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How can we pray for others who are sick, afraid or in pain?

Namaste by dhayanji

The first thing to remember is that All That Is, is already here.   God is Constant, One Source, One Power.  So asking for the healing of another is frequently not helpful to the other person, though it is not harmful either.  All that is needed is already here.  We are all made in the image of God and therefore we have all that is needed already.  The fact that someone is manifesting illness means they are simply not demonstrating their full power at this time.  Their Divine spark , if you will, is somehow diminished by the person giving his or her power to something other than Divine Knowing.

The most powerful prayers we can offer are those which call forth the Divine Oneness within others for their own healing and re-balancing.  When we know of that power within a person, our calling it forth is one very powerful prayer for that person.  Divine Power resides within every person  but often it is not fully actualized because it is covered over with old emotions, thoughts, memories or a sense of separateness from  God.  When others recognize this in us and call it forth,  it allows us to connected with our own sense of spiritual consciousness , power and knowing.   The calling forth of Divine Presence in another is similar to Namaste.  The God/Christ/Light in me recognizes The God/Christ/Light in you and the response is  wholeness and  healing vibration.

What would you recommend if I am repeatedly having unsuccessful relationships with guys I am dating?  How can this type of issue be helped spiritually?

Begin by settling into Sacred Space and Stillness.  The question you might ask yourself is, what patterns are your repeating in each relationship?  What experiences are you having over and over again?  Pick one, such as repeatedly going along with a guy, getting more and more serious and then realizing he is not into making a lasting commitment.  Take this repeating pattern into Silence. Ask Divine Presence/ God/ The Oneness, what  you need to learn from these relationships.  Ask  to be shown where you are separated from Divine Wholeness in these repeating patterns in your relationships.  Then wait knowing you will learn what you need to know. Wait in the Silence and wait out of the Silence, knowing you will be shown in many ways, in the fullness of time, all that you have not seen until now.  This will come in a time frame that is perfect for you, though it may not necessarily be within the time frame you have in your mind.

Your part is to bring the pattern into Sacred Silence and ask to be shown where you are separated from Divine Wholeness around this issue.  The waiting upon the answer is also your part.  Simply remain open and attentive to input and it will begin flowing towards you.  The more you obsess over the issue, the harder it will be to receive guidance about it.  Simply wait in attentive expectation.  It is possible that the answers may be difficult to hear.   You may be attracting these relationships because of some fear, mistrust, doubt or concerns you are carrying about being in a committed relationship yourself.  In other words, the insights almost always lead us to the identification of our own fears and blocked energy.  When you have a sense of what that looks like and feels like,  simply command the release of this fear, mistrust, or doubt  from your own energy field.  Imagine this dark, heavy energy leaving your energy field and give thanks.

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