writing Exams by ccarlstead

She would eat non-stop, toss and turn at night and she became seriously grouchy with everyone.  It was a pattern she knew well from her childhood which was getting worse and worse in university.  She essentially went into pre-exam jitters twice a year without fail.  By the second semester of her junior year she was literally having panic attacks when she would try to begin studying for exams.  She would be in the library and have to leave because she was breaking out in a sweat and beginning to shake.  She kept hoping this would all go away but the severity of it got her to eventually seek help.

Rajiv experienced anxiety every time he needed to drive to a new place or ended up in an unfamiliar place.  Therefore, he avoided such possibilities at all costs, thinking this would keep him from having these feelings.  He never willingly drove to new places, even with a GPS system for fear of getting lost.  The anxiety though began to seep into all driving situations where he might possibly end up being lost, such as taking friends to unfamiliar places and giving folks lifts home from parties.  When Rajiv did on occasion did get lost, he would have to stop the car to and try to calm his breathing and then frequently he would have trouble driving again.  He also on occasion had begun to shake when he was lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

Both Terry and Rajiv were having anxiety at serious enough levels to disrupt their lives. Both felt they were victims of something they did not understand and that was even more fearful than they could speak about.  Their reactions privately were feelings of being at fault, lacking and broken because of their anxious reactions to normal life experiences.  Recurring anxiety has ramifications far beyond the specific instance of anxious feelings.  The sense of shame often connected with recurring anxiety is one of the biggest costs to a person.

Perhaps more than with other feelings, the sources of anxiety can be elusive.  Unexamined anxiety tends to grow and grow until it can become crippling and completely removed from the original source of the anxiety.  In contrast, we often have some sense of where jealousy, guilt or anger may have begun in our past.  With anxiety,  there is a tendency to strongly avoid all past anxiety producing experiences in an effort to avoid another “anxiety incident”.   As these experiences are linked with past fears of failing, embarrassment or of loss of control, a common strategy is to energetically surround certain experiences with a  “keep out” warning.  Both Terry and Rajiv thought that their individual experiences were causing their anxiety.  However, their experiences were merely the current triggers for the anxiety response.

keep out by timsnell
keep out by timsnell

The core reason behind anxiety comes from blocked energy from our past which is showing up in the present, as anxiety.  The blocked energy can be emotional, mental, thermal (protective “second skin”) energy or spiritual/fear energy.    Any or all of these types of energy can contribute to the manifesting of anxiety in our current lives.  When we unblock the original blocked energy manifesting as anxiety, the anxiety will stop.  What a concept!  Yes, the anxiety can stop even in response to the exact same situations where there has been anxiety in the past.  In my experience, balance is restored much faster when we work in sacred space in partnership with All That Is/God/Divine Goodness/Higher Power.

Here are some concrete steps to come into balance regarding anxiety. Speak each step of this process out loud so that you give it form, substance and therefore power in this dimension.

1.  Open a Sacred Healing space by calling forth your Highest (I AM ) Self and Divine Presence in whatever form you desire ( Angels, Jesus, Mary, Ascended Masters, Divine Cosmic Light Beings,  etc.)

I open a Sacred Healing space with my Highest Self and the energy of the Ascended Masters, Mary and all other forms of the Divine Presence I need for this healing.

2.  Name the specific anxiety you are addressing today.

I experience anxiety whenever I face visiting with my spouse’s family.

3.  State your intention for healing and energy release.

My intention is to release all the original blocked energy I am carrying which is currently manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family.

4.  Call out the original blocked energy manifesting as anxiety in your life now.  ( Divine Knowing, knows the source of this anxiety already however you must command it out of your energy field to be free of its impact on you.)

a. I command out the original blocked energy from the specific year, month and day of its inception into my energy field which is now manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family. Take all this old stuck energy from my field completely.

b. I call forth the Eternal Flame within me.   Eternal Flame consume all the core blocked energy from the specific year, month and day of its inception into my field which is now manifesting as anxiety when I have to visit my spouse’s family.

5. Sit in the sacred space for a few minutes until you feel settled.

6. Give thanks for the release of the old stuck energy which has manifest as anxiety.

Thank you so much for the clearing of this old energy.  I welcome continued guidance and support in how to face other areas where I still hold anxiety.  I am very grateful.


You have most probably spent months or years manifesting anxiety. Therefore, you may need to call for the clearing of this energy more than one time.  Further, we need to call for the clearing of blocked energy from each situation where we experience anxiety. The pattern of anxiety may be our response to several different situations but may stem from different origins in our past.  Keep working this material in this way until the anxieties are completely gone.  When you get there, you will experience a new sense of freedom and power.

You are a Being of the Light.  Therefore, you must command the Light into places where you need it.  Write and let us know how you are doing!