Death is simply another state of being (part 1)

Death is simply another state of being. It is one we know little about.  We therefore tend to focus on the fears and experiences surrounding death and mix that up with the state of death itself.  Many of us have unhealed sadness and grief about losses in our past.  We may also have fear about our own passing or the passing of a dear loved one.  Death is part of every single person’s life.  Traditionally, in Western societies, we fear death.  That shared mass perception about death comes from unexamined fears we hold and from the habit of giving power to death, from our minds.

There is only One Power, One Source, One God. Death has no power of its own apart from Divine Grace and Presence.  Death is a transition to another calling for our soul’s continued growth, however painful that loss may be for those of us remaining in this life.  However, if we give death power from our minds, it is as if there is indeed something to fear.

For those of us carrying imbalances with death and dying, take a look at those.  Releasing the blocked energy causing these imbalances can bring us more peace.  Ignoring the issues we have with death only allows those feelings to remain in our energy field, festering away.  We may not be aware of how those unexamined feelings are affecting us but without a doubt, they are dragging on our energy.   It may feel scary and unpleasant to dip into death especially on a sunny, blue sky day but that is exactly what I would recommend.

Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn  by jmenard48
Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn by jmenard48

A Universal Truth for all beings regardless of our beliefs is that we are eternal. I suspected this for a long time before I knew this to be true.  In working with individuals passing over from life to spirit form, the energy of the person is fully present on the other side.  There is no body as we know it but their personal energy remains in tact.  I have not traveled with others beyond transition time as they first pass over but I figure if they are present during transition time, that is good enough for me.  I know their being continues on to where they are supposed to be because some of them have left in a blaze of Light.  Also, individual  stays in transition state are usually short,  a week or less.  As they pass on,  I imagine other forms of  “body” are assumed.

In working with those who have taken their own lives, it is clear that when they are in transition state, the same issues they were trying to escape from here, are still with them.  Such issues reside in our psyche or spiritual energy which remains in tact so the taking of our own body does not release us from the issues we carry in our souls.  However, we get all the chances we need. We have all the time we need.  We will be given opportunity after opportunity to learn to love ourselves and to respond to the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Some persons have been here, in body, many, many times and have worked through such challenges and difficulties.  Other souls are newer and have a number of issues to resolve in the physical plane.

This is a spiritual truth for all of us.  We take our spiritual knowing with us when we pass over. We do not magically get cleanly wiped slates as we exit life.  We take our relationship with All That Is into the next dimension of our being and continue right where we left off.  Therefore, it is highly useful to do deep clearing work on this side because all the issues we release here which are not of the Light, will not convey with us.  Actually, we will never have to deal with them again for ourselves,  in this dimension.   As we come into  Right Relationship with death or any other issue here, we will remain in that Right Relationship for all time. ( to be continued)

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