Death is simply another state of being (part 2)

Every single person regardless of his or her circumstances surrounding death is exactly where he or she needs to be. Even those who leave us through cruel or tragic circumstances,  I have come to understand, are exactly on the path they need to be upon.  Sri Sathya Sai Baba,  an avatar and mystic from India said, regarding the death of young girl, ” Oh yes, wonderful child.  Her karma was all finished, why hold her back?”   In other words, some of us need to only come here a short while to accomplish our purpose.  Why would we want a young child to remain here if he or she could be with God and Divine Energy in the great beyond?   Love is eternal, that can never die.  Our links with these early departed children, partners or spouses are as strong as ever whether they are in body or not.  This type of love is eternal, it cannot die.

There is also spiritual evidence that those who are taken from life as a result of violence, where they were innocent victims,  often play critical roles in taking enormous amounts of dark, negative energies with them to be transformed by the Light.  These energies are humanly created and when an innocent person is killed tragically, they can through their innocence, take darkness right out of this dimension for purification.  I have had the privilege of working with a person where this was her role as she was leaving this life.

I love this toy by Spitzgogo_Chen
"I love this toy" by Spitzgogo_Chen

We have a very small lens on what really happens beyond the here and now. If you don’t spend time in Silence, your mind is likely to be the part of you that tries to make sense out of death.  The mind cannot do that effectively.  The heart needs instruction in the energies surrounding death for us to know ourselves what is what.  The next best thing, perhaps is listening to someone you trust who is spending time with Divine Knowing.  The ways of death have been with us since time began.  I take a cue from the Bible which has 365 “fear not” passages throughout the books, one for every day. Death is one of those states of becoming and being which we are not to fear.

If you feel you are nearing death or know someone who is ,  endeavor as much as possible to stay in the present.  Resist the temptation to look at the past or worry about the future. Rejoice in the love around you, trust that all will be provided for you and for all those who will miss you or your loved one.  There is only the present and therefore, call forth the Divine Knowing about death for yourself or your loved one.  This helps with the fear which we as humans tend to hold onto as we face changes in our life circumstances.  You might say, “ I call forth Divine Knowing about death and dying” for myself , or for the person you love who is passing.

Death is a part of life, it is simply a different state. We, of course, still have to go through our own adjustment time to the loss of a loved one.  When my father died, I knew he was  safe and free.  He had lived a long life and had not been sick when he passed on.  However, I still felt his loss and remember thinking at the time, I would have liked to wear black so as not to have to appear “normal”  while I was in mourning.  My mourning time was characterized by feeling that the colors, the food, the music,  and all the emotions around me were slightly muted, not exactly normal.  One day after a few months, that mourning time lifted and I felt my own energy take up its place within me, once again.  Whatever our response to death is, we need to give ourselves time and space to grieve, to remember, to honor and to let it go.

Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth century American mystic and spiritual teacher, speaks of death this way.  He says that as long as we see ourselves separated from the One Power, the One Source, we fear death.  He suggests that we awake every morning affirming that there is One Power, One Source, One Wholeness, One Divine Oneness and claim that we are wholly part of that One Power.  There is no other power, of any kind.  However to get our minds to grasp this, we must practice such affirmations, frequently because we are all so deeply affected by the mass energy which fears death.  Joel says, “…death itself is not a power, … death cannot separate you from the life of God, the soul of God, the consciousness of God.  …. Take the fear of death out of disease and disease would have no sting; it would have no power whatsoever. ” (The Art of Spiritual Living, 1976)

If reading this pricks unpleasantness, pain, strong rejection energy or anything upsetting at all, take it as a sign that more work is needed. It is likely that more release of blocked energy around issues of death, people who have died, or  those who are dying, or for yourself is still needed.  These steps may be helpful to you in your exploration.

  • Enter into Silence with All That Is with the intention to lighten your energy around issues of death.
  • Ask what you need to release.   Listen to the stillness.  That may be enough.
  • If more is needed,  search your feelings about a specific situation or aspect of dying as a place to begin.
  • Name the emotion or emotions you are feeling.
  • Ask yourself what is the fear behind these feelings I am carrying??
  • Call the Sacred Flame from within yourself  ( a form of Divine Presence)  to release the blocked spiritual energy manifesting as the fear or fears you have identified.
  • Give thanks.

You may wonder if this process works or why it works?  It works because the fears we hold about death have no power as Joel Goldsmith and many other mystics have asserted.  If we release them, they are gone.  They have no life other than the life we are giving them in our own energy field and mind.  We can affect that by rooting them out.   These fears are all of our own creation and therefore, we can command them out so that we will be lighter and more peaceful.  This work is the intentional expansion of consciousness, coming to a greater and greater awareness of the One Power, the One Source of All That Is.

Peace to all who may be nearing death,  who are accompanying one who is dying or mourning one who has passed.  May the Infinite Presence of the Great I AM, be known to you in the most perfect of ways as you walk with death.  May you know the One Power which is always with us, always constant, all knowing and all powerful.  Peace to you in all states of your being.  Receive now the Blessings of the Light.

Death is simply another state of being (part 1)

Death is simply another state of being. It is one we know little about.  We therefore tend to focus on the fears and experiences surrounding death and mix that up with the state of death itself.  Many of us have unhealed sadness and grief about losses in our past.  We may also have fear about our own passing or the passing of a dear loved one.  Death is part of every single person’s life.  Traditionally, in Western societies, we fear death.  That shared mass perception about death comes from unexamined fears we hold and from the habit of giving power to death, from our minds.

There is only One Power, One Source, One God. Death has no power of its own apart from Divine Grace and Presence.  Death is a transition to another calling for our soul’s continued growth, however painful that loss may be for those of us remaining in this life.  However, if we give death power from our minds, it is as if there is indeed something to fear.

For those of us carrying imbalances with death and dying, take a look at those.  Releasing the blocked energy causing these imbalances can bring us more peace.  Ignoring the issues we have with death only allows those feelings to remain in our energy field, festering away.  We may not be aware of how those unexamined feelings are affecting us but without a doubt, they are dragging on our energy.   It may feel scary and unpleasant to dip into death especially on a sunny, blue sky day but that is exactly what I would recommend.

Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn  by jmenard48
Abbey House Gardens - Upper Lawn by jmenard48

A Universal Truth for all beings regardless of our beliefs is that we are eternal. I suspected this for a long time before I knew this to be true.  In working with individuals passing over from life to spirit form, the energy of the person is fully present on the other side.  There is no body as we know it but their personal energy remains in tact.  I have not traveled with others beyond transition time as they first pass over but I figure if they are present during transition time, that is good enough for me.  I know their being continues on to where they are supposed to be because some of them have left in a blaze of Light.  Also, individual  stays in transition state are usually short,  a week or less.  As they pass on,  I imagine other forms of  “body” are assumed.

In working with those who have taken their own lives, it is clear that when they are in transition state, the same issues they were trying to escape from here, are still with them.  Such issues reside in our psyche or spiritual energy which remains in tact so the taking of our own body does not release us from the issues we carry in our souls.  However, we get all the chances we need. We have all the time we need.  We will be given opportunity after opportunity to learn to love ourselves and to respond to the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Some persons have been here, in body, many, many times and have worked through such challenges and difficulties.  Other souls are newer and have a number of issues to resolve in the physical plane.

This is a spiritual truth for all of us.  We take our spiritual knowing with us when we pass over. We do not magically get cleanly wiped slates as we exit life.  We take our relationship with All That Is into the next dimension of our being and continue right where we left off.  Therefore, it is highly useful to do deep clearing work on this side because all the issues we release here which are not of the Light, will not convey with us.  Actually, we will never have to deal with them again for ourselves,  in this dimension.   As we come into  Right Relationship with death or any other issue here, we will remain in that Right Relationship for all time. ( to be continued)

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Unpacking Anger

Anger has a life of its own. How does that happen?  We might be having a very fine day and then that old argument about making plans for the weekend comes up or age old wounds about spending money to celebrate a special occasion appear and suddenly, real nastiness sets in.   We can be in the car and make a seemingly mild comment about going another way to the store and every other issue ever discussed about driving comes crashing into the car between you and your companion.  Suddenly Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde are present in full regalia.  Who are those folks erupting into yelling, posturing, accusing and defending?

Anger is like temporary insanity. The emotions take on such presence that we begin to feel they are real, powerful and overwhelming.

Coffee Argument by
Coffee Argument by alasdair.d

They aren’t actually any of those things.  Anger is neither real, powerful nor overwhelming though our reaction to it can well be overwhelming especially when we are in the thick of the interaction.  Anger is not real in the sense that it is a passing emotion, not eternal and it is certainly not powerful as it is not of the Great Oneness.  Erupting and repeating anger is a repeatedly debilitating experience which most of us would love to be free of.  How do we unpack anger from our energy field, especially when we are, of course,  right?

The very first step to unpacking anger is to want it unpacked, more than you want to be right. If you are really ready to stop giving your power to anger, you have to put it first on your list before all other feelings as the one you are going to get rid of.  It takes a great deal of determination and commitment but it can be done.  It takes honesty with oneself and before Divine Presence.

The next step to unpacking anger is to pick one recent anger encounter and take it into meditation and  reflection with Divine Presence.  Here is a story of how one partner worked on her anger until it dissipated.

Kevin and Mary repeat versions of  anger every time they begin to plan Thanksgiving for their family gathering.

Everyone take their seat... or any seat, please by OldOnliner
Everyone take their seat... or any seat, please by OldOnliner

Kevin comes from a formal family and Mary from an informal family and therefore their approach to entertaining is very different.  Though the specific incidents differ each year, the anger and angst for each of them by self-report, feel exactly the  same.  Mary began to be more and more determined to clear her anger response to Kevin  because she was increasingly bothered by having those arguments taint the entire family gathering.

Mary began to work on smaller issues around entertaining in an effort to clear the air leading up to family gatherings.  She found that she got angry when she felt that the menu,  buying of the food and  getting the house ready was all ending up on her plate.  Every time it seemed that this was happening, she would get defensive and anger would erupt.   She recognized and named the fear as “it is all up to me to make the event successful”.   As this fear “ran her” in most conversations about entertaining,  she would begin early to keep herself from making any commitments which could pile up and result in her feeling  “it is all up to me”.  This would drive Kevin crazy because he simply wanted the responsibilities clear.  Mary would steadfastly not participate in clarifying the responsibilities so that she would not have it  “end up being all on her” .  Needless to say, entertaining was stressful.

After Mary specifically named her fear,  she began to see this fear morphing and showing up in many other areas of her life, including at work and with her friends as well.  Though she remained determined to release this fear, it simply did not seem to be able to go.  She took this into Silence and got a clear sense that there was a deeper more gripping fear that she had not even known was there.  Mary realized that she really feared “that she would make  a major effort and fail or be embarrassed”.  This felt solid and intensely honest as it had been with her for many years.

Mary said this was exactly how she felt performing as a young dancer. She would practice for months at a time and  had been really embarrassed numerous times about her performances.

Art Institute #1 by Oude School
Art Institute #1 by Oude School

This fear was still in her energy field though it had morphed into issues of entertaining in her home.  By focusing on one specific situation,  she began to be able to let it go and unpack part of her wall of anger.   As long as the anger seemed to be one overwhelming, huge, repeating network of arguments,  she was unable to do anything but protect herself with all her might against the possibility of impending failure.

This may sound like a psychological assessment of the situation Mary faced but all her insight and clarity came as a result of taking this into Silence and reflecting on these issues through her  journaling.  Here are the steps she took to come to this clarity herself and to release the core fear running her efforts around entertaining with her husband.

  1. Open a sacred healing space in whatever way you feel comfortable.  ( Call in your Highest I Am Energy, Divine  Presence and Angelic Energy, for example.
  2. Focus on one specific argument in the recent past.
  3. Ask, “What am I afraid of, What is the fear which is fueling this repeating  argument?”
  4. What am I getting from holding onto this argument?  What is this argument costing me?
  5. Ask yourself, “Where else is this fear working in my life?
  6. Take all these situations into Silence and ask, “What is the core, root fear behind all this behavior?”
  7. Name the core fear.
  8. Call forth the Sacred Flame from within yourself and command the fear be completely consumed by this Divine Energy.  (Even if you feel you don’t know how this works, do it, it does work. )

Peace Photos

Here are some awesome photos representing Peace, by a range of artists.  I hope they are as uplifting for you as they have been for me.  CLICK ON EACH PICTURE to see the full range of the artist’s work along with background stories for some of these specific photos. You will be connected to the artists’ individual photography web page.  This is also true for all the photos used in any of my posts.

The first photo was a photography project for a class.  You can read more about this on the artist’s web site.

Peace by Cayusa
Peace by Cayusa

Presented by The National Multicultural Festival (below)

Pierre Pouliquin, the next photographer writes,  “The Punjab Cultural Promotion Council (PCPC) ensemble is working relentlessly to promote a “Culture of Peace and International Friendship”. Dressed in their exotic traditional costume, the PCPC artists and dancers will perform popular folk dances of Punjab, namely Bhangra and Gidha. In various styles and symmetries, they will perform to the beat and sound of traditional drum and other folk instruments. This spectacular performance will invigorate the whole audience.”

Exotic Bhangra from India by Pierre Pouliquin
Exotic Bhangra from India by Pierre Pouliquin

Our third photographer known as The Zion View,  dedicated the following photo to all those who were affected by recent bomb blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad,  and Jarkand in India.

Let there be PEACE, please... by  THE ZION VIEW
Let there be PEACE, please... by THE ZION VIEW

The next photo comes from Carf who writes , “contrasting colors, contrasting realities, contrasting pasts, contrasting presents, contrasting futures and contrasting lives!  Nevertheless, best friends, Matheus and Vando.”  Click on photo for more of these boys’ stories. They both live in Brazil.

Best Friends- a safer pathway to peace by Carf
Best Friends- a safer pathway to peace by Carf

Danny Hammontree, our next photographer writes,  “I met Dogman at Camp Casey in Washington DC.  As soon as I saw him I knew I had to get a good photograph of him.  I think in total I took about 60 shots of him throughout the 3 days I was in DC.  When I photograph people I really try not being noticed because I want to get people as candid as possible.  I wish I could post every photo I took of Dogman but you know… Maybe 1 or 2 😉 ”

When: September 24th 2005
Where: Washington DC
What: The United for Peace and Justice Anti-War protest & march.

Dogman 1  by Danny Hammontree
Dogman 1 by Danny Hammontree

Trey Ratcliff , our last photographer took this picture in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and called it Islamic Peace.  It looks like delightful peace to me.

Islamic Peace - by Stuck in Customs (Trey Ratcliff)
Islamic Peace - by Stuck in Customs (Trey Ratcliff)